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Autumn also wears a skirt? 15 knit dress, warm and slim, the effect is comparable to the blue coat

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Autumn is here, the weather is turned cold, many girls have changed short skirt shorts, in fact, the short skirt can’t wear, we can wear a knit dress, it has the warm effect of the sweater, and the slim effect of the dress, autumn wear it Turn back 200%! Today, I will put the last recent hard screen.

Knit Dress


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First, the shoulder knit dress


The autumn tiger in the first two days is really rapid, the temperature has climbed to more than 30 degrees. In this case, it is more suitable. When you cool, you can add a jacket when you cool, and you will be hot when you are hot!


Beige is more similar to skin tone, looks very comfortable, V-neck design + waist design is more like upper body curve, and it is more slim.

If the beige is relatively casual, the red is not the same, it has the effect of brightening the skin, wearing more temperament. Knitting vertical lines have tightening effect, naturally producing S curves, is a blue-torn dressing – red coat!

If the big red looks less stable enough, you can choose this wine red, deep V hanging neck + slim design, more dimmed, and more noble. Atach some important activities, wear it is right!

This light blue is also very good, 60 fine piped hill cashmere, the fabric is very bore, there are deep V designs before and after, and it can wear, and light blue looks more.

This knit skirt designed with a sling is also very good. The V is designed with a button design, and it is more highlighting the body embossed, and it is more suitable for leisure.

This black hanging neck tube top dress is also very good, minimalist is very atmospheric, and it is very suitable for business situations.


Second, long-sleeved knit dress


The black long-sleeved bag hip dress is born with a slim effect. After wearing the S curve is revealed, if you don’t want to do it, black is also very wild, what kind of jacket can be.

This jujube red V collar the dress is very good, especially under the neckline, not only decorative effect, but also the effect of shaping, more highlighting the body’s three-dimensional.

If the weather is relatively cool, you can choose this high-neck cashmere skirt, which can still maintain good scalability while keeping warm, highlight the body’s curve!

If you feel red, you can choose a hunch cashmere style, such as the top of the colors, the intersection of the collections, is very sexy and charming, and the camel is also very good.


Of course, if you don’t want to put tighten the design, you can choose a loose hem. For example, the dress is tight, the upper body wears a slim, and the lower body is very convenient, the warmth is better.


In addition, the dress with belt is very waist. For example, the belt is used up and down with different texture design, which is slightly highlighted, and the above pleated skirt is colorful design, which is very charm!

In fact, the belt is not necessarily a leather. For example, the above uses the same material as the skirt, it is also very good, and it is very coordinated, it will not be so awkward.


If you say that the deep V can be seen in the specific size, the collar with the button is not so picky. For example, the above collemit uses a button design, according to its own situation, choose to reverse several buttons.

Although the green is more difficult to control, if the body is better, you can cover some other small problems.


Finally, if you feel that it is a relatively short dress, you can completely take a knee shorts below when the weather is relatively cold, you can not only increase warmth, but also wear a sweater!

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Not much to say, I am going to buy a skirt, see the next period!