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Precision positioning seizes the market blank Afu essential oil to make a beauty class “generation” net red Pass the exquisite life concept. Today, many consumers say that they go to essential oils, the first reaction Lenovo goes to Afu brand, see “Aff, essential oil” is deeply rooted.

In just a few years, nearly 400 stores have been developed under Affir. At the same time, with a keen capture of the Internet wave, in 2009, Afu opened the first Taobao shop. After the next five consecutive years, Afo is sold in the online channel sales. In 2013, in 2014 Afu won the double eleven carnival beauty makeup sales champion for two consecutive years.

Select the hard core of the flower, gentle appearance

Essential oil extraction from plant characteristics make essential oil products to raw materials selection, process, quality control requirements. Af will strictly take the quality as a foundation of the flower. In 2012, Aff also opened the global “fragrance journey”, which not only passed the brand’s romantic aesthetic and art bonding to consumers, but also the endorsement of the raw model of the contract manor. The contractual estate model reduces the participation of middlemen and facilitates the quality of the source.

There are currently more than ten contractual estates such as Greece, Australia, New South Wales, Bulgaria, Afu, Australia. The selection process from the ketone of Afmas whipwood is visible. In the face of the rosemary of the marble produced in Corsica, Corsica, Aff only selected from 5 to August to March, that is, each whipweed hemary It has to be 4 months old. After picking, it is necessary to extract within 24 hours, and collect the sealed sever after distillation.

In addition to the raw material selection, the process improvement, Afu has repeatedly scrutinized the management of each product before launching new products. The fine grinding of the product made Af got a million-level user volume, but also made the brand a strong growth period.

Do leaders instead of followers

Today, essential oil segments market participants are. In the face of young consumers, the competition of the same variation, the competition of the same industry and the rapid trend of rapidly change, Afu “Seniors” chooses to be a leader rather than followers.

In this regard, Afu CEO Yang Yu said that in the long run, although the new channel traffic dividends will continue, the media and channels are constantly changing, and ultimately it is human. It is therefore the key to the needs of the young consumer behavior, what kind of lifestyle they have.

On the one hand, you have to explore, accurately follow up the unique selling point, continue to meet the consumer demand, make differentiation, personalized products, from a deeper level to solve the pain points, and do the products to do the product to change, and maintain a leading trend. On the other hand, it is good at using the live broadcast channel feedback link short, communication efficient advantages, presenting quality content.

In recent years, Afu began combining iced scenarios and conveys the product selling points to the audience. For example, daily skin care, pressure relief, promote sleep, etc. To form a more frequent association with Afu brand. The shake sales of 500,000 +, Taobao monthly sales 600,000 + salad, I have led the discussion of essential oil knowledge.

In the use of new channels, Afu excavated live talents within the company, allowing R & D, product, sales professionals to communicate consumers from a professional perspective, and formed a clear current in the current quality of the live broadcast market.

Practice corporate social responsibility, show brand temperature

While continuous grinding products, Afu is also enthusiastic. In 2018, Aep as a public welfare partner helped “One Night to the child” caring for special children’s public welfare projects. During this year’s epidemics, Afo donated anti-“epidemic” materials in Aff, which did not quit the staff without paying the salaries.

Fourteen years, stick to quality, create personality, maintain beauty and temperature, let Af become the head brand of essential oils. Today, Afu brand enters the brand maturity period. Afu said that in the future, it will be developed around the product development around the deep understanding of consumer lifestyle.

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