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Day of Ole, do you see people like 200 pieces?


On March 5th, the city of Jiangnan turned into light rain. This Outlet, several cherry blossom trees in the parking lot have not been stuffy, and the ground is full of petals, and it is waiting for the spring mud.


A plant around Outlet is a piece of brand. Not good, now low-cost transfer of a batch of office furniture … “


At 2 kilometers from Outlet, several people are demolition, and there are not yet collapsed walls on the blue bottom of the blue-shelf. The huge roar is hovering from the top of the head. It will hear such a roar every ten minutes. Some people take out the phone, record this small wonder below the stomach of the plane, and the children point at the plane. The jealousy shouted.

The locals lamented, ten years ago, there is still a farmland, and then built the airport. The developers grabbed the land nearby, with the community, with kindergartens, with supermarkets, have a shuttle, and there is Ole, The rate has risen steadily.

The shape of urbanization is not only a city, but also tied the farmer’s face and the world’s top luxury goods.

, Do this, just ten years.


Earlier, several black trucks came from the airport, and the goods were distributed to various shops. Like in previous years, all shops have been new in spring this year. Although the style is new, it does not hinder the words full of discounts.

There is two women who have two women in the door of Italy’s clothing brand store. One of them is yawning, and there is a “welcome”, “Welcome”, “Welcome”, “Welcome”, “Welcome”, “Welcome”, “Welcome”, “Welcome”, “Welcome”, “Welcome”, “Welcome”, “Welcome” in the glass door

The spray statue is spurting a few meters away, a middle-aged man stands there, this spray is enough to make all middle-aged men envy. He appeared soft and weak, a few hair was blown by the wind. A young woman went to him, and he took the head in his neck. They seem to come from the old two centuries. It is probably the case.

The woman’s makeup is exquisite, and the middle-aged man has no modification, only hung a key in the waist, very conspicuous, a luxury car key.



A bare table is attached to the original iron chair, the two sides are floating in the wind, the content is the same – the credit card.

After graduating from a university in Australia, Zhang Hao, from Australia, a daily work is to put a table, raising the banner, and search for target customers in the crowd, selling credit card business.

Zhang Hao pays attention to a goal in the distance, and that person is a very conspicuous belt, the waist is shaking a luxury car key. Zhang Hao took forward to talk: “Mr., run a credit card, and send 200 yuan without threshold coupons.”

“Do you see people like a lack of 200 yuan?” He slightly slightly, but he still promised to help him. “You are lucky, just not busy, I am definitely your quality customers.”

The data was filled in half. He left his stomach. He really came back for ten minutes. Double, Search in the Internet, how many people have every year because of these two things eat bad stomach? A lot of many … “

He continued to fill the remaining information. Zhang Hao took Zhang Zhao to send it to the work group. “What do you take to my ID card?” Zhang Hao explained that the system requires upload, immediately deleted. He stared at Zhang Hao’s operation and let him open the garbage box completely. “I will definitely take it, I encounter quality customers like this, today is your good luck.”

“Thank you, there is a SMS result for 3 minutes, and you can get a 200 yuan coupon.” After a few minutes, I received a SMS: The credit card did not pass the approval. He is going to leave, the luxury car key hits the belt metal sound.


Three young women in the sea colorful mues, who are selling luxury brand glasses, seeming to be very standard. They went to a sexy brand underwear shop, and then entered a tidal store shop, I chose the coat with a metal chain tried. They laughed very much, and relaxed. A curious man took out the mobile phone to record this scene, they didn’t care.

The curious man sighed a middle-aged female clerk, but the female clerk said, “It is a woman, and the woman has a woman’s life, you can’t scream.”


Curious man: “Can they be nun, can this work?”

Middle-aged women’s clerk: “It is also a kind of work, you don’t know if this is the need for the scenic spot?”

Curious man: “There is a typhoon in the movie saying that Mhammad and Jesus shake the dice, my Buddha dressed up fashion point is reasonable.”

The curious man is also hanging on his home – a luxury car key, he wears a few pieces of Identifier, it is not too obvious, it is a pair of very pair of Thai sports shoes, the top body of the body, With the taste of the lower body, the overall appearance is quite confusing.

His eyes are empty, slightly free, like the kind of person who has gone a long way, from the bottom to the present, no knowing the purpose. This long way is long, let him have the difference between the other people who hang their homes in the waist.

