2021 mini health pot recommended, which brand is good? Internal attachment guide

I. Introduction

Hello, I am Abrams2415.


“People must have been to middle age, the cup is bubble”


A joke but caught countless people. Overtime should also be kept healthy, which has become the final stubborn of every society. If you are like me, the three meals are irregular, the work is unstable, before sitting before the computer, the skin is dull. Then I recommend you to buy one.


Health pot.


The function of the health pot is not only just to provide us with a cup of hot drink. If you still have a “health pot = hot kettle” this inherent concept, then I suggest you read this article. I will teach you to distinguish the difference between the kettle and the health pot, and teach you how to buy a health pot, recommend several health pots worthy of starting.

Second, health pot purchase method

Health pot, health pot, the word is like a health. The people take food for the sky, the sky is all inclusive. The diet is not only eating, but should eat well, eat health, and achieve the purpose of preventive disease treatment. So my family has always advocated medicine to supplement it.

Most of the heating products on the market are now used, not using graded stainless steel, but is inferior stainless steel. It may be chemically reacted with certain substances in food during heating. The precipitated heavy metal ions and harmful substances affect human health.


Replenishing the home appliances of health purposes in fine cooking and nutritional methods – health pots are born, it can cook a variety of ingredients. Similar to the electric kettle, it belongs to the national mandatory certification product, and the implementation standard is GB4706.1-2005, GB4706.19-2008.

So, how should the health pot choose?

2.1 Health pot size

First, you will clear how many people have to take care of the health pot. If people have more words, it is recommended to choose 1.5L or more, and the capacity avoids the problem of not sufficient.

If you are the same as me, you can meet the office 5s management can’t use high-power, take care of your desktop’s personal health tea, and a hot drink is realized in this winter. So

MINI type health pot is the best choice.

2.2 Health kettle material

Pot body:

A major standard for health pot is

High borosilicate glass

This glass is melted at 1600 ° C. The main raw materials are boron and silicon without any heavy metal additives. It has high temperature resistance, hot and cold, acid-resistant, resistant to the characteristics, and does not produce any chemical variations and harmful substances.

Given that the current health pot is basically standard high boric silicon glass, then its thickness is what we need to care. The thicker the cup body, the more it is not easy to accidentally break.



At present, the fever chassis on the market is mainly divided into two types:

1, stainless steel chassis:

The built-in circle resistance wire is faster than the process combined with the pot.

2, glass chassis:


After the technical treatment, heating is heated by the bottom of the glass. High health, good appearance, and the process is relatively complicated, and the cost is higher.

The mainstream of the health pot is basically used in stainless steel heating plate. The foregoing said, except

High boric silicon glass, stainless steel may also be


Certain substances in foods have chemical reactions. Therefore, you must leave your eyes in terms of stainless steel. For example, the heating plate generally has 304 or 316, the latter

Do not

SuS316, which enhances corrosion resistance of reducing salts and various inorganic acids, alkali, salts, and high temperature strength.

2.3 Health pot function

The initial design of health pot is from home electric kettle. In order to increase product purposes, many efforts have been made in function design, and now health pots

Apart from

Outside the tea, it is also possible to support stewed, boiled, and other functions.


A pot of more use into a core selling point.

2.4 Other functions



Function is in place, color value, design details, experience, whether it is convenient to accommodate all experiences. At present, there are two different brands of MINI health pots. Next, I will make a detailed comparison of these two health pots from the above.


Let everyone really understand how the health pot will choose.

Third, two mini health pot contrast

▲ Last year I bought a Momi’s carry-on water cup, hot milk in the morning, the sesame paste is very good. But with a sterling kettle is mainly based on water, it will not be heated after reaching the temperature. so

Can continue to heat, small size

The Mini type health pot became the fragrance of my office and my home desk.

My family currently has two health pots, respectively, Zhigao and Mori. Zhigao health pot is my first MINI health pot for a while. It is the main

cheap price,

but it


No tea basket and stew

. Moshi


Exquisite and functional aspects of the tea basket and stew, the function is obviously more


. The two health pots can be used for different audiences, which can be said to sell MINI health pots. Let’s take a look at their highlights together.


3.1 Appearance and detail difference


▲ Design, Zhigao mini health pot has a total of 2 colors. Be

香 紫



Jade green


Mori MINI health pot total 4 colors can be selected, respectively

Space ash, light luxury, fresh green, elegant white.

