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Double Eleven Wi-Fi6 Router Buy Guide

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First, Wi-Fi6 router purchase points:

2021 double eleven, why should I choose Wi-Fi6 router, not to buy a cheaper Wi-Fi5 router? Let’s take a look at Wi-Fi6 route compared to Wi-Fi5 routing, what are the main improvement places:

The modulation of Wi-Fi6 routers support 1024QAM, which supports only 256QAM than Wi-Fi5, and the router can transmit more data over wirelessly, which greatly increases the highest rate of wireless transmission. Under 160 MHz bandwidth, Wi-Fi5 router uses 256QAM modulation, and single-run can only reach the wireless transmission rate of 866Mbps; and Wi-Fi6 router uses 1024QAM modulation, and the highest wireless transmission rate of single-flow has reached 1201Mbps, which is increased by 38%.

The Wi-Fi6 router uses the long OFDM Symbol transmission mechanism to extend the signal carrier transmission time, which can better resist interference of multipath delay, reduce the packet loss rate of wireless transmission, so that wireless transmission is faster and more stable.

Wi-Fi6 uses BBS coloring technology, each Wi-Fi6 router is composed, and the router of different color codes does not avoid each other, but also transmits simultaneously, when the color code is detected, the color code is automatically Adjust to avoid transmit conflicts and achieve space multiplexing.

Wi-Fi6 uses OFDMA technology, which transmits only one data over one user compared to the Wi-Fi5 router, using OFDMA technology Wi-Fi6 route to divide data into smaller, one to multiple users Transferring multiple data, improves channel utilization, and multi users simultaneously online.

Under the synthetic action of the above multi-item, the Wi-Fi6 router has a higher wireless transmission higher than the Wi-Fi5 router, making data wireless transmission more stable.

In addition, Wi-Fi6 router also fully supports WPA3 encryption protocol to effectively enhance Wi-Fi network security. Don’t worry that the old Wang with software to solve their own Wi-Fi password network affects the network At the same time, it also supports non-operating interface networking operations, making smart home appliances more convenient and safer.

TWT Energy Saving Technology Add to Wi-Fi6 router, the biggest beneficiaries are smart home appliances. The transmission between Wi-Fi5 routers and smart home appliances is disorderly, and smart home appliances needs to be in standby. After the Wi-Fi6 router introduces TWT technology, the router and smart home appliance will automatically consult the transmission time, and the smart home appliance equipment will automatically sleep when there is no need to transfer data, thereby saving more power, extending the battery life.

Green is environmentally friendly, contributing to the resource on earth.

It can be seen that Wi-Fi6 is fully improved from Wi-Fi5 from the speed, stability and security of wireless transmission, and also more energy-saving and environmentally friendly! Now start a new router, decide to choose Wi-Fi6 router, the future!

Commercial Wi-Fi6 router, chip program mainly: Boyong, Gao Tong, MTK, Huawei, Intel:



Because the chip is out of stock, Huawei Wi-Fi6 program router has rarely seen in the new market.


Intel’s Wi-Fi6 routing scheme is not mature, the finished product is hot, and the experience is not ideal.




The Wi-Fi6 routing scheme of MTK is not supported 160MHz bandwidth.

Therefore, in the highest rate of wireless transmission, there is a loss than others.


Many practical features after hardware NAT open, such as traffic monitoring, etc., will fail


. Some friends think that there is no meaning of 160MHz, because most of the mobile devices (such as mobile phones) are only supported by 80MHz, support 160MHz equipment, phoenix corners (such as Xiaomi 11 mobile phone support 160MHz), bought a router that supports 160MHz bandwidth now Also enjoy the performance improvement it brings. General family users buy a router can be used for at least 5 years without replacement, and in the next five years, whether it is supporting 160MHz Wi-Fi6 mobile phone, or Wi-Fi6 computer, Wi-Fi6 smart home appliance, will launch the spring bamboo shoots to the market . After a few months, you have changed a new mobile phone that supports 160MHz Wi-Fi6, but because the Router can only support 80MHz, it is not a pity?

The same choice is happening to “whether to choose 2×2 MIMO router or select 4×4 MIMO router”. Indeed, the smartphone does not go to the 4×4 mimo antenna. The wireless network card of the new Macbook Pro also shrinks from the original 3X3 mimo to 2×2 mimo. It seems that 2×2 mimo is enough. In fact, in Wi-Fi6, 2×2 MIMO is indeed enough. However, the 4X4 MIMO router still has a larger than 2×2 mimo router – it is easier to listen to the weak signal of the remote mobile device, most of the 4×4 mimo router is remote than 2×2 mimo route speed than 2×2 MIMO It is faster. so,


If the budget is limited, the 2X2 MIMO router is practical. Plenty of budget, plus money on 4×4 mimo step in one step

Second, the introductory Wi-Fi6 router recommended:

Getting Started Wi-Fi6 Router Preferred 2X2 MIMO Qualcomm Wi-Fi6 Program Router Products.


