# # So many products, I think all – Student Party eats the secret

Author: Su Yu

As a largest student party, the budget is not high, or he has no hesitation to eat soil skin care.

Big third, there is a clear water to wash your face, there is something on your face, and the summer school car military training is never sunscreen. I think I have been stupid crying. I’m always paying attention to skin care. Because I love the goods, add new, I will have an old, since then I will Can only eat soil …

I am mixed with biasing skin. Winter wash my face is not painted in the T area will blast, never makeup. It is a lot of usually staying up late, the dark circles are more serious, and the face is too flourishing and the pores are thick, acne marks are also a bit [former hand and hacking

Since I learned Haitao, the following items, except that Australian skin care products are bought on the PharmacyOnline website, others are purchased by Dabao Bao, the store you are looking for, there are too many things, just don’t let the link.

First, makeup

Because it is usually applied, the makeup is necessary, the first bottle of makeup, the first bottle of makeup is FANCL cleansing oil, and the long closure of the faint, no need to make the makeup oil, the previous bottle is Pattylan’s pink and makeup cream, empty After the can, the smell is too fragrant, the cream is slightly disgusting, unloading the sun can not see the effect, and the feeling of being turned into a blind, sometimes it is painted on the face. I feel very good.

1, NURSERY grapefruit remover

This should be quite famous. At that time, I bought it with grapefruit. The face is as big as I, I will not be enough for me. I will smell the grapefruit is very happy. If you don’t have half, you bought another gel’s texture than the comfort point of the paste, but it is still a bit of oil when you massage.


Nursery grapefruit makeup


2, Swisse cucumber makeup water Sukin cleansing water

The little cucumber is my nearest heart, I like the cucumber taste and that liquid texture is very in line with my small fresh positioning.


Sukin cleansing water and emulsion are very similar, do not like so rich taste … Although she is a fragrance of plants

The two unloaded sunscreen is no pressure. Apply a try makeup remover with the cosmetics of the household, and the cotton pad is cleared, and it is clean.

Pharmacy online

Second, cleansing classes

These are cleansing from now, after makeup remover, I will use the washing milk once again, and then clean it in the morning. I used to have a cleanser before I have used it.

Faviyafil’s facial cleanser, very fire amino acid washing, washing, not tight, it is still very affordable when you encounter specials.

SK2 ished, the smell is very good, the rose is very in line with the girl’s heart, the bubble network can come out some small bubbles, after washing, the face will be biased, not suitable for me.

ELTA MD foam cleansing milk, cream foam’s texture really can’t prefer it, take out the bubble after the face, stay for a while, just like the bubble mask, you will get out of small bubbles, a large bottle for three months, wash Not stretched, and big bottles are affordable.

1. Sulfur clean cream with poetry

The smell is not good, and the smell of the sulfur soap in Shanghai should be almost, I also use it once a week. After washing, the face feels dry, you must hydrate a lot. It has been used once with the bubble, and the bubble network has a lot of bubbles, it is to do it, and oily skin can be used very well.

Poetry, USA, sulfur clean cream

2, natural philosophical facial cleanser

After washing, the face is very soft, the smell is not very like, low bubble. Although some people have been used to make up, I am always afraid of unloading, so just use it as a cleanser. A complant to repurchase, I found that Haitao and Taobao price difference is too big. If you have Haitao discount, I hope to have a value friend to buy a biggest capacity student party, there is no credit card to buy it or not very convenient.

Natural philosophical facial cleanser

3, pores, Fuzi, small soda, clean flour, Jiana treasure enhancement powder

Both are bought to go black, but the pores have a small soda, so they always don’t dare to make it hard every time it washed, but the little person on the bottle is really awkward. I bought a cleansing powder and cleansing. Milk, powder cleaning is relatively large, and the foam of the milk is very rich. After washing, the face can feel a lot of smooth, and it doesn’t mess. Compared to the stagnation of the Babao is still very gentle, the powder will be completely integrated into the water, and one grain is very convenient for hygiene, the washing is also very good.

Maoh Kong Fuzi Xiaobai Cleansing Pink Jabaine Vehicle Washing Powder

Third, lotion

I used to use my muscle research and moisturizing lotion, and the white trees, it is really dark … I have no sense of feelings, and I feel very sticky. Mushroom water and city doctors are still sent by the road, the lotion is cheap, and it is necessary to apply a water film. When you use the usual use of arsenic, you should not be too much. It is not enough to use it.

1, g dew

With the beauty oil, I like it very much, take five times, don’t apply it, add oil, and it is very soft. Use it to relieve red blood, it is not long, I hope to have effect. Have the opportunity to buy buy buy

2, Japanese wine lotion ESTHE DEW Pharmaceutical whitening lotion

They are all wet water, the two waters are better than the barley water, and when Japanese wine just bought, I can’t prefer it, the faint sour taste will have the urge to drink. Whitening the lotion is already used, the smell is also very fragrant. It used to be a water film in the morning and evening. Three minutes, now sometimes lazy, the number of applications is slightly decline, and it is necessary every day. Sometimes I want to make a lot of water, apply a horse oil, apply a water film, and apply the horse oil outside. After the application, I will take it. I really feel sticky, I will rub it off with paper film, then I can also apply my body. . Both are refreshed, it is still good.

