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Baby’s little fart care is a common sense, are you really right?

I have long been in the process of guring chatting and communication experience, I found that many parents are lacking for the baby’s small PP.

Daily care, cleaning methods and methods, baby trousers choices need parents to pay attention to and pay, talk to you today about baby ass care.

Daily care for baby bike

Baby’s little ass may experience 4 cases:


Normal butt

Parents only need to do everyday care, must pay attention to the diaper cream is not used after a problem, but insisted on daily care.

Daily parents can choose pure oil quality diaper cream or sesame oil, which can make the skin to irritate the baby’s stimulus.

2. Slight red butt

If the baby’s ass, there is a slight red, you can choose the diaper cream containing zinc oxide ingredients, mainly to converge the skin and itching, and the thickness is coated in the baby’s red position.

3. Mid-red fart

If the baby’s red butt condition becomes more serious, there is a flap fusion into a piece, and a pimple or small blisters can use erythromycin ointment.

4. Heavy red butt

If the baby’s ass has a serious phenomenon such as broken, water, water, and suppuration, must keep doctors in a timely manner, follow the doctor’s advice.

The reason and response method of baby red butt

1. The urine is stimulated, the ass is in a long time.

The main principle is to isolate the urine, we have to remember to apply the diaper cream every time to replace the diapers to your baby.


Anti-hip cream application method:

First, use the cotton scarve towel the water on the water, you can leave a little time to let your baby’s ass natural air dried. If the weather is more cold, you can choose the low-grade temperature of the hair dryer.

Then, when applied with pure oil quality, the parents should clean their hands first, then push it in the hand and use the cotton swab to be thin on the baby ass, including the thigh cadres, can also apply some.

If it is a vintered paste of zinc oxide, it is necessary to make thick coat until you can’t see the baby’s ass color.

2. Baby during the activity, the ass is rough diaper friction for a long time.


The baby’s fart is relatively tender, and the friction of a long time in the process of activity will also lead to red butt, so parents must pay attention to choosing a soft and breathable diaper, and pay attention to copying.

3. Clean is not in place

Some parents will use wipes to directly wipe the baby’s ass, repeated friction + is not easy to completely clean and clean, it is easy to cause baby red butt.

Zhengqing cleaning method:


First adjust the water temperature to the right temperature, ready to be a cotton scarf, let the baby’s entire body is on the body, and the hand is surrounded by the bottom of the baby’s thigh root from the outside.

Wipe the baby fart with a soft water with a spirium towel, the direction is from the top, from outside to the place, the cotton scarf is contaminated, until all stains were washed.

If the baby has a red butt, you can use the cotton scarf, directly use your hand, gently cleans the baby’s ass around, the thigh roots and other parts.