Xiaomi Red Rice AX3000 router, the appearance inherits its predecessors AX5 and AX6 appearance, but the configuration of the inner mile is indeed shrinking, even 4 independent FEM chips from the original international big name Domestic small name. It adopts high-pass IPQ5000 processor, with high pass QCN6102 5GWI-FI chip, dual-frequency is 2X2 MIMO support Wi-Fi6. If you already have a millet Mesh router in your home, you want to add a router group Mesh, then choose it cheaper enough.

Xinhua San is not as good as the old TP-LINK in the household consumption market, and advertising marketing has no millet. But several household Wi-Fi6 routers launched are indeed a heart. The entry level has a Xinhua three NX30 router, and the processor is the same as the 5G chip, which is the same as the red rice AX3000, which is different from the design of the design and the circuit design of the inner mile. The vertical router shape is indeed helpful for the heat dissipation of the router. Moreover, the wireless signal strength of the NX30 is also stronger than the red rice AX3000. Like the red rice AX3000 router, Xinhua San NX30 provides a 128MB capacity ROM, which is much more luxurious than the ancestral 16MB of Wi-Fi6 route from the TP-LINK brand.

TP-LINK launched two new white appearances in the Getting Started Wi-Fi6 router this year, and XDR3010 is one of them. It uses Qualcomm IPQ0509 processor, with QCN6102 5GWI-FI chip, two-channel average 2X2 MIMO supports Wi-Fi6. The IPQ0509 and IPQ5000 differences are not large, and the performance is basically consistent. 4 independent FEMs are QPF4206 (2.4G Wi-Fi) and QPF4506 (5G Wi-Fi), wireless signal strength is better than red rice AX3000! Moreover, it also supports the function of dual WAN port, IPTV port, port aggregation, etc., which can be seen in the high-end router. The only unfortunate place in XDR3010 is that the ROM capacity is only 16MB, basically and brush third party firmware. The characteristics of this ancestral 16MB capacity ROM are also the largest pain point for the TP-LINK brand Wi-Fi6 series router.

2.5G network port is now hot selling points in Wi-Fi6 routers. It breaks through the restriction of the traditional Gigabit route by a 1000Mbps transmission speed when the home NAS is connected to the router, so that the high-speed read and write performance in NAS is really useful. Of course, if there is no NAS in your home, and it is not intended to configure NAS products in the next five years, then 2.5G network port does not have a use of you in the next five years.


The XDR3010 housing is replaced with black, plus a 2.5G RJ45 network port (electrical port), which has become XDR3040. So, is it to buy XDR3010 or XDR3040? Just see you do not use this 2.5G power port. It takes 2.5G port, then XDR3040; does not need 2.5G electric port, then XDR3010 saves money!


The above figure summarizes the configuration information of the four entry Wi-Fi6 routers, and the main difference has been marked with a red font. 4 routes are dual-band Wi-Fi6 routes, 2.4g and 5GWI-Fi support Wi-Fi6, are 2×2 mimo. Qualcomm IPQ5000 This Wi-Fi6 program has no third-party firmware, so 128MB ROM is only a spiritual comfort. In the 4 products, the wireless signal of the Red Rice AX3000 is slightly weak, and the remaining three wireless signal strengths are basically.

If there is no Mesh networking needs (the Mesh route of different brands cannot be group MESH), which is cheap to buy which one is cheap.

Third, 300 ~ 500 yuan price Wi-Fi6 router recommended:

The XDR3060 appearance looks almost almost consistent with XDR3040, XDR3060 is just a 2.5G SFP interface on the back of the router and there is a TURBO key. These are what we can see from the surface of the product. As for the product, the cooling design of XDR3060 is better than XDR3040, and XDR3060 is designed with metal heat sink at the top of the motherboard, and the two heat sinks clamp the motherboard, which is three-text. In addition, 4 independent FEM chips are also upgraded from QPF4206 (2.4G Wi-Fi) and QPF4506 (5G Wi-Fi) used by XDR3040 to QPF4288 (2.4G Wi-Fi) and QPF4588 (5G Wi-Fi), so wireless Signal intensity is better than XDR3040. Unfortunately, XDR3060 and XDR3040 are the same, double frequencies are 2×2 mimo, and the 4X4 MIMO’s hi-salt products are slightly inferior.

