The main raw materials of cutting sheets and mills do you know?

The cutting sheet is affiliated with a grinding wheel, a sheet made of a conventional steel, stainless steel metal, and non-metallic material, or the like with abrasive and binding agent resin. The abrasive particles of the grinding sheet are arranged, the product is sharp, ensuring the best grinding efficiency of the abrasive belt; the surface abrasive distribution is uniform, combined with special binders, prevent deep lines and irregular patches, and good tickness, Not easy to block.

1. White Gamatsu: It is raw material in industrial alumina powder. After pulverizing, the magnetic separation is separated into a variety of particle size, the quality is dense, the hardness is high, and the grain forms a sharp corner, suitable for manufacturing ceramics, resin solids and grinding, polishing, sand blasting, precision casting, etc.

2, brown grunmat: as the main raw material with aluminum aluminous, coke carbon. With the abrasive tool made, it is suitable for grinding high-precipitated metals, which has the characteristics of high purity, good crystallization, strong fluidity, low wire expansion coefficient, and corrosion resistance.


3, silicon carbide: It is raw material with quartz sand, petroleum coke, wood chips. In contemporary C, N, B-like non-oxide high-tech refractory materials, silicon carbide is the most applicable, most economical.

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