8 color super-positive hair dyes, no hair, can easily have a star with the same paragraph, beautiful

The Chinese group’s people are like a rainbow, red orange yellow green blue purple, nothing is what they can’t control. EXO’s Shi Xun once dyed this rainbow color, and people who can only say high quality can be determined.

Especially the female group, the whole combination of girls are basically not well-complicated, and everyone is very unique.

The girls in the second generation of women’s groups, there are so many people, and each person’s color is not the same. The four people in the four generations of women’s groups were very different.


But their color is indeed super beautiful, although there is a high-key daily dye, but occasionally there is no relationship. It is also not necessary to trouble to the barber shop, use these hair dye, you can have the same paragraph at home ~ cheap and convenient.

[Amore 7P]

This red does not become a beautiful color, very bright color, it is recommended to make makeup after dyeing, and Su Yan may not look good.

It is also Jennie’s same red, direct black hair, color, will be deep. Some pink tones are also displayed in the sun. This red will not appear to be old, and it is very white.

[Amore 8S]


It is the color orange of the same paragraph, the highest rollback rate on the street. Black hair dyeing may not be so bright and dull.

It is also not recommended to make the door, and makeup can be more beautiful, and more youthful.

[CKF combing hair cream grape purple]

This purple, black hair is infected with purple black, and the sun is sweeping with purple, relatively low-key.


It is also very convenient to operate, just press it gently, the hair cream will overcome the hair, and then comb it to the hair. It will not easily stain your hands.

[Amore 7K]


Wu Xuanyi is a blue color, which is a relatively positive stuffy color, unlike the kind of that is later. Very very highly, it is more suitable for spring and summer.

[Hua Wang British Gray Coffee]


Irene’s same linen, no serviced, but it can also be contaminated, but the color is not so shallow, it may be such an effect later.

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Flower King (Kao) prettia hair cream New York gray (1 liquid 34ml 2 liquid 66ml conditioner 8g) plant bubble does not hurt

¥ 77.9



[Amore 10g]

Human Barbi Lisa’s same sand gold, but wants to be exactly the same, you must drift, or it is already shallow yellow. The color is very shallow, and the fading will be faster.

[Ai Jasmine 6N]

Xuan Mei’s same chocolate color, low-key and white and temperament. Unlike black as dull, slightly brighter color, more suitable for autumn and winter season.

[Sanotint Saint Silla Ting # 72 青木 棕]

It is also a LISA color, and a little like a blue, but the contrast is more shallow, and the green tone is not very obvious. It is also more chlorica than boring.


Because the hair dye will damage the hair, so later maintenance is very important, especially the drifting hair, and the maintenance is some, the color of the color will be longer.

1. In order to maintain the color effect, it is best not to wash the head in three days, for the smell of the hair, the sisters of the hair!


2, if it is light, in order to maintain the effect, you can choose shampoo and conditioner with protective function. Protective shampoo generally antioxidant, UV-UV functions, protective conditioners may contain pantavol, hydrolyzed soy protein, and the like ingredients.

3, hair mask to be used, once a week, select deep nourishing repair hair mask.

4, high temperature will make the hair faster, choose a low-temperature manner when blowing the hair, and can be applied to the freezer or protect the milk before blowing.

Ok, about the push of hair dye and hair loss, say so much ~ What do you want to dy? Welcome to leave a message ~


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