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Matching guidelines in the middle and long coat, autumn and winter wear a good look, don’t be wrong with it

The long section is between long and short paragraphs. Today, I especially want to bring this beautiful little sister, just right, just right, this has achieved a great medium long coat, as for What are the benefits, you still have to see which match I can introduce.

First set: white set sweater + light gray winter wide leg pants + dark gray coat.

The first set is a set of gray series wearing, and walking is the temperament style, so I have chosen white set sweater with light gray winter wide-leg pants, let’s put on the style, don’t say, white, close Not mixing, the level is more clear.

In order to highlight the proportion, and the temperament, the blogger chooses to have a black thin leather belt on the waist. As the decoration, it will improve the effect, of course, it can be removed, but it is every day, but don’t Put in the trousers in the trousers.


The effect does not have a feeling of simply destroyment, but there are some feelings, and the thickness of the sweater is not thin, it is easy to cause the effect, which leads to the overall and beautiful, want to put into the trousers. With knitted shirts or shirts, the color is matched, the knitted bottoming shirt can be brown series or white.


The shirt can be white or blue. If you want to work, choose a more stereoscopic professional shirt, gentle atmosphere, choose a chiffon shirt, but in winter, warmth is the most important, so the little sister can directly move this set. Perhaps it is the best choice.


And this choice gray winter wide leg pants, the relaxation of the trousers plays a long and temperament, and generally winter wide-leg pants, trousers is relatively relatively so wide, the feet are taboo chooses small white shoes or panel shoes The class is relatively casual, you can choose a pair of white simple mature high heels like a blogger.

However, you want the foot to be more comfortable, you can choose flat shoes, relatively more suitable for small sisters of the workplace, the age range can be relaxed, and the dark gray long coat, simple and loose, and the length is also conducive to enhance the whole set. The gas field, the double-row button is aligned in both sides of the coat.

The second set: white high collar (gray black half collar) set of sweaters + light gray plush winter skirt + moss green long coat.


Although it is long, there is also your own style, just recommend it to the eligible little sister. Next, a retro female teacher style is recommended, and there is a taste of the Hong Kong-style female teacher, which may be affected by the port of the port. I am very loved this dress, and there is no shortage in the conservative, and there is a classic sense of classics.


The light is giving two choices on the blogger, one is white high-end collar skirt, the second is the gray black semi-collar set sweater, white relatively older, while the gray black is older, with shallow The gray cashmere skirt is just a consistent style, and it is still different from the effects we finally see.

The most important point, the green of the moss, the green, the conservative and Confucian temperament is full, and the hat is designed and the beck buckle, unique. The shaped shaped is a relaxed profile. It is also very friendly for small sons, strongly recommending the little sisters to move.

The fourth set: White Round Neck Sweater + White Pattern Piece + Tibetan Blue Jeans + Light gray Coat.


Just only need a black box glasses, you have a great match for retro port wind. Of course, there are retro, naturally there is still stacked, just to make the children’s choices can be more extensive, this will bring you a light gray long coat of stylish fashion money.

The main purpose of the stack is to have a stacked feeling, so the white round neck pullover is matched with the white striped vest, the neckline of the sweater and the coverage of the vest, and there is a fashionable taste, and the blue gray pattern is in the design. It is also very good.

Plus the blue tight jeans, good body, this is a list, and it is the best choice to use the long boots or half bucket boots. It is not yet. The long selection will be relatively weakened, so choose a light gray long coat.


The fourth set: White Round Neck Sweater + White Shirt + Tibetan Blue Tight Pants + Black Plaid Middle Coats.


Not only didn’t feel the land, but also a little bit, but also increase the beauty, it is possible to be a lot of match. In order to extend this style, the last set is also the same style.


However, the laminated method is small, white round neck pullover sweater stacked white shirt, usually we will choose a shirt to match the head sweater, stacked the collar of the shirt, but this is the neck of the white round neck head sweater, leaving Fresh taste.

The same effect is the same, it is to make the leg shape better, it is slim, black lattice coats are gray-white Lag, if you have a fashionable curve, two sets have a thousand autumn, or Give yourself to your little sister!