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Focus “protection”?99% IS launches Single-finger leather gloves $ 400

In recent years, more and more brands have liked to use the elements of the sword to attract eyeballs. For example, the American brand ripndip that is previously introduced, and one of its iconic images is a vertical finger, novelty and bold, letPeople can not disconnect.99% IS, 99% IS created by Korean designer Bajowoo, has brought a unique leather glove, named Single-finger, priced at $ 400 (about 2600 yuan), and can be purchased at SSENSE.

The glove is made of high-quality dermis, and the fluid is black, except for the silver zipper, no other decoration, simple design.The special place is that the five fingers are only referring to the whole finger design. Other points are bare half fingers, and wear the illusion of “vertical refers” in their hands.In this small editor, you will need to buy caution in order to avoid unnecessary trouble.

重点“保护”中指?99%IS 推出 Single-Finger 真皮手套 400美元

99% IS Single-Finger Leather Gloves

重点“保护”中指?99%IS 推出 Single-Finger 真皮手套 400美元

Reference price: $ 400 (about 2600 yuan)

重点“保护”中指?99%IS 推出 Single-Finger 真皮手套 400美元

Buy address: SSENSE