Counting six classic men’s British retro style Chelsea boots brand

Xiao Zhun felt that in the cold winter, I can’t don’t have a pair of warm and fashionable Martin boots. With this year’s fashion circles, the British retro style is once again pushed down, and Martin boots can be said to be Among them, the typical representative, Chelsea’s boots are classic and fashionable, whether it is usually worn or street shooting, it is very good choice! Today, Xiao Zhijun will recommend several classic Chelsearting boots!



It is a very old brand. When this boot is made, it only uses a leather. Its production process is very fine, rigorous, this boot is very popular, the celebrity love, its overall design integrates a lot Modern elements, no life, its wear is very good, the price is very high, this boot is very good, men quickly sang! Xiaobian wants everyone that this shoe is not suitable for boys and big boys!


2.john lobb

This shoe is known as “King of British Handmade Shoes”, it still has a title in the men’s shoes: “The Wind of the British King”, “The King of Handmade Shoes”, its production process is very sophisticated The style is very retro, his overall material is pure skin, it is not easy to deformed, wearing a very gentleman fan, this shoe is very wild.


3.Saint Laurent Saint Roland


This shoe is very suitable for love with rock retro style, it uses classic black, deep and classic, this shoe’s shoes are relatively high, and the smoother is very in line with people’s impression of rock youth. The overall sunshine of the shoes is very shiny, its design is very fashionable, the details are full of texture, and it is important that it is very simple and simple design is also suitable for business men.



This shoe is a handmade brand, so its price is not cheap, its production process is rigorous, precision, workmanship is a very complicated one in many shoes, it is the first choice for men, it is very Comfort, light, cost-effective, Xiao Zhijun strongly recommended, very worth buying!


This shoe is an Oxford Shoe, its overall design is very simple, retro, this shoe is incorporated into the two-year popular carved elements, the style is very unique, it has an irreplaceable position in the field of shoes.’s

This shoe has a comparison of a single, the overall style is more simple, very suitable for workplace type men’s clean, profile to wear, its shoes are all handmade, the process is very complicated, it takes a long time, its The price is relatively high. Although this shoe is relatively simple, the shirt of the shoes is very good, and it feels very comfortable, especially for men who like simple style.