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Women who will dress up have already abandoned pleated skirts, this year’s popular “sweater”, elegant and advanced

The eyes of women every stage are different, and the fashion items like it are also slightly different. So in winter

The pleated skirt has taken the design of “pleated”, and the walkoff can reflect the elegance of women, and the disadvantage of the hip site is also modified to some extent. However, this year’s popular “wool dress”

Not only both temperatures, but also easy to make women, and exquisite atmosphere.

One side is showing, it is very suitable for the current time.

The wool dress takes a hair fabric, let us feel the warm and soft breath, whether it is a fashion look,

Give full play to the practicality of “one wear”



This article is primarily mainly with a wool dress, see how you should choose and match the wool.

A middle-aged woman in the eyes, I don’t wear a pleated skirt!

This year’s new pet is a wool dress, really advanced

How to choose a wool?


1: Select version according to personal body

The edition of the wool is numerous, and the people suitable is also different. We need to understand the excellent shortcomings of your own body, so that you can better choose the right wool skirt.


Common body types can be divided into upper part of the whole body, the lower body slim apple shape; the upper body is thin, the lower body has a lot of pear shape. Understand your own body type, then

Select the appropriate wool skirt based on your personal body.

For the lower body thin apple type body,

Suitable wool skirt range is relatively wide range

Do not have excessive concerns will reveal the shortcomings of the legs. Therefore, we can choose a straight version of the wool.

Direct version of the wool

Communication is a hundred, the upper body is warm and fashionable

It is very suitable for winter wearing. Even with skin is worn, it is very comfortable.


Not easy to static

. For small sons, such lengths do not have to worry about it will result in pulling low and long legs. The most important thing is that the skirt of the straight wool is a straight but no hip.

Comfortable and unconstrained, thin and modified body

For pear shaped body, the lower body has a limitations of the version of the wool skirt. It is recommended to give up the slim, the skin’s version, which is mainly loose. Among them, the A-word version of the wool skirt is deeply affected by a pear shape.


High waist pleated big skirt design tailor

Nothing is not in high elegance and retro atmosphere, and it is full of literature and art. Whether it is with a variety of trendy tops, you can show the feeling,

Is a half-length sweater with high winter matching rate

. Especially for pear type body, it has played a thin effect.

2: Element element, rich design

Common wool skirts can be simply divided into pure color and flower. The solid color is simple, atmospheric, revealing a high level. However, it is also harder that it will not feel boring and boring. Therefore, we can embellish the elements, enriched the design of the wool, thus visually make the skirts fresh breath, no longer engraved, monotonous.


There are many wool skirts with elements, in order to avoid difficult to control and difficult to match, you can prefer a plaid wool. The wool skirt with retro plaid embellishment is simple. The air is also revealed, and it is more simple when it is mixed. Especially for middle-aged women, plaid wool skirts will be more refined and temperament.


How to match the wool

1: Solid top + pleated dress (upper narrow width)

Choose a solid colored top with a solid colored pleated woven dress, simple and clean, can show a refreshing side of women and high-grade.

And, “the upper narrow width” is used, and it is more modified in the invisible, and there is a problem such as the thickness of the legs, so that the middle-aged woman of the pear type can easily control.

2: Surface shirt + plaid wool dress (integration)

Take the “Dynamic Binding” matching method, select the solid color bottoming shirt with the retro plaid wool, so that the overall shape is more fashionable and advanced.

If you are worried that the solid color and solid color match will appear a single tuning, then the middle-aged woman may wish to take a long and simple matching method, simple and easy to control, and also reflect the unique and precise feelings of mature women.

3: Solid-color sweater + a word wool dress (improve the waist line, extending body shape)

Choose a solid color knit sweater, put the lower trousers in the waist, and then match the A word version of the wool, you can easily increase the waistline, reach the extended body shape, the problem of the legacy.


Such common and easy to control the way, also deeply likes middle-aged women. And, the waist of this A-shaped wool is also self-contained, and it is more in invisible to create a superior proportion of “three or seven points”, high, and the length of the leg is still thin ~

Ok, this issue is shared here, let’s see you next time, bye.

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Women who will dress up have already abandoned pleated skirts, this year’s popular “sweater”, elegant and advanced