XDR5430 is one of the most powerful Wi-Fi6 router products in 400 yuan. It uses Qualcomm IPQ0518 processor, with Qualcomm QCN6024 5GWI-FI chip, so 5G band supports 4×4 mimo, 5G frequency band maximum rate reaches 4804Mbps. If your wireless mobile device only supports 2×2 mimo, then the XDR5430 is connected to the highest rate of 160 MHz and is 2402Mbps, which is consistent with the use of XDR3060. Because the XDR5430 launched the market time earlier, it is not equipped with the 2.5G network port of TP-Link now, so the price is cheaper than the 4×4 mimo product equipped with 2.5G network port, and there is no NAS device in the house to choose. correct.

Similar to NX30, the Sino-Huali three NX54 designed for erect design is also used. The processor uses more advanced IPQ5018 more advanced than IPQ5000 (performance basically in IPQ0518), but 5G Wi-Fi chip uses Qualcomm QCN9074, a flagship level 5GWI-Fi chip.


QCN9074 is stronger than QCN9024, QCN6024, QCN6102 performance. It supports both 5GWI-Fi and can be used in 2.4GWI-FI. When it is used for 2.4GWI-FI, 4x4mimo, 1024-QAM, 40MHz frequency, up to 1147Mbps; 2x2mimo, 4096-qam, 40MHz frequency, up to 688Mbps, fast chasing 80MHz bandwidth Wi-Fi5 2×2 mimo speed. When it is used for 5GWI-FI, at 2x2mimo, 4096-QAM, 160MHz, the highest wireless rate reaches 2882Mbps, which is high. Some; at 4x4mimo, 1024-QAM, 160 MHz bandwidth, the highest wireless rate 4804 Mbps.


As can be seen, if you use the millet 11 mobile phone, connect Xinhua three NX54 routers 5G Wi-Fi, your mobile phone’s wireless maximum rate is high than all routers previously introduced before the connection. And like Xiaomi 11 supports 160MHz and 4096-QAM mobile phones, and there will be more and more in the future.

In addition, the number of OFDMA clients for QCN9074 chips supports up to 37, while QCN9024 chips only supports 16, QCN6024 chips and QCN6102 chips can only support 8. Single from the belt machine, the QCN9074 chip is also far away!


There is no 2.5G network port in XDR5430 and NX54, and there is a friend with NAS at home. You can take a look at this XDR5470. It uses Qualcomm IPQ0518 processor, with Qualcomm QCN6024 5GWI-FI chip, dual-frequency support Wi-Fi6, 2.4G Wi-Fi provides 2×2 mimo, the highest rate is 574Mbps, 5G Wi-Fi provides 4X4 MIMO, the highest rate is 4804Mbps . The 6 external independent FEM chips mounted in XDR5470 is better than XDR5430 performance, so its wireless signal strength is better than XDR5430.


The xdr5480 is a 500-yuan price of the most worth buying Wi-Fi6 router. Like NX54, 5GWI-FI chips use flagship QCN9074 chips with strong performance. It is also equipped with 2.5G SFP interface, it is very suitable for friends with NAS. Double WAN port, IPTV port, port aggregation, etc. are all available. The only regret is no USB interface. I don’t cover up, choose it is right!


The above figure summarizes the configuration information of the Wi-Fi6 router recommended by 300 ~ 500 yuan, and the main difference has been marked with a red font. In terms of wireless signal strength, XDR5480 = Nx54> XDR5470> XDR5430> XDR3060.


Require 2.5G network port, select the XDR5480 step by step, but the additional SFP module will take some money again. Without 2.5G network port demand, the price is cheap is very fragrant. The budget is limited, and the amount of money can be purchased to buy XDR5430.

4×4 mimo’s router is not small, find a few steak caps to improve the bottom of the router, or learn the NX54.


Fourth, 500 yuan or more price Wi-Fi6 router recommended:

The router products of more than 600 yuan are more expensive than the cheap router product, because the cost of the performance is more expensive, because the advertising fee must be buried by consumers, and “brand” = Belief “high-brand premium is buried by fans. Here, only some cost-effective, Wi-Fi6 routers of the people.

When Xinhua San BX54 is now listed, the hardware configuration is luxurious. Later, after the official price reduction of the product pricing, the internal hardware was still shrunk, but the overall performance is still strong, and the principle of a penny and one shipment is good. The Router product of the multi-antenna-clad claws introduced above is very harmonious. The value of the value is correct!

