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Buy dates, select “Junzao” or “Jujube”? The original difference is so big, the rise of knowledge


Jujube, is all too familiar home-cooked food. According to available records, when archaeologists excavated the ruins Peiligang Zhengzhou, Henan Province, we discovered 8,000 years ago carbonization pit. Thus presumably, when people have started planting dates, and we state the country of origin is the jujube.

The total collection of ancient Chinese poetry “Book of Songs”, had mentioned dates, “August peel date, October won rice; liquor, to Jie-Mei Ting do this.” Western Zhou Dynasty, people learned to use jujube wine to entertain guests. Spring and Autumn Period, people learned to use jujube cooked dishes. By the Tang Dynasty, the importance of dates comparable to rice and noodles. We can say that the history of jujube is a long history.

Is no stranger to dates, but on jujube varieties, many of my friends often confusing. Today, lazy meow just as we talk about two of the most common jujube, take a look:


Junzao and Jujube are what’s the difference?


01 different origin

Junzao, native to the mountains of Shanxi Province in northern edge of the area, Shanxi Jiaocheng Junzao is one of the top ten dates. Junzao often in areas altitude of 1600 meters below the cultivation, after the introduction to Hotan widely cultivated varieties of jujube it is one of the current focus on the development of Xinjiang.


Jujube, Xinzheng, Henan native to the region, after the introduction of the Xinjiang Ruoqiang County, Aksu and other places, like the famous Ruoqiang jujube Loulan, it is a form of Jujube. At present the main origin of Jujube concentrated in my country’s Xinjiang region Bazhou Ruoqiang County, Aksu Prefecture Alar City, and so on.

From the origin, Junzao native to the mountains of Shanxi Province in northern edge of the area, Jujube Xinzheng, Henan native to the region, the main producing areas are concentrated in both the Xinjiang region of my country.

02 different appearance

Junzao a larger head, two different sizes, the overall outline was pear-shaped, less wrinkled surface, pinch up quite soft, there will be obvious depression. And Junzao compared Jujuba small heads, two more uniform size, the overall profile elongated strip, and addition of surface wrinkle depth, pinching up more hard, gray color, hanging like a layer of frost.

Visually, Junzao larger head, less wrinkled, smaller Jujuba head, more wrinkle, color gray, like the hanging surface layer of frost.


03 different taste


Junzao tasted thin flesh, flesh is soft, acidic taste, but also with a touch of astringency and bitterness, the current dry on jujube we buy electricity supplier site, there are a large part of Junzao. And Junzao compared Jujube meat than Cishi, taste sweet, high general jujube sweet tastes than others.

From the point of view taste, Junzao soft fleshy, sour taste in a little bitterness and astringency, Jujuba rigid fleshy, more sweet taste, sweetness belonging jujube higher species.

Buy dates, or choose Junzao Jujube?

In understanding the difference between Junzao and ash after the date, I believe we will then ask a question, both good date should buy what?

Whether Junzao, or Jujube, jujube varieties are very well-known, specific kind of election, mainly to see everyone’s personal preferences. If you like to eat the jujube points bigger in size and do not mind with sour Junzao in, you can choose Junzao; if you like to eat a little sweet jujube, jujube natural ash that is more suitable.


Through the above sharing, I believe we Junzao and Jujube, also had a better understanding. When the differences between them, mainly in three aspects, namely, different origin, different looks, different taste, next time we encounter these two dates, they will not tell the silly.

Chat with vernacular cuisine, I was lazy meow, friends like food, can readily point to a concern Oh ~

Buy dates, select “Junzao” or “Jujube”? The original difference is so big, the rise of knowledge