3, Ko Yan’s calendula toner

In addition to Yan and Wang Laoji, there is nothing, it is still refreshing, it is better to use his face, because only in the physiological period will be acne acne, the usual face is not good, so the price is not So high, and those petals are really ugly when they are running out.

4, Snow muscle cream

I think that I have been so dark, I will have a heartache … I have been restored, but after all, I don’t have the white fat. I have broken into the white white, and a wine is almost smoked. I am smoked. Tears, but I will endure for white, if I can’t stand it, I can shoot, take five times. The only disadvantage is that it is a bit blush in the future. At the beginning, it is only used all over the next day. Slowly is not so red, wait until I will apply it.

Four, essence

1, Yiso Folk Jacks Oxidation Essence

It belongs to the very affordable essence. When I used it, I almost cryed me. Later, I was first emulsified, then my face, I got the water film, I feel super stick, I don’t have oil, and the smell of the parsley. Just just fine. The anti-oxidation efficiency did not see, but the face was tender, and the face was relatively transparent. Recently, I bought fun of rose oil, and the estimated effect may be almost. Australia’s skin care products are pure natural, and the price is still more affordable. The student party buys will not be too stressed. After a few years, it is still the essence of high-end points, or what is going to prevent aging?

2, Barazhen selected 2% salicylic acid essence

Going to close the function is very chicken ribs, one or twice a week, wet is a nose, after 10 minutes, take the whole nose and slide, the pores feel small, pay attention to moisturizing before use, and use a lot of water. Can I say that I bought a dragon cat in a gift box?


Five, eye cream

Eye cream is required, I bought the eye glue, cucumber flavor, the cucumber flavor, I just like it, I’m very cool after it, I have enough water, and the dark circle is more than half. It’s your own …

Ijis Red Ginseng Bull Frost Eye Cream

This is only fun, it is too nourishing for me … I still overestimate my age, but the ball rolls to roll cool, it is very comfortable, and the eyelids are massd. I will still buy the simple water cream. After 25, I want to look for anti-wrinkle. The eye mask is not alone. It is similar to the psychological comfort to go to a dark circle. After the opening is used for two months, the result is not taken back to the holiday, only three times.

Six, lotions and cream


It is usually not very much to spread the emulsion. In addition to winter, other time is the essence of the essence, it is directly sunscreen. If you don’t always feel oil, winter will paint the cream, after buying Haba, sometimes the water, Haba beauty oil, Sun protection, then go out.

1. Snow muscle semen emulsion

Together with the lotion, for 1 + 1> 2, I will never use it alone, it will not buy it, it is too oil, but I am blocked. Only when you use snow muscle essence, it will be used when you use snow muscle essence, and then add a lot of beautiful oil, but it is still very dislike.

2, Sukin Natural Moisturizing Emulsion

And the package and the makeup milk, the taste is very fragrant, I like small fresh cucumber. I can’t like the courage. Every time I need the courage, it is a bit greasy, but it is in natural plants, so autumn and winter sometimes in the house. Pain it.

3, Ko Yan’s high-warmery cream


I bought it for my mom at first, and I bought an Ijis Red Ginseng Cream to her, this I used it. I was directly on the face at the beginning, and I was dead … I will open it in my hand, press it on my face, and I am refreshing. The use of the Northern wind is still very resistant.

Seven, sunscreen

It is usually a house girl, a variety of houses, so I will eat and go to the self-learning room. I have a short sun in the four seasons. Sometimes it is too lazy, and I will take a takeaway one or two. It is not very worried now, I always feel bored and oil, and I don’t fit. I use Sophina’s white lace I actually itching although I added a drop of Haba oil in Wenbi, I really let me find The new world, but it is not that you have such a so you have that kind of good sunscreen, even if it is recommended to me, please eat cucumber 100+, the price is too low. The above is Bi Soft, washing colors and Mentholatum sunscreen. It is a bit refreshing, because I am not always waiting for time, so the function of sunscreen is not too much, but sometimes sometimes Feeling that they are still slightly heavy.

Eight, lipstick

That is, I like my mouth, but I seem to be allergic to the lipstick.

Every time I was painted, I took a few minutes my mouth, I didn’t even blast, and I wished it. However, it is usually the mouth, so I don’t have a lip film in the evening. Feeling in me is just a personal feeling, it doesn’t mean most people. If you have the same situation as me, please tell me what lipstick you use.