All Wi-Fi6 routers described above, 2.4G Wi-Fi is just 2×2 mimo. Although 2X2 MIMO’s 2.4GWI-Fi is enough for most mobile equipment smart home appliances, since we have spent more than 500 yuan to buy a router, pursuing the perfect 4×4 mimo 2.4G Wi-Fi should be . The 2.4G Wi-Fi of the XDR6070 router provides 4X4 MIMO support, 2.4G Wi-Fi chip is a high-pass QCN6024 chip. Its 5G Wi-Fi chip is also a high-pass QCN6024 chip. Therefore, XDR6070 dual-frequency supports 4×4 mimo.

The XDR6080 is equilibrated. It uses Qualcomm IPQ0518 processor, equipped with 512MB of memory, and the dual-frequency uses the flagship level QCN9074 chip, which provides 4×4 MIMO support. How strong is the QCN9074 in 2.4G and 5GWI-Fi? I have already described above above, and it will not be repeated here. The XDR6080 provides a variety of additional features such as 2.5G SFP port, dual WAN port, IPTV port, port aggregation. The set of dividends, the XDR6080 is also. Its only regret is the 16MB capacity ROM, TP-LINK ancestral pain points.

The above figure summarizes the configuration information of the Wi-Fi6 router recommended by more than 500 yuan, and the main difference has been marked with a red font. Everyone will purchase it as needed!

5. Mesh wireless group network routing recommendation:

Three stinkkers, better than a Zhuge Liang!

When your home residence is large, or when there is a complicated wireless signal blind area, multiple Mesh router networks are compared to a radio signal, which is better.

Folk talks, the Mesh network can be divided into “wired return” and “wireless backhaul”.


The so-called “wired return” refers to the connection communication between the MESH router via the network cable, it



It is stable; its


It is a need to pull the network cable, and it will be clearly affecting the beautiful home.

The so-called “wireless return” refers to communication between the MESH router through wireless mode, it

It is implicated without the network cable, and the layout is more beautiful and easier; its

When using dual-band Mesh router wireless networking, the highest network speed of the device of the connection sub-router will be reduced. If you want to overcome this shortcomings, the sub-route will be on the third frequency router.

Now let’s take a look at the double eleven Wi-Fi6 router recommended for several years.

TP-LINK’s XTR5460 router is the most cost-effective three-frequency Wi-Fi6 router. It uses Qualcomm IPQ0518 processor, equipped with 512MB of memory, providing 2X2 MIMO 2.4GWI-FI6 support with IPQ0518 chip, with a maximum rate of 574 Mbps. Two high-pass QCN6102 chips on the motherboard provide two way 5G Wi-Fi, support 2×2 mimo. 6 external FEM chips are high performance FEM. The 2.5G SFP interface of TP-LINK mainly pushed also is also available.


The two-frequency router with the three-channel router is relatively large. When the wireless Mesh network is used, the wireless signal is weak is not a problem.

The XTR5460 three-frequency is 2×2 mimo, if I want 4×4 mimo Wi-Fi? Take a look at XTR7880. Based on the XTR5460 configuration, it replaces one of the 5GWI-FI chips from QCN6102 to the flagship chip QCN9704. So, it has a 5G Wi-Fi perfect support for 4×4 mimo. The remaining all the way 5G Wi-Fi is still 2×2 mimo of the QCN6102 chip.

If the pace of pursuit of perfect, it cannot stop. So equipped with two QCN9074 flagship chips, two 5G Wi-Fi support 4×4 mimo XTR10280 router is your better choice.


The above figure summarizes the configuration information of three three-frequency Wi-Fi6 routers, and the main difference is indicated by red font.

The argument is better than the cheapest XTR5460, and the 2×2 mimo is enough!

There is money to be casual!

Six, summary

If you are now using the medium and high-end Wi-Fi5 router, and the router does not have a problem in normal use, then this year is not anxious to change the new route.


Next year, the price of high-end Wi-Fi6 routers in the double eleven in the middle is not late.

If the router in your home is not good, all kinds of disclusion faults are unresponsive, or new routers need new routers, decisive to exchange new Wi-Fi6 routers. The cheap Wi-Fi5 router should not remember again.

XDR3010 has several changing plates, including: XDR3050, Mercury X30g.


The XDR5430 also has several changing plates, including: xdr5450, Mercury X54G.

Getting Started Wi-Fi6 router, from the red rice AX3000, Xinhua San NX30, TP-LINK XDR3010, XDR3040, XDR3050, Mercury X30G these models to pick your favorite profile, pick cheap buy.

XDR5430 and XDR5480 Performance and word of mouth are good.

Budget is fully XDR5480 (with 2.5G) and NX54 (no 2.5g port)!


Is the three-frequency router cost price? The XTR5460 is the first choice.


Different brands of Mesh routers cannot group mesh!

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