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A kindergarten teacher in Sanya dragged his child to the classroom and threw the bed together …

Affiliated kindergarten in Lu Xun Middle School


The Chen Yuran,

Two days have been waiting at home,

Don’t want to go to school,


The reason is related to the kindergarten teacher.

what happened?

Come together

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Although things have passed a week, Chen Yuran is still unwilling to go to kindergarten. Mother Guo Chaozhen told reporters that although she has been with her children in the past few days, Chen Yuran is not as cheerful as before.


Chen Yuran mother Guo Chao:

After the child came back, I didn’t like to talk, and I didn’t want to go to school. I asked him why he didn’t say it. I feel that this thing is the psychological shadow caused by my son.

[Classroom video picture]

Things happened at 3 o’clock in the afternoon of April 12, Chen Yuran is learning the seven classes of the kindergarten of Lu Xun Middle School. It can be seen in the monitoring video.

Teacher on duty took Chen Yuran, and dragged him outside the classroom, and then the child’s suffering was also thrown into the corridor.


Chen Yuran mother Guo Chao: My son said that he was here, saying that the seven classes did not have eight classes. The teacher said that the seven classes did not have eight classes. You will go eight classes, then take the baggage, take a luggage My son’s collar has been dragged to the door of the classroom. Because the teacher is high, my son is relatively short. She picked up my son, his feet blocked, and then dragged out, the child could not stand up.

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In the corridor, Chen Yuran has always been looked at the classroom. During this period, there is not only other teachers in the classroom, but also have a staff in the corridor, but there is no child, and the garden is also angry.

Chen Yuran mother Guo Chao: The teacher passed my son in the outside for more than half an hour, and all the people passed by there were no one, and when they were in the class, there were still a teacher, and when the teacher took my son, she also I saw it, but the teacher didn’t have a management.

Guo Chao said that after things happen, although the park is actively engaged in parents, the teachers have never come, which makes them unacceptable. Subsequently, the reporter came to Lu Xun Middle School to understand the situation.

Teacher Zhang Xin:

At that time, the child was very naughty, and he did not follow the classroom discipline. I pulled my child’s clothes, and then threw the child outside the classroom, but in fact, I was impulsive at the time, I am definitely wrong now, but I don’t know what a better solution.

If it is a simple penalty station, we don’t say anything, because all children have naughty. However, you have been dragging the neck behind my son, and you think about this behavior, right?

Although the teacher said that it was only a time impulse, now I regret it, but after investigation and research of the garden, it is still the case of the teacher of Zhang Xin, which seriously violates the daily behavioral norms of the gardener, and the employee manual, and it has lifted the labor relationship. Penalty for other teachers involved.

Zhao Haoyue, an affiliated kindergarten garden, auxiliary, auxiliary teacher: The teacher and the teacher and the teacher of the teacher, because there is a joint responsibility, the child is standing for a while in the corridor, and the child is standing there. But the teachers who did not ask, they have deducted performance salary.


The park said that the school has always adhered to the attitude of zero-tolerance in the teacher’s morality. For the teacher’s head of the teacher, the phase of the teacher, the phase punishment of the children, and I like to be unforgettable, I hope that all teach employees will lead to the ring.

Zhao Haoyue, auxiliary, kindergarten, auxiliary, auxiliary, a teacher of every semester, we will carry out the training of teachers’ heads. Because the Education Bureau often reminds this aspect, our kindergarten also pays more attention. Every time we meet, we will say this problem and have records recorded, each PPT is all.

At present, the gardener and parents have reflected this incident to the Jiyang District Education Bureau, waiting for the investigation of the relevant departments and further processing.

Source: Sanya Radio and Television

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Chen Yuran mother Guo Chao: