It is a woman who is bienter, a short shirt, a pleated short shirt.

Treasure girl beaver fashion, Adi sports suit is low-key, too energetic

Beaver’s clothing is good in the fashion circle is recognized, although height is not high in the supermodel circle, but because it will become a spokesperson who has robbed many fashion brands. Now I am still married to Justimin Bobo, the proper winner of life. As an ordinary girl, we can also learn how to dress with her. Here is to introduce you to the matching of the beaver, you can find your own clothes.


LOOK1: Sexy


If you are confident on your own body, then this match must don’t miss it, the sexy sultry index is 100%, not too good. White pleated short small shirt, showing slim small waist, if you have a line of marks, you must show a show. V collar design reveals a slim clam, if there is a hidden ditch, how can you be so loud? Compass with light jeans, sexy mixed neutral casual temperament, properly puzzling little girl.

Wow, this black set will not be too ignorant! The black suit of a thin-thin temperament is originally a cool feeling, and the air field is too fried. It is very designed in the upper, big V-collar, play the sexy charm of the girl to the fullest, and the big woman’s gas field is very sucking, and there is a sense of touching, the queen of the gas field is necessary.

LOOK2: Sports

Adi’s set looks full, but in the design of shorts in shorts in shorts, the bifurcated pants, the bifurcated trousers, there is no sexy. The youthful set design breaks the past, and it is very sufficient to get it. Black and white two colors, the most classic match, just a pair of sneakers match, this set is very dynamic.

This set shows that there is no too eye-catching design, but the classic is a classic, how to wear it very good, it looks low-key ordinary, but wearing a shadow is a graceful. White wide strips on the sleeves are a great fever element, but Adi’s designer does not have the heart to print cartoon subtitles similar to pencil painting, add design, with white leg socks, whiteboard shoes, really good.

LOOK3: Under the disappearance

The weather is warm, it is not a whitening waste that does not feel white. So this set of match must get up! Delicious styles are fashion style that belongs to young girls. Light blue OVesize shirt cover white loose version sweater, matching layers, casual and generous, very good.


Middle-long sweater is also a single product that is not missed down. The big loose version of the sweater, and the casual is mixed into the sexy temperament of the girl. Cute casual temperament, how to see how it is. This sweater is a classic black, the above subtitles break the black dull, adding fashion, very beautiful.

LOOK4: Workplace commuter

How can this big printed turmeric hairspants so good? Treasure girl beaver is too avoided too much! High waist printing briefs with shallow blue shirts, there is a kind of innocent, sprinkled temperament, very suitable for everyday commute to work, then step on a naked small high heel shoes, all is the most fascinating Light.


Sparkling star is on the body, shining crystalline, this body is really high! But the girl, occasionally high-profile? The soot blue suit is originally a fresh color, but because of the use of bright silk fabrics, it seems to be so low, this set is elegant, suitable for the quality of the Queen Fan, the gas field fell.

LOOK5: Leisure out of the street

Jeans + denim clothes, thousands of fashion items, really controversy. This is no need to decorate more, even if you look with a pair of small white shoes, white t is very nice, suitable for daily street.

Striped horizontal blue sweater + white fur splicing jacket + red pants, strong contrast color match is also very beautiful, there is a gorgeous fashion taste, very sunny. This set is very suitable for daily street, which is very cool, very. Girls who like this taste don’t miss it.


Red splicing baseball suit is very taste, if you have such a match, you can learn the top of it. This set is definitely the most classic match in the casual style, it seems simple but very fashionable, aged, full of girl, beautiful girls can try.


Ming Li’s turmeric is a big hot color in the past few years. Whether it is a lot of colorful girls wear, it is very good, and the skin is white. The loose version of the big jacket, just with a casual black long, colorful collision classics and fashion, vitality and four shots, and elegant.


The above is a few treasure girls, how is your favorite? What is your favorite? As an ordinary girl, we may wish to learn someone else’s wear, get inspiration, apply to your daily clothes, let yourself be a beautiful treasure girl.