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73-year-old Kamilla, put on the wind clothes, fashion blogger, and Charles really

The British King Kamira, the Duchess of Cornwall is the lady in the British King Canto Charles.

For the British King Room, the past year is a very fashionable year. Although the Duke of Cambridge and the Duchess of the Sussex also have some super fashionable moments, but in 2020, there is a royal fashion idol!

There is no doubt that the Lady of Cornwall has become a stylish star with his ability, but this year she is stunning with some incredible clothing.

From the leopard to the fanatic famous brand handbag, of course, she also likes to wear a tight jeans during the entire conflict – we have recently seen an unprecedented side in the Kami Ward.


Kamira is amazing in 2020 with its stylish dress!


In October last year, when she was dressed in a set of fashionable monochrome sets in Fiona Clare, the reaction of fans on a set of royal clothing in her history may be history. biggest.

The gorgeous costume photo of Camila has attracted nearly 1,000 comments in less than a day, and the account usually only receives 150 comments.

A fan wrote: “This is officially become the latest favorite costume option for the Duchess.” Another fan added: “Temple, charming, fashion, chic … You look great!”

This royal member of course really likes to wear a mask, in her engagement activities, she has also launched many interesting patterns.


At the beginning of December, Kami was wearing a velvet blue medium and long skirt, with a pair of knee boots, decorated with Helen and Douglas, the children of Helen and Douglas on the Christmas tree in the Christmas tree.

The Duchess also debuted the classic Baojiabu for the first time in 2020, at an engagement ceremony in October, her classic Burberry windbreaker made us fascinated.

In June of this year, when Emmanuel Macron visited the Clarence House, she was sweetly chose the classic high heels to pay attention to the French style in a chic manner.


The blockade of new crown pneumonia also allows fans to understand the internal situation of many royal family, because many activities are carried out online and home, and official portraits are also more casual.

Mrs. Kamilla is usually known for the elegant jacket, and she often wears jeans in many occasions – she admits that she has been used to it.

In the “Emma Barnet Show”, she said: “I am very satisfied with my jeans. I want to get rid of them again. I will have a way of lifestyle, isn’t it?”

Although we hope that there is a lot of differences in 2021, we want to see the earth in the earth! For the next fashion year!