Underwear fabric

I believe that when you buy underwear underwear, or when you buy underwear underwear, you often see the three words, modal. The price is still thieves, the boss describes the sky. I shouldn’t believe the boss, and listen to 4 + 5.

Modal fiber

Cellulose fiber of high humid modulus viscose fibers developed by Austria Lanjing Company,

At present, the manufacturer of the fiber has Austrian Lanjing, Tangshan Sanyou Group Xingda Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd. in September 2010 successfully developed in China)

The material of the fiber is beech, first make it a wood pulp, and then processed into fibers through a special spinning process. It is a cellulose fiber, like cotton fibers, pure natural fibers, but cotton fibers do not need to be processed.

Why does Mogal is a naked fiber?

Due to the fineness of the fiber, the filament is greatly reduced, and the fabric is extremely delicate and soft. The fiber can also increase the layer-shaped structure of the wire, increase the specific surface area and capillary effects, so that the internal reflection of the fibers is delicate in the surface distribution And have a good effect of moisturizing wet wet. There is also a significant improvement in hydrophobic and antifouling, using specific surface area and soft characteristics, different organizational structures can be designed to make more absorption of sunlight thermal energy or faster and lose body temperature rise to winter warm summer cool.

This fiber is really unfair, it is called the slumber of fibers. Model fiber products are particularly light, particularly uniform. The weight of 10,000 meters of ultra-fine modal fibers is only one gram, and is also known as the lightest fabric, called naked fibers. At the same time, it is well, the anti-wrinkle effect is good, and it is the preferred fabric that is tight-fitting clothing such as underwear.

Originate from the mother

Of course, modal fibers also have deficiencies.

1 expensive, because Modal’s raw materials need to be extracted, can the production cost go up, can you pay the cost to pay the consumer?

2 Small applicable range (generally when it is close to clothing), because it is easier to fade, no suitable jacket.

3 is easy to deform, and it is deformed by force when washing.


What is the better in Mogal and the cotton?


Cotton clothes, well known, good breathability, touching is more soft but no smooth feeling, and more harder, the more hard [] [脸] [脸] [脸] [脸]

Modal has smooth, gloss, hygroscopicity, and colors are better than pure cotton. It is easier than cotton clothes. It is relatively thin, the scope of application is not as good as cotton, and the recognition is also no cotton clothes high, still expensive.


As for Mogal and pure cotton which is better, it is largely dependent on what clothing used to produce. If it is underwear, it is preferred that for underwear, the attribute of the modalb material is more fit, if it is a T-shirt, it is certain Choosing cotton.

Of course, there are now many clothes that are blended. Even if there is only 2% of other fibers in fabric composition, it is also greatly improved to take performance [呲 呲] [呲 呲] [呲 呲]

In fact, any ingredient fabric is honest with the human body, and various advantages and disadvantages, so according to the product’s category to choose the fabric, maximize the advantages of the fabric, because we don’t have to compete for the modal of Mocebi with cotton ratio Which is a good question. I can’t stop you become the most exciting

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