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Actively practice social responsibility, Belle International donated winter shoes for 4 mountain primary schools

The autumn wind bleak, Sichuan, Sichu Yongxian, Swai Zhongsha, Shuanghe Village Primary School, etc., there is a different warmth. On November 16, more than 500 children were full of happiness. The feet did not feel cold, they worked on the new winter shoes donated by Belle International with the same name main brand Belle before winter – public welfare custom whale shoes.


This “to give children a warm winter shoes” public welfare activities are jointly initiated by Belle International Joint Shanghai Sihe Public Welfare Foundation and is the latest donation of Qixin Shoe Public Welfare Project. It is reported that the Qixin Shoe Public Welfare Project is launched by Mai Public Welfare in 2012, mainly for students in Sichuan, Yunnan, raised winter shoes, as of November 2021, donated more than 7,000 pairs of shoes.

It is reported that Belle Classic Whale Shoes have created the first to integrate black technology into China’s fashion women’s shoes, and they were selected for the best practices of CCFA Jinli fashion retail and consumer brand “commodity innovation”.


This donated public welfare version of the whale shoes, considering the need for non-slip, warmth, dirty demand in the mountainous area, on the basis of the original whale shoes, Belle adds fluorescent reflective strips to the upper, shoes tongue Increase the night identity, and use ultrafine fiber synthetic info strips in the upper, increase the daytime identity, greatly enhance the safety factor of the child’s wear; in addition, adding crystal super soft hair, effectively locking the temperature, The skin’s touch is more close to the skin of the child; the upper upgrade uses the imitation mesh super-fiber synthetic leather and composite leather fibers, and effective waterproof also guarantees gas permeability.

In addition to customity of public interest children’s shoes, Belle International also tried to donate love shoes for medical staff. During the 2020 new crown epidemics, Belle International has organized many times to act, donated more than 14,000 medical teams for more than 20 medical teams and total clothes.

Passionate happiness in public welfare, using shoes warm mountain children in winter. This time, the Sweeping of Mai, Xiaoxia, Mai Mai, China, Swift, Swai Taiping Primary School, three primary schools, Belle International, participated in contributions and reconstruction.

In addition, since 2004, Belle International successively donated Tibet Linzhi Baiyi Hope Primary School, Sichuan Huaiyuan Beli Middle School, Guangdong Heyuan City Zijin Blue Tang Middle School Library, funded Shenzhen Youth Quality Education Public Welfare Fund. In terms of secondary school student, Belle International has begun to launch a fishing method from the first prior ministerial project, and has funded 4 classes, and more than 100 children will benefit from 2021.

As a small honorary principal of Mai Mai, Midsha, Belle International Executive Director, President of the Footwear Division and the New Business Division, in the interview with the Shanghai Education TV “One School” column, talking about public welfare: “Social Responsibility It is an integral part of the company. Belle International will always pay attention to and support public welfare. More importantly, it is possible to make a love in your heart, actually a very happy thing for a person. “