The high degree of Momi is obviously short. Because of the flight


Design the operation interface to the handle

This reduces the thickness of the heating plate, so the height can be short.

▲ Mori MINI health pot weight 0.9kg, and MINI cola can you can see its mini. Size 166 * 102 * 206mm.


▲ Accessories: Zhigao mini health pot has only one power cord and pot body. Mori MINI health pot provides a rich accessory, including storage bags, stews and tea.

▲ Mori and Zhigao Mini health pot is single design, with a minimum capacity of 200ml, maximum 600ml; so ingredients are not easy to waste. The cup is high boric silicon glass,

Urgent heat, acid and alkali, no chemical reaction in the food. This is also the most basic configuration of the health pot.


▲ Zhigao mini health pot cup height borosilicate glass thickness 1.5mm, fringed thickness 1.8 mm. The larger the thickness, the more it is not easy to suffer.


▲ The bottom of the cup body is a larger circle shape, and the high is 4 o’clock. Mori MINI health pot is better than one well.

▲ Two health pots are designed with separate power cords, and the back three-eye power supply interface with waterproof silicone cover. Cleaning cups don’t have to worry about jet water.


▲ In terms of the body of the pot, Mi Fei uses matte + chrome + carved logo, and it is a feeling of exquisite small appliances. The overall texture of highness is much “cheap”.

Expand function:

▲ Momi MINI health pot is comparable to high health pot, more tea baskets and stews. This satisfies the different needs of single basket tea & health.


▲ The tea basket and the stew are adopted “set of baby”, usually no longer afraid of the loss of accessories.

3.2 Operation Convenience Comparison

Program selection:


▲ Zhigao health pot has a maximum of 600ml, lowest 200ml. Total 5 category features, including

Burning water, stew, health soup, flower tea and insulation

. The appointment function has supported a maximum of 24 hours.

▲ Continuous click to switch function keys can switch between 5 categories. But unfortunately there is no multi-scene water temperature selection function. If you just want to drink warm water, this health pot is not supported.


The control panel of the Motor Forty Health Pot is designed above the cup, so it is only necessary to do with a single hand and can perform related operations without bow.

In operation, touch, provide

45 ° C, 80 ° C

100 ° C

Three paragraphs of temperature; to meet the needs of different scenes, it has also increased

15 minutes

45 minutes

90 minutes

Cook mode; suitable for cooking for different ingredients.

In addition, it


Three time and temperature can be freely matched. Only the temperature can meet more of a brewed, cooked, slow stew, etc.

▲ Even in the night, the light of the indicator light can be easily identified. The treasure moms don’t have to worry about the lights too bright in the middle of the night.


Cup cover:

▲ Zhigao mini health pot cup cover without stainless steel mesh. Tea will pour out the water.

▲ The front of the Mori Cup has a 304 stainless steel filter to ensure that the tea does not leak when the tea is burned.

▲ In addition, its cup cover is designed with a cover, which is convenient to add water or supplemental ingredients without opening.

3.3 Burning water efficiency comparison


▲ Two mini health pot heating power is 400W, in our 5S management regulations, less than 500W does not belong to control high-power desktop electrical appliances. The external body is small, which can be placed on the work desk.

The heating base is the SU304 material, and the middle projection is the intelligent temperature probe, which can accurately control the temperature during 1 ° C. Avoid heating over and paste the bottom.

▲ Two K-type thermocouses are placed in 600 ml of cold water, respectively, and record the water efficiency of two power health pots using the data recorder.


▲ Make sure the K-type thermocouple is suspended and does not contact with the cup wall.

▲ Import data to Excel analysis, the red line is the Mimeifei health pot heating curve, the green line is high. You can conclude:


1, two 400W heating power health pot heating power is almost the same;

2, only the final difference in heating, the fur is heated to 98.9 ° C to stop heating, while the heating is stopped from 95.6 ° C. It is estimated that different intelligent sensing probes are caused. Although the temperature difference is not large, it is obvious that it can be heated to a higher water temperature.

3.4 Burning Water Noise

Because the mini-type health pot is placed on the desktop, it is easy to attract attention when burning water. So the water noise is also an important indicator.


▲ Tested on the same distance, plug in the power supply in the same time. Zhigao mini health pot noise is 59dB, while Mori is 54dB. The gap between noise is still present.


