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Nordic design “warm pot”! 12 hours long exercise, super high value, pouring water is art

For many people, winter happiness, in addition to sunshine, is a warm hot water –


Cold, warm, let life look comfortable and comfortable.

There is no need to latency in the water, an insulation pot is necessary.


Thirst, cold, cold, lose weight … you must drink more water, go home or office,

Always anywhere Stand By, give you a happy happiness ~


Not only is limited to drinking water,

Bubble surface, mower, baby punch

… can be used.

Xiaobian today recommends a high color value [

North European simple solid wood handle insulation pot


】, 12 hours of insulation, affordable, easy to see.

Runful solid wood handle,


Thick and comfortable, prevent the hand from slipping

, Add a wire for the overall shape of the kettle

Natural, simple

Quality ~

Practicality has not been said:

Lost over 41 ° C, can last for 12 hours!

It is very suitable for tea, blister, milk powder, and coffee, it is not necessary to heat with water.

Tip pot

the design of,

Wild water is smooth

, Then press water after pressing the button cover.

Single hand is easy to operate


Simple and convenient.

720 ° rotary threaded pot cover, silicone seal is close to the kettle mouth,


Do not leave a slit slit after tightening, how to shake it without leaking ~

1000ml large capacity

Easily meet 2-3 people’s drinking water demand, which is very suitable for home use.


The capacity is large, but only 634g, and an ipad is almost too heavy.

The girl is relaxed, and the water is poured.

The volume of 24.5cmx12.5cm,

Small and beautiful, do not occupy a place


It is also convenient to bring it to the company.

Compare other warm water bottles on the market,

It’s colorful explosion


360 degrees of Nordic simple appearance, plus matte matte


, Let’s put a few more, it is a style ~

Romantic red / northern green / space gray / elegant white / cof color, five colors

, Fresh and elegant.


Let the poured water become an art ~

Food grade health material:

External material is a food grade PP material, health and safety.

The interior is high borosilicate glass liner,

More than traditional stainless steel liner is longer, it is not easy to foul, and there will be no heavy metals, drinking water.

There is a vacuum insulation layer, external insulation PP material

, With children, the old man’s family is also very safe.

· Nordic simple winds

High-quality insulation pot, 50 can’t take home

Woman choices for items, especially her life, and character aesthetics.

A high-value hot kettle,

It looks pleasing, drinking water, and the elegance.

Fresh pure color + smooth and simple lines + warm and comfortable solid wood


The three are ingenious, without any complicated decoration, give people a freshty.

Simple, nature, humanized

Northern European minimalist style, often work desk, coffee table, just like a beautiful ornament.

Such a high color value,

The price is also very affordable, less than 50 pieces


Let home color, let the whole family drink more free!

12 hours continuous insulation

Food grade health material, one-button press flow


High-quality, thermal insulation capacity is also “strength”!

High boric silicon glass liner, strict leakage silica gel, and retraction insulation design,

The hot water can last for 12 hours, no less than 41 °.

Urgently drink water, no longer use it repeatedly.


Use it soaked


Flower tea, make a cup of coffee, honey water


It’s all reached.


There is a baby at home, and the child is hungry.

Have a bottle of premium milk powder.

Put in the office is also very suitable,

Don’t drink thousands of water, yin and yang, no need to queue, etc.

, Your own dedicated appliance is more hygienic and convenient.

In winter, water is to be entrance every day, and the material of the hot kettle is very important.

There are many unspected steels in the market, and the safety is not guaranteed.

This hot kettle is in line with high borosilicate glass, and the other is a PP material.

Both can be edible level

It is very relieved.

There is a small button on the lid.

Gently press it

The whole operation can be completed, the old man at home can be used easy to use.

· Sealed leak-proof is safer

1000ml large capacity, it is very good to fill the whole home


Choose an insulation pot, especially the home has Mengwa,

Safety is the weight.


This thermal insulation pot uses a wide-exterior and large-scale design,

Increase the insulation effect, can also prevent the sputum from splashing

Even if you fall into the outside, you can return to the bottle.

720 ° rotary threaded pot cover, silicone sealing leak-proof, left and right shakes, no water, sealed very well, no water.

The capacity of the insulation kettle reaches 1000mL, which is equivalent to the capacity of the 125ml of the cup of 125ml, with it, no longer runs to water.

Small, one, not moving, it is very good to fill the whole home

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Nordic wind handle insulation pot

¥ 49