He called in this story, Jiang and the waves.


On the other day, Jiang and the waves wore a pair of black high-top boots, and three soles, he combed the retro three or seven points, how could cover his small Mediterranean sea, he tried to express some articles, The mobile phone has collected some Bob Dylan, Gremet’s foreign music, but he did not enhance the university campus, he is a contradictory person.

He allocated mobile phone screen, looked at the hot news of the day, “Why don’t you want to be goblin #, # 盒 盒 让 年 人 年 瘾 # # # # # # 网络 网络 # # # # # # # # # # # # # 走 # 网络, # 外 发 now uses “gray black filter” by the national agency reporter, “The 19-year-old youth protests in Mandalay, the army opened by the military police header # … he really wants to publish something, but also If you don’t have the assertion of the master, “I have given up, you just give up, he just strives to understand this world and try to keep pace with the times.

There are a lot of books in his study, those Book larra shades, what kind of context, look like blindly bought from cultural people. The first row is some award-winning literary works, Mao Dun Literature Awards, followed by Nobel Literature Award; there are some basic philosophies, Rousseau’s “social contractory”, Pasca’s “rarely someone is talking about chastity”; I have a very bad paper paper, and the pirated Adams secret “Guofu” is really knowledge; some great people’s biography – Zhukkov defeated the lightning warrior Guadrian, Microsoft’s old Pizza Saki in the Obama administration, how to make a school; some poems – – Duel and dead Pushkin, full of Nie Rada, Gu Cheng from the black eyes of the night, looking for bright, Tagore when the sun across the Western sea, left his last salute against the East …

He was born in the late 1980s. When the local Internet bubble broke out in the end of the last century, he would not use QQ primary school students; before the Olympic Games, there is no capital to set up a set of rooms before the price of housing, waiting until the government releases 4 trillion When he was stimulated, he did not have the qualifications of this huge bonus. At that time, his battlefield was solved. He felt that his misfortune was in life.

He has done a variety of work, construction workers, waiters, and factory flow lines, but he did not mention these experiences in a recent job, not to deceive his boss, but he reserved the last one for himself. Siders.

The world of adults, there is no need to know each other.

“I think I am just the quantity of production, not the protagonist, God can’t put the same intentions on all people, and those who have successful works are more important roles.” He used this way to open itself.


Although Jiang and Zhi like Bob Dillen, he can’t say like Bob, “don’t pursue money, nor to pursue love”, he even questioned this sentence, people who lived, people can do, people Dead, often dreaming relatives, burn, luxury homes, sports cars. Don’t gravize the province to burn coin, then the numbers are docked, just add 0, banks are not open.

However, when you come back, Bob’s words have a comfortable role in his heart is full of cracks. Especially in money, beauty, let him be so obsessed, and after it is injured.

This is the case, “Everyone has a 15-minute chance”

Sometimes, it will be open for 15 minutes for small characters. In 2014, the new world of mobile Internet opened, like a drip truck and dripping this kind of public case to grab the user, all. The fairy fight, the chicken dog is boiled.

That is, Jiang and Zhi have opened a WeChat public number, often issued a high soup article that plays the soul, and gradually has a batch of users, the first P2P company given the advertisement, I have already closed down. The boss is also trapped, but this is not important. He also earned the first bucket of gold in his sense of life for 2 years.

Earn those money, he began to spend the heart of the wing, the clothes, the top of the online shopping, and later encountered a love in the social network, Jiang and the waves put themselves very well, the other party also believed him, His bottom worse.

The time after they were in-depth, I recommended him to buy a brand that I have never heard of before. After returning home, he hangs clothes into the closet, how to feel that the clothes in the cabinet are not harmonious. He began to abandon the past image.

A few months later, he bought the first luxury car in his life. He really wants to tell this achievement world, he has retired, but he feels necessary to hang the car key in the waist. “Otherwise, what?”

Later, the gods were finished, and winner was eaten, and the rest were all contracted. Winners are no longer burning, this cause is getting more and more cool, and the love of Jiang and the waves is cold. The rest of the money will not be a successful lifestyle, and he has to consider the real life. Once the sea is difficult for water, it can be determined that he is losing the glory, and it is also the brilliant face of him.


When the illusion of waiting, the luxury car key in the waist saved some reality. At this moment, he is already tired of the big fall, he wants to be a middle, flat, long long.

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