3.5 Boiled silver ear yolk

Everyone has the most dessert with health pots is a silver ear, and whether it will be paste, the cooking effect is most consumers, so it is directly tested here.

Boiled silver ear thus two health pot differences:

▲ Two MINI nourishing pots are added 600 ml of cold water and the same amount of silver ear. Mori is set to 100 ° C, 90 minutes; Zhigao health pot is selected because there is no time function, so it has chosen stew mode. Start within the same time.

▲ When boiled, it must be opened, otherwise the soup will overflow. Momer MINI health kettle cover is designed, just open the small cover. Reduce liquid evaporation.

▲ After 30 minutes, the temperature of the two health pots is basically the highest. But the strange thing is that Zhigao noodles show the interior temperature of the pot to remain at 98 ° C, but the bottle of the bottle is not the next to the micro-health pot.


▲ After 30 minutes, the two pots did not have a confused phenomenon, and the silver ear cooked in the Mori healthy pot was stewed. The next-door Zhigao health pot is still a soup. Seeing that the high health pot is not suitable for stewed silver fungus. This kind of food takes a long time to keep the water boiling.


Fourth, desktop autumn and winter health warm drink

▲ On the night of the late autumn, drinking a cup of hot tea while playing a game, drinking a hot tea or stewing some health and warm drink is very good. I will showcase some common health and warm drinks. I have been using my new pet mini. Health pot.

4.1 Bubble Tea & Flower Tea

▲ habits the night, so drinking tea has become my habit. Various tea bags and flower tea at home.

▲ Bulk tea is loaded into the tea basket, poured into 400ml water. Set 100 ° C, cook for 15 minutes.

▲ The temperature in the late autumn is getting cool, drink a cup of tea and wipe the stomach.

▲ Rose tea does nothing else even if it is not placed in the tea basket. Because there is a stainless steel filter on the cover, it can block the fall. However, there is no such filter in Zhigao health pot.

4.2 water stewed

▲ Some expensive ingredients, such as bird’s nests, due to rich water-soluble proteins, high temperature heating can lead to protein degeneration, so the heating energy can effectively reduce the loss of nutritional value. It is necessary to use a stew to perform water heating. Here the flying stews can be used well.


▲ Water-water stewed bird’s nest only sets 80 ° C for 15 minutes in the Moifei health pot.

▲ Stewed bird’s nest I like to add a little osmanthus sauce to increase the taste.

4.3 Silver Earmene


▲ In advance, soap the peach gum, soap corneam and silver fungus. Add 500 mL of water to these raw materials + three rock sugar. Set 100 ° C, 90 minutes.

▲ After 90 minutes, a bowl of hot silver ear peach gum can be eaten.


Five, summary

In fact, health, first there is this concept, there is this conscious, then the health pot is just a tool. Sports per day, saving sweat, really great, exercise over a cup of health tea, chrysanthemum tea, fruit tea, gold and silver flower tea, or health porridge, very good!

At this time, you need a health pot for you. For example, my requirements for health pots are not very large, try to compact, and heat the power of 500W, so it can be used under the company’s 5S management system.



Buying mini health pot, except for the first look, first look, it is classified into two, one is the selection of the setting menu, the other is the time + temperature free regulation, the menu is more suitable for lazy people, However, the actual function is limited, while time + temperature free matching regulation, it can be adjusted with your ingredients and dosage;

in addition

Decided to cook the function and have accessories – whether there is a tea basket, stew, etc., support for cooking, water, etc. Daily demand;

Of course,

What can’t be forgot is to see the materials and details of the health pot, which will directly affect your safety and experience, such as operation, heating efficiency, and the like.

After two different brand Mini health pots, it is more recommended to fly in the flying mini. The following points are the following:

1, high value, one machine is used in the characteristics of Momi small appliances. This MINI health pot is no exception. Can boil, hot milk, stew, boil, and function;

High borosilicate glass





2. The operation interface is located at the top of the hand, and you can operate in one hand.The water temperature can be 45 ° C, 80 ° C, 100 ° C.


Also increase

15 minutes, 45 minutes and 90 minutes

Boiled mode, suitable for cooking for different ingredients;

3,400W Heating power, built-in intelligent temperature probe, avoid heating over and paste.

The above is the purchase knowledge of MINI health pot and the measured content.I hope to help you buy MINI health pot.