Parents pay attention! You buy warm baby or unqualified products to your doll

Sichuan Online News (Reporter Zhang Tingming)

On March 7, the Provincial Consumer Council announced the results of comparison test results in the recent electric heating handlers. The results show that only 14 sets of warmer brand samples selected by the Provincial Consumers Commission, only 14 sets of national requirements, the compliance rate is only 48.3%, and the remaining more than half of the products are unqualified.

Contrast results: Toy type extemporary products do not meet national standards

According to Xiao Xiangrong, Secretary General of the Provincial Consume Committee, in this comparison, it is more prominent to hand warm handwriting product structure. Among them, “Great Wall”, “Good Tour”, “Watson”, “good” and other brands have problems.

“Specifically, there is a situation in which the electrode heating and toy appearance of the country is strictly prohibited.” According to Xiao Xiangrong’s explanation, the electrode should not be used for heating liquid according to national mandatory standards, otherwise it is easy to generate leakage. In addition, as the product use time increases, the electrodes inside the handlers are very prone to rust, so that short circuit is extremely easy during the charging process. “However, according to comparison results, there are still 5 sets of samples such as water storage electric heating treasures, Great Wall, Wiangzi, etc. on the market.” “

In addition, the comparison result is also shown in 30 samples, and there are 11 brands of samples that have a toy appearance. “These are all contrary to the national mandatory standards. The look, it is very likely to bring dangerous to your child. For example, it will take into account whether this toy can be disassembled in the production standard of the toy, and there is no standard in the production of household appliances.

Consumer Council recommends: Be sure to buy a regular store


The Secretary-General of the Provincial Consumer Council is Rong to the consumers, and the handwritten handlers must go to the regular shopping mall. Do not buy at the roadside vendors, and choose the brand with a secure certification mark and certificate.

Second, do not buy electrode hand warmers. Because the electrode type is in the heating, the electrode will be in contact with the liquid, which causes the human electric shock risk and does not meet the national security standards. Specifically, it is also possible to determine whether it belongs to the electrode heater by touching whether or not two cylindrical objects in the handlers.

In addition, pay attention to the choice of the handwrapping that has already been refined. Many merchants will allow consumers to water in order to save costs, and this is a big safety hazard.

“Finally, consumers should keep treasure invoices, shopping tickets, find that they do not meet national standards or other quality problems, or they should be related timely Department complaints or reports, rights according to law. “

Attachment: 2016 Sichuan Provincial Consumer Civil Water Heating Electric Warmer comparison test test results list

Compliance with national standards:

Rainbow brand electric heating hand treasure, Changhong Changhong electric water bag, Chigo electric heating handbao, miniso electric heating bag (hand warmers), Miny Mi Ni electric heating bag (hand warmers), Mumuso electric heating bag (handlers), Spring power electric water sack, SAST SAM heater, SHINEE Saiyi electric heating bag, Tailo warm handler, Nanji people Antarctic moisture separation electric heating bag, Buffy handlers (electric heating bag), Chaobei superbec Hand (electric water sack), luisy electric water bag

Products that do not meet national standards:

YANGZI electric heating / bag, Quality, electric water sack, water storage electric heating treasure (three products), duckling electric heating treasure, Great Wall electric heating bag (handlers), warm electric warm bag, shell US home appliances hot handlers, haojixing, good electric heating bag, 海暖 宝, edon love boarding warm bag (hand warmer), gocinc warm bag, red heart electric heater, love art warm bag, Watson warm hand (electric water bag), Bohong Bohong electric water sack, Patty warm handlers (electric heating bag)