Canned rose bud cream and small blue cans are used to make lip metaphysical, more super, pathered and small blue cans are cool, and the flower bud cream is more oil, and it is too used, the small blue cans are not so oil, apply The mouth will feel cool, the hand is disabled as I, after the small blue cans, after the small blue can, I have eaten it again, and I have a mouthful of mouth, taste it very bitter, and then rubbed the mouth and dried to the blast After doing the lip film in normal night, the mouth is very tender, so sometimes it will take a lot of more, if you are doing it, it is a dry mouth. The tubular flower bud cream is better. After the pain is applied, the mouth looks tender, still allergies, not to make you look a bit of color, I am resolutely not painted.


White is Aloe Lips Aloe Lip Brand, just like the Mentholan Buddha hand mandarin that I bought, I will die for a while.

The little bee and Japanese drug lipstick is the recent heart. The speed is not so fast, and it is not so serious. The thick little honey bee is not very good. Forgot what is taste, the thoughtone is a colored , Pattime, very cool, painted is a cherry color, and the lid is very similar. Japanese medicinal lipstick is then lost, but I still use it as allergic, and the thickness is used as a lip film.

Papaya paste occasionally painted, when it is used as a lipstick, it is a slight oil. I have a meal to make my hand. I don’t stay after painting. Sometimes I don’t have a red point. It is also very good.

The trial color card below is a time to buy things, the newcomers are embarrassed to go to counter try, you can buy a trial color card, orange, pink, red, big, try it out, it is suitable. Moreover, it can be used for many times, and it can be used for a long time.

Nine, daily care

1, mask

(1) Butlete and Cai Yan’s White Mask

Two times a week, the butt cream won’t repurchase, wash it too much, and there is a strong sense of stab, one hour, don’t wear glasses, I can’t see something, I will have a long time, and in the face It is uncomfortable. If you buy the Yue Tu’s source of hub dolls don’t have a white mud effect, it is estimated that the white mud is an unlimited repo. Sometimes it will be a little tingling, but I will take five minutes. After washing, the whole face is bright, it is very smooth, but it is not a fake, when the nose is black, I will apply it, then wash it. When you are a circle, you will be cleaned, it will be a lot.


(2) jade torn pull film

This is just to satisfy the tearing snaps, and the hands and stars are very hard. Tear is also very hard, and they will not buy it again. With the white mud together, there is no such thing as it, sometimes in order to tear down and put your face.

(3) Yuemu source water lily drinking dense trifuncture mask


The name is really long … The mask oil is crying, and there is still a strange smell to sleep at night, sometimes go out at noon, come back to wash your face, apply it to the dormitory for a few hours, wash away the paintings at night, Nothing to feel, I will not bought it after running. However, students have a tenderness every night, and the effect is still different from person. I haven’t bought the tofu mask in the Tiantian house, and there is no feeling. I may not like similar to the mask, I want to hydrate or apply a water film.

2. Small things with a mess

(1) Haba Beauty Oil and Suoyue Hyaluronic Acid


Haba usually drops a few drops in the lotion, and the cream drops, then uses a lot of sunscreen with uncomfortable, because the Haba is bonded, the last time is in the hair, the hair is a lot, but painted Direct the mouth on the mouth

In the lotion, I will drop a glass of chloric acid, which will obviously feel a lot of moisturizing, shallow painting, then the lipstick is not so easy to do, but it is too much trouble.

(2) Bio-oil oil

Because the three days of three days are too fat, now there is stretch marks on the legs, so I bought it, I caught a circle, because I only bought a few days, so I can’t see it obviously, the focus is still insisting, Massage every day.

3. Hand and foot care

(1) Arden body milk, Redwin sees the milk, horse oil


Inside the triple, Yatton’s best smell, the smell of bamboo and green tea is very fresh; the horse’s oil is the most strange, the taste of soap water; the melamine is the largest, the taste of a snow.

Yatton’s absorption did not have two good, but after painting, the whole body is a faint tea taste, smelling a good mood; the function of the fuel is more, it can be painted, it is easy to absorb, this I can’t be alive. However, it is a bit disgusting. Sometimes I am going to work directly, then apply a horse oil to go out; the moon looks in the evening will be painted in the evening, I will not be painted during the day, the smell is too big, each time I get a time.坨 Then add the hyaluronic acid, absorb well.

(2) Small bee hand guards, Flower King Night Repair Hand Cream, Mei Run Hand Cream

The little bee is reasonable, the smell and use are great, and it is very good. Beauty is too thin, it is used to compare the chicken ribs. The flower king is too thick too oil, and the massage to be kept in the evening can absorb, otherwise it will be sticky, but the hand is still relatively tender in the morning.


Finally, people who can see that here must have been very patient, hands with hands


Look down

The trial color diagram of the trial color card (obviously pink and red, there is not so obvious, the color of the small bee cherry is similar to the following). Don’t tell me if you have anything.

I asked everyone, I used to secrete oil and fat. Now it seems to be blocked. It is much like a small rice. It is not very convex, how can I get rid of it, then I want to recommend lipstick and sunscreen?


The first time I sent a little excitement, thank you for reading

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