Malaysian gynecologists call the first “universal condom” in the inventions, adhesive coating

According to the “Today’s US News”, a Malaysian gynecologist said that he has invented the world’s first “male and female condom” that can be used in vitro or in vitro.

Wondaleaf “Universal Condom”

According to the official website of Wondaleaf condom, the former dean of the Royal Malaysia Medicine College of Malaysia said “Wondaleaf may be ideal and contraceptive measures that can be thoroughly revolutionary and reproductive.”

According to reports, this ungeneity-free condom has a thickness of 0.03 mm, which is made of polyurethane, which is a medical grade material that is used to make medical gloves or injured wounds.

According to Reuters, the inventors of such condoms John Tang Ing chinh said this is a condom with an adhesive coating that can attach to the private part, and it is also possible to cover neighborhoods to provide greater protection. He also said, “Once you put it, you often don’t think about it.”

The official website of this product also introduces that this condom covers the entire private part, it is much more safe than other reproductive health products in preventive diseases and contracets, but the company has not described in detail on its website.

For late gase allergies, universal condoms are an alternative contraceptive method. Although the product is only available in Malaysia, the site says it is working hard to reach the standards in other countries to facilitate promotion of this product.

“I am very optimistic, time can prove that it will become a meaningful supplement to prevent accidents in many contraceptive methods of pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases,” Tang Yingzhe told Reuters.


According to United Nations data, women sterilization and condoms are the most widely used and most effective contraceptive methods. The World Health Organization said that the condom is the only contraceptive that can simultaneously prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. (Editor: SDY)