Can “antibacterial socks” effective to prevent feet? This assessment results tell you

China’s new network client Beijing December 17th (Xie Yi Guan) business promotional antibacterial fabric is true for microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi, etc. Is it true? Recently, Tianjin Consumers Association found 50 different product trials of 50 brands, some antibacterial samples were low, involved in branded gnons, Hengyuanxiang, special step and other brands.

All of this comparative test product is purchased through online shopping channels, 24 socks in socks, 21 towels, and 5 underwear. Its web text or picture propaganda has functions such as antibacterial effects, and purchase unit prices range from 4.98 yuan to 89 yuan.

Test Golden Staphylococcus aureus, E. coli, and white Candida alphabet, calculated the total antibacterial rate of three test bacteria per sample. Sample single variety of bacterial antibacterial ratio is 4 points, 89% -80% is 3 points, 79% -70% and 2 points, 69% -60% is 1 point, antibacterial rate 60 % Or less. The three kinds of bacterial mymetic ratios have reached more than 90% or more.

There were 24 scratches of antibacterial socks for 24 antibacterial socks.

It was found that 9 samples of antibacterial socks were found that 9 sample antibacterial effects were divided into 12 points, and 8 samples of antibacterial effects were scored from 11 points, and 7 samples were score below 10.

Among them, nominally “Playboy” combed cotton mesh gas gastrointestinal mant business socks “antibacterial effect is minimum, only 8 points. In addition, the Sister, Hengyuanxiang’s Men’s antibacterial boat, Schpening women’s flat function, Socks, Langsha’s 100% 6 double-fitted antibacterial men’s socks and other samples, and the antibacterial effect is low.

The score of 21 antibacterial towels in this comparative test.

This comparative test also involves 21 antibacterial towels, 9 sample antibacterial effects are divided into 12 points, 5 samples of antibacterial effects are 11 points, and 7 samples of sample antibacterial effect are 10 points below.


Among them, the nominality of the “most diverted towel” “Towel sample is the lowest, only 8 points. It is worth noting that the more prices do not represent the antibacterial effect, the price of 89 yuan is only 9 points.


In addition, in the comparative experiment of 5 pieces of antibacterial undergarment sample, 3 sample antibacterial effects were divided into 11 points, 2 pieces of antibacterial effect score below 10, respectively, the pure tree ladies underwear, respectively, respectively, respectively, and to be considerate Men’s antibacterial underwear.

This comparative trial 5 pieces of antibacterial underwear sample scores.


Tianjin Consumers Association reminds that reliable antibacterial textile products will specifically explain their own antibacterial process and test effects; when consumers choose antibacterial textile products, the product level is only reference, the product price is not directly reactive; antibacterial odor socks The results of antibacterial comparison test results, such socks inhibit or kill microorganisms to prevent smelling; when shopping, you must have a credentials, retain shopping chat records in online shopping, once problems, you can contact your merchant in time. (Finish)

Editor: Li Bigno