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“Heti and Grandpa” small actor snow mountain barefoot running, recovering lips with special effects

Xinjing News (Reporter Zhou Hui Xiaoyu) May 13, the film “Heti and Grandpa” released the ultimate trailer. The film has been adapted from the novel “Hi Ti”, directed by Allant Garzenner, Bruo Ganz, Anuk Steffen, Catarina Schutler, will starring, will land on May 16th. Courtyard.

“Heti and Grandpa” stills. Image from the network


In the ultimate trailer, Hydi is in the mountains, and it is easy to release the nature. This brutal growth and the seemingly “funny” behavior also brought a long-lost happiness.

“Heti and Grandpa” ultimate trailer. Film

It is reported that in order to show the original ecological life, the little actors have eaten the suffer. The film is mainly for Switzerland’s Alps, “Hayi” Auk Steffen and “Pete” Qunlin Eigi need for a long time to run barefoot on the snow mountain, often frozen to face red, or even pass later Special effects recovery lip color. Although the shooting environment is hard, the little actors have no complaints, even the director is surprised: “Auch and Kunlin’s hardships are more than my imagination, and the characters in the original are highly fit, hard work, simple and thick. “

Beijing News reporter Zhou Hui Xiaoyu edited Xu Mei Lin’s school on Liu Jun