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Super speed driving each phase deducts a penalty to match the electronic dog to make you regulate driving

Each driver understands that the speed is dangerous. If the speed is captured, the owner will face the deduction of illegal. However, with the new regulations, the author told everyone that the speed of the speed is different, the corresponding deduction and fine, I will summarize the majority of riders.

1. Super speed is less than 20%, deduct 3 points fine 200 yuan

2, speeding 20% ​​-50%, buckle 6 points fine 200 yuan.

3, the speed of 50% or more, deduct 12 points for 2,000 yuan and revoke the driver’s license.

超速行驶每阶段扣分罚钱不一样 配上电子狗让你做到规范行车

So for speeding problems, there is a big part because the driver is not familiar with the road conditions, and if you want to make a car, you will be very important, then I will recommend a few items for everyone. Easy car electronic dog.

For the speed of the vehicle, many times, because the owner is caused by the accident of the road, this kind of car electronic dog is a good choice, the product is also an electronic dog function. Role of driving recorder.

Driving recorder with electronic dog

超速行驶每阶段扣分罚钱不一样 配上电子狗让你做到规范行车

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超速行驶每阶段扣分罚钱不一样 配上电子狗让你做到规范行车

Speeding is a very driving behavior, which will not only bring serious safety hazards, but also crises to the surrounding vehicles. This electronic dog speed is beautiful and beautiful, with a variety of color selection, so you can safely drive.

超速行驶每阶段扣分罚钱不一样 配上电子狗让你做到规范行车

Electronic dog speed

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In the face of increasingly complex road issues, the speed of speeding has become a big killer on the road. The use of this electronic dog speedometer not only allows you to regulate driving and prevent you from touching porcelain on the road.

超速行驶每阶段扣分罚钱不一样 配上电子狗让你做到规范行车

Driving recorder electronic integrated machine

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The role of the electronic dog is mainly to make the owner safely in the regulatory speed, thereby improving driving safety. The XGE electronic dog can accurately monitor the speed of the vehicle, and once the speed of speed can be alarm.

Xge electronic dog

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As the road’s update speed is getting faster, then if you want to do a non-overspeed electronic dog, it should also be able to upgrade to the road surface. This automatically upgraded electronic dog allows the owner to increase driving safety, but also convenient for the car owner.

Automatic upgrade electronic speed dog

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超速行驶每阶段扣分罚钱不一样 配上电子狗让你做到规范行车

This car electronic dog uses full-band monitoring, which can effectively monitor the driving speed of the owner, so that the owner has a super-speed violation. Let the majority of drivers driving safely, happy home.

Safety warning instrument

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