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Diiib big white bathroom one-button water kitchen faucet convenient use water experience

Not long ago, the long-standing faucet used in the home kitchen was also finally glorious, and it was an imminent thing to buy a substitute. It seems to see, I found Xiaomi’s product in the big white one-button water kitchen faucet. So I didn’t hesitate, order the first time.

After these days, I have a more detailed understanding of this product. I will share it with the real feelings of using it, I hope to help everyone.


Details: Collective materials, full quality, physical object

The big white one-button water kitchen faucet first eye high-shine silver appearance is the magic, I am, only the process is good, it makes the electric plating black in black, and the overall time feel is still very good. Personally think this silver is more than the other black faucet, better. 22 high-grade craftsmanship, cleaning will be more simple, wet towel, and clean up.

On the material, the big white one-button water kitchen faucet button selects high quality, external precision equipment casting, and how to pay attention to, so that the faucet is polished, the gap is uniform, whether it is a touch, or a visual feeling, there will be a little bit Cheap feelings.


In contrast to ordinary faucet, the big white one-button water kitchen faucet uses an integrated base design that avoids the traditional faucet’s decorative covered cover. It is easy to hide the difficulty of cleaning difficulties in stains. Moreover, it also uses 304 stainless steel tooth tubes, which is high, the ripple is clear, and it is easier to tighten. It will not loosen.


Also, the big white one-button water kitchen faucet also uses a nylon explosion-proof hose, and it is very solid, and the quality is full. Compared to ordinary explosion-proof tubes, it also has fine and high, not easily deformed, and faster after folding deformation. With high quality explosion-proof tubes, it is also possible to ensure that daily water is smoother.

When using ordinary water faucet, after boiling water, wash it and wash it. It is easy to leave the water. After the hand is all oil and foam, after the switch water, it is easy to leave oil and foam on the faucet, and it is a bit trouble.

The big white one-button water kitchen faucet also designed a press-based switch, and the finger arm is gently pressed, and the design is also the ordinary faucet. It can also be pressed with elbow, wrist, etc., very convenient . In addition, it can also “fix” the water temperature before the water, reopen the faucet, the water temperature is also the same as before, avoiding the embarrassment of the switched water faucet hot water.

Experience: Simple installation, easy to use

In terms of installation, there is a detailed installation Raiders in the big white one-button water kitchen, and we can install according to the above schematic steps, steps are extremely simple. It is necessary to remind everyone that preparing a movable wrench before installation to remember the old faucet, remember to close the hot and cold water in advance.


What you need to praise is that the big white one-button water kitchen faucet is standard with a manual tightening mounting nut, the nut surface also has a bumpless non-slip design, does not require any tools to tighten the faucet manually, then dismantling more convenient.


In terms of switch layout, the big white one-button water kitchen faucet and a lot of faucet, using a hot and cold dual-control switch design, which is hot water, which is cold water, and the upper and lower rotation can also be adjusted. (The left is the hot water, the right side is cold water, the left and right rotation adjust the water temperature)


Not only that, the big white one-button water kitchen faucet also has 360-degree rotatable body design, easy to achieve the left groove, and the right slot is easy to transform. When you are not in use, you can also rotate it directly on the wall. Not only is more convenient to use water, but also save the space above the basin.

At the same time, the big white one-button water kitchen faucet also adopted a lead-free independent waterway design, with a separate sewer created by PRT environmentally friendly polymer materials in the water faucet, so that it would not contact metal through it, effectively avoid Metal pollution. This design can also maximize the healthy water we drink is healthier.


The small partners who often do housework should be able to know that the foam of the faucet is definitely indispensable, there is no foam’s faucet, the water is harder, and it is easier to splash everywhere.

The big white one-button water kitchen faucet uses a fine-working honeycomb bubbler, which makes a larger water flow, which brings more crystalline water by injection of air. Everyday I can clearly feel that the big white water is soft, the drop feeling is lighter, not only can save water, but also effectively prevent the water from splashing, it feels very good.

After these days, in addition to the shape of the shape, it is possible to stop the water in a large white one-button water kitchen faucet. It can’t see the interior we can’t see it very much. It has built-in brand ceramic spool, and the inner three-layer filtering device can effectively protect the core energy to be more durable.

5,000 times smoothly, and higher than national standards, making the daily switching experience will be more smooth, cold and cold water control will also be more accurate, and when the switch is adjusted, there will be no feeling, and there will be no switches and water leakage. .


Finally, summarize one wave

After the use of these days, the big white one-button water kitchen faucet shape is simple, and the materials and craftsmanship are also very particular. In the words of my wife, “this faucet, music”. One-to-date water design, the switch water will be more convenient, and everyday use more intimate, and it is a good job.


In general, the big white one-button water kitchen faucet has innovation, adheres to the usual use of users, and I personally feel very good for this faucet. Long-term use has not found what you can vomit.