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Ma Yizhen is full? The latching bag hip skirt with a boots, a man is watching

Ma Yizhen has previously been treated frequently, but this time has become more personal.


Recently, there are netizens to send a document, Ma Yi is accompanying the child to train, wearing a broken boat, looking at the boots, looks personalized, and another man is estimated to see is Ma Yi, the whole person is stunned, then The eyes are directly staring at Ma Yi, and it can’t open it. Based on judging this man should be one of the children’s father, it is estimated that he didn’t think of his child and the child of Ma Yi’s child!

For the wearing of Ma Yi, many small partners are also expressing their own opinions. Some netizens said that the match of Ma Yi is exhausted. There is also a good suggestion to give her a good suggestion. For example, if this skirt is replaced with a stealth zipper, it will look better, and so on. In fact, the netizen is still very enthusiastic, it is more like Ma Yi.

However, from the site, it can be seen that the current Miwei and the past, Ma Yi, who is an urgent person, according to Ma Yi’s own influence, I am a safe sense of security. In order to protect his weak heart, sometimes it will compare the straightness, so everyone will have the topic of the crime.


Although Ma Yi, Ma Yi, although it is often busy with various film and television works, it will also take care of the family and children, in fact, for a child value, contribute most of the love and time to children and work.


After the divorce, Ma Yi took a while, accompanying the child to go out to travel, and people became quiet, and they also learned to live, sitting at the time of the setting sun, and after this time, Ma Yi is more Wen Jing, this change is very huge.


Ok, let’s talk about it first. How do you think about Mi? Talk about your opinion, welcome to pay attention to Xiaobian, more exciting content will follow.

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