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Summer bag hip skirt, can be casual and can be commute, delicate and charming

The dress of the dress should pay attention to the color of the overall fabric, and it is significantly thin. If you always choose the same style, it is easy to lose your new idea.

The dress is similar to the dress, but the color of the color is different. It is best to use some of the poles, lace and other elements. It is still so beautiful.


The thick withdrawal is the best match, there is no sense of walking, whether from visual perspective, or from comfort, it is suitable for all sisters. And different types of dress, easy to create a different retro law.

French long skirts are very simple, simple and clean white short T-shirts, with a pleated denim short skirt or small skirt to easily match French retro wind. Although short skirts are not tapped, personal temperament is determined by different materials and color matching.

The short skirt is scattered with a lazy breath, while it is suitable for a lot of girls to pick it as one of the items that wear, classic.

The girls must be careful, and the short skirt that is biased towards the sports style will make the upper body look bloated, not only is not beautiful and the legs are short. The skirt must choose moderate, while the feeling is good.


When you choose a short skirt, take into account the design of the skirt itself, is a slim version or a flat skirt, and the part of the body, the body’s fat girl must not choose to match the striped short skirt, they will support the whole figure.


The body is thin girls don’t pick clothes, the feeling is good, the length is sufficient, the slim effect is good, plus pleated design, it is definitely beautiful.


All in all, the good-looking dress is equipped with the proportion of the upper body, the shorter is long, or the shortage is short, the size of the body can support the short skirt, and don’t pursue must be high waist.