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Look while playing the script killing variety and new tricks! Terror “Zhang Dongsheng” crosses the “Singular Script Shark”

Script kills multiple fire? One piece is not a matter of defense, and Iqiyi will follow the “spurt” (hereinafter referred to as “sprouting”), and then the script kills “Singular Silk Shark”, the permanent station including Wang Yuan, Qin Wei, Jin Jinghe Wei Daxun four people, each period will invite guests to participate in real friends in reality, have been broadcast for four, and invited guests to include Shen Mengchen, Ding Yu, Cheng Wei, Tang Jiuzhou, etc.

And “spurt” pays attention to funny, “Singular Script Shark” is that it is also a hidden identity, and guests will pay more attention to hidden identity. In the first phase, the Queen of Calm Reasoning, with comedy cells and the Jindian circle will play a lot of passers. The other of the “Singular Script Shark” is in interactivity. The audience can choose any guest, enter the storyline in his (her) perspective, and can also search, vaulting, there is a feeling of playing games while watching the game. .

Interactive mode, both audiences and “players”

边看边玩 剧本杀综艺再出新花样!恐怖“张东升”穿越到《奇异剧本鲨》

There is no doubt that the script kill is the most popular social game, and the variety show producers have also seen this. In addition to broadcasting the multi-season, they have been “the star detective” of the audience “Feng Shen”, iQiyi In this year, the three-stage script killing variety will be launched, and “Meng Picking Inspection” and “Singular Script Sharks” have been launched. Interestingly, “Mute” general director Wu Hao and “Singular Script Shark” General Director Yuhang Bang are from Zhejiang Satellite TV. The previous representative programs are “the birth of actors” and “running men” and “running men”.

Chen Wei, a senior vice president of iQiyi, said that it is because of the rise of immersive entertainment, they decided to do this three-speed program this year to form a program with “fog theater”. “Meng” is the main reasoning, happy script, the last winner “” The last winner “is hard core, and the” Singular Script Shark “is a middle ring, and the tricks of different scripts. Red Star Journalists noticed that “spurt” is more like a traditional outdoor variety of elements such as game, funny, reasoning. The “Singular Script Shark” is an advanced version of a script. The program tells the rules, gameplay and game forms of the play, and how to reason is, which is equivalent to the people who don’t understand the taste of the script.

Script killing related knowledge

The whole body has put a story, experience different life, this is the fun of the script killing enthusiasts. A particularly special place in the “Singular Script Shark” is that the producer uses an interactive form that allows the audience to participate in the characters in the opera. When you look at the show, the role will appear on the screen, the backpack, click “Role” to enter the interface, you can enter the plot as the character perspective, after this person gets the key physical certificate, the certificate will enter “backpack” . After the fragmentation of the information, the “evidence chain” is entered, after the “Specification of the Milky”, in a limited time, the audience can also investigate the murderer according to their own judgment, but the final record will not only follow the audience throughout the link. Quantity, the list will be displayed.

边看边玩 剧本杀综艺再出新花样!恐怖“张东升”穿越到《奇异剧本鲨》

Interactive link in the program

Zijin Chen is a screenwriter

Good script kills, first have a good script. “Singular Script Shark” is from the famous suspense novel writer Zijin Chen, the famous screenwriter Zhou Haoyuan took the top of the town script. The program has now broadcast the fourth phase of two script stories, respectively, “Qingcheng’s dream” and “graduation madness”.

“Qingcheng’s Here Dream” is a traditional suspicion to restore the murderer, telling that there are many murdere cases in a small town. Everyone in the scene seems to have suspicion. “Graduation Man” is a story that happened in colleges and universities.

From the broadcast of the broadcast, the “Qingcheng Dream” story, the playability and the sense of reasoning, “graduated mad thinking” have a lot of story and reasoning, but the guests crack in the library. Treasure chest password is good and fun, for small white players is also a popular science, such as the seemingly long string number, it seems that the props like a seven-eight-measu, may have a number, the name of the name, and so on.

Script kills variety, core or variety. For the sake of unsatisfactory cases, the script killing enthusiasts may feel that the “Singular Script Shark” is too simple, but the program has used a more complex character relationship to build, such as “Qingcheng’s dream”, guest character involves men Girlfriends, teachers, ex-wife, etc., and then cooperate with professional actor guests, can be greatly improved.

“Qingcheng Dream” character relationship

边看边玩 剧本杀综艺再出新花样!恐怖“张东升”穿越到《奇异剧本鲨》

What does a good-looking script kill? In addition to good stories, of course, the cooperation between the guests, unique personal style, close to the story, and “immersive”. The story set by the first phase of the “Singular Script Shark” occurred in a Kunqu Town, and the program group came to Hangzhou Longmen Ancient Town to view. The time is set to 2000, so the traces of the millennium can be seen from the audio-visual stores, tape recorders and clothes pockets in the jacket. The story background of “Qingcheng’s Heart Dream” is Kunqu. In the option of NPC, please come to professional Kuncong actors. The Kunqu fragments that appear in the program are also real Kunqu sections, and the veins have been played behind ” Xu Lang has sang a chicken skin.

边看边玩 剧本杀综艺再出新花样!恐怖“张东升”穿越到《奇异剧本鲨》


Qin Yucheng highlights, the show reproduces “Zhang Dongsheng”

边看边玩 剧本杀综艺再出新花样!恐怖“张东升”穿越到《奇异剧本鲨》

From the current online comments, several of the “Singular Script Sharks” have received a lot of praise.

Most of the film image of Qin Yuli is a sinister, but in the show as a new player, he dedicated a lot of smile. For example, “Qingcheng’s Dream” played four masters, climbed on the table several times, smiled and played the mountain. A bunch of network words in “graduation madness” will give people an anti-contrast. In addition, the acting dynasty, Qin Yuli took Zhang Dongsheng to the show, and it is true when he is emotional. When you are angry, your eyes are really absolutely. Some netizens laughed, although it was a small white, but Qin Yan absolutely called a good and serious player, carpooling (finger-in-line script killing shop and strangers spelling a single)!

边看边玩 剧本杀综艺再出新花样!恐怖“张东升”穿越到《奇异剧本鲨》

Qin Yu’s eyes

边看边玩 剧本杀综艺再出新花样!恐怖“张东升”穿越到《奇异剧本鲨》

Qin Hao homemade online language

Wang Yuan also showed a good reasoning ability in the show, and it was the first guest of the “Qingcheng’s Dream”. It is also meticulous when searching, does not let go of the pocket of each dress in the wardrobe, and finally discovered several baby items to analyze the important “recognition” links in the script.

边看边玩 剧本杀综艺再出新花样!恐怖“张东升”穿越到《奇异剧本鲨》

Wang Yuan is in the program

边看边玩 剧本杀综艺再出新花样!恐怖“张东升”穿越到《奇异剧本鲨》

The comedians Jin Jing is the “funny” in the show, which looks silly, but she is stupid, but the first phase of the program deceived most people and won the victory. Many people have evaluated that Jinjing is particularly strong, similar to Yang Di, “spout”, especially in, can also drive the atmosphere when the atmosphere is very cold, such as Wei Daxun performing. Hahahaha, put the description diapers into the goods, with NPC is innocent, there is neither a female star’s burden, and will not grab the limelight.

Jin Jing in the show

Constantly innovating the launched script killing variety shows, but also caught the attention of industry insiders. Script killing people told Hongxing Journalists, the scene of the active scene, the scene of the scene, clearly gave the next script to kill a development direction, the future script kill, must be more immersive, more area, more realities Script kills.

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