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The country sang “00” response: Sichuan Nanchong.com Hongba “Singing Mountain Song to Party”

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Cover Journalist Su Dingwei

“Singing a song to the party, the party’s glory is my heart …” Bai Tashan, the Jialing River, the campus in May is full of green and green, the playground, the teaching downstairs, and the school uniforms in the white tower high school 2020 level 25 Class, singing “singing a song to the party”.

On May 16th, “Singing the Song of the Song to the Party”, everyone sang the masses of the song activities and the first Bayu Chorus Festival in Nanchong kicked off, and more than 27 chorus of 27 chorus in the western part gathered together. After the “00” 00 of the Nanchu Baotao Middle School, the first time after this masses of the songs.

The students sang “singing the Song to the Party” on the playground.

“Teacher Xie, we also come to a” singing a song to the party “, use our own way to express the party, and win the party for a hundred years.” On the morning of May 17, the sun was just, the students came out of the classroom, sing “singing The mountain songs gave the party “,” dancing in the melodious songs, lively and cheerful, sunshine. “

This is a famous “Net Red Class” in Nanchong, Sichuan, and the class of Xie Fanhui, a teacher, Nanchong City, Nanchong City. On the shake, there are 158,000 fans in their class, which is the actually “net red class”, because of its unique class charm, received attention from netizens.

Xie Fanhui, graduated from the Sports Education Major, Southwest University in 2011, entered the Nanchong City White Tower Middle School. In less than two months, the school leader found him, asked him to pick up a class teacher.

What is this class? “Can cry”, often fight, become the second defense department of the school. “Total 1050 points, this class is only 180 points.”

This is a “net red class” to do classships in Hanfu, learn traditional culture.

Xie Fanhui is temporarily suppressed by his “tall body” to suppress this group of bear children. At 6 o’clock in the morning, I went to the school. I left at night, and I went to the children around the children. I walked into their inner world and explored a happy learning method and the “Net Red Class” management method.

Students with poor cultural foundation, guide them into the way, practice basketball, football, track and field, learning dance, painting, etc., will be interested in developing.

In 2013, the school used this class as the main body, participated in the Sichuan Tiandess Games Championship, and got the group’s third place. Xie Fanhui also planned to shoot microfilms and “Youth, no rehearsal”, commemorate this special class of Baita Middle School.

High school efforts to study, just to admit good universities. What is the future university? In the summer vacation in 2015, Xie Teacher took a 22-class child, returned to his alma mater, Southwest University, took a long time, asked the university teacher to go to class, go to the university library to read the book every day. Also like a tour guide, relax in Chongqing attractions. After coming back, everyone struggle is more specific, and it is more dynamic.

Two-sided light, a golden in the classroom. The last air humidifier in the classroom risks hot, and the refrigerator placed the rabbit, and there are various drinks in the hot and cold drink machine. Football toys, book corners, as well as wall intense slogans, in the classroom, as if they come to a net red attraction.


In the class, three five students, sitting on the stools of “bar”, and a pot of tea, hip hip hop, chatting with interesting stories, or reading a book at one end of the bar, very comfortable life. Feed the small goldfish, raise rabbit hamster, seed poly succulent, plant flowers. Pot tea to cup juice.


This new red class student is in class, high concentration, good class, and the students are mentally state. Learning comfortable! There is also a special class rule, the class flag, the class, the class, and the class, especially in Hanfu. It is very eye-catching. Xie Fanhui explained his Hanfu class, “Hanfu, learning traditional culture, and showing cultural confidence”.

Last year college entrance examination, this “net red class” in the school achieved a gratifying college entrance examination, 68 people, 47 undergraduate. Under the support of the school, after 10 years of practice, Xie Fanhui’s happy study method gave birth to a fruitful result, and the management of “Net Red Class” was highly recognized, and became a vivid and fresh case of the “three-ya campus” construction.

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This is a “net red class” to do classships in Hanfu, learn traditional culture.