Nike opened a “Yuancos” flagship store, we have experienced in the depth experience: “Is this?”

“–Y Bro, this Nike shoes on the feet are good, where did you buy?”

“- Nike Yuancai official flagship store.”


On the game platform Roblox, two square small people are communicating with their latest fashion. The recent events of the nearest, the universe of the universe is Nike officially announced that there is a virtual large flagship store NIKELAND on Roblox. You can wear genuine Nike in the game.



In this latest Nike virtual world, in addition to shopping in the store, you can use a variety of Nike custom products to dress yourself, you can also play a small game of various sports, and you can even use interactive sports materials to design your own mini games.

In the publicity issued by Nike, this world’s building color is very cartoon, basketball court, tennis court, football field, track and field field, and a science-fantasy Nike store, huge Nike logo floats in the air.


Nike said that the construction of NIKELAND’s internal buildings and venues directly from Nike’s actual headquarters in Oregon, USA, which is known as the global headquarters base in the virtual world. Compared with “Just Do IT”, Nikeland’s main propaganda slogan is “DREAM IT. Make it it it it.” Tried to expand the brand’s border in the virtual world.

Seeing Nike so interesting cross-border attempts, silicon also decided to personally experienced it, see how they did this virtual world.

At the beginning of NIKELAND: Parkour, shopping, and enjoy the park …

Before officially entered Nikeland, there had to be said that the “buyers show” video hanging on Nike official is still very attractive.

Colorful animation design is full of youthful vitality, the building is very futuristic, and it combines some parkour, avoiding the game, which looks really like a virtual amusement park.

Below, open the Roblox search NIKELAND, let us enter the “Seller Show” link.

Let’s talk about a variety of small games. After entering NIKELAND, you will first pop up a test of a game rule. It is probably that you can win gold coins by playing all kinds of games in this world, and then use gold coins to build your own game and buy in a virtual store. Various Nike equipment.

After entering the game,

There will be a site that makes you choose a small game, including magma parkour, trampoline, avoidance ball, etc.

. However, after the magma parkour is selected, the silican people have repeatedly defeated, and the game always has not started. Sad reminder is that after coming out of this small game, the choice of other small games disappeared, and the silicon is only full of people around the world.

When I came to the tennis court, there were a lot of trampolines with Nike logo, but you can do it on the side of it, but I don’t know what is going on. Be


After coming to the track and field track, I will have a feeling of running in the run, but I only have one person on the runway, and I didn’t see any timer or end point, starting point The logo can only experience the atmosphere of “freedom of running with the wind”.

Run halfway to see a ski resort in the distance, hurry up and take a look. I originally thought that I can ski, I have pushed for a long time, I can only throw some small snowballs.


Basketball court, most of the football field is the same situation, setting some things you can play, interacting, but there is no clear game rule entrance, lack of competitive and sports experience.

During the Silicine Experience, the experience is better than wearing the flag racing and climb the Nike wall. The main reason is that the rules and gameplay are more clear. For example, the racing run is that you can pass the 40-year Nike Small Flag in the quick slide, even if you succeed and get gold coins.

Nike wall requires you to get the highest point of the square Nike wall through fine-in-one operation. In the middle of this process, it will keep changing, and the player has time to master the opportunity, and if you careless, you will fall from zero.


In addition to these small games, silicon also went to visit Nike Showroom at the center of Nikeland.


When entering the store, you can get a greetings with the gatekeepers with the door, and there are not many shops in the store. There are probably more than 20 pieces, and there are some models of Nike clothing in both sides, including Air, including Air Force, Nike Blazer, Air Max, etc., Nike shoes, each piece of clothes and shoes, can click to view more details and prices.

If you need to buy clothes and accessories, you need to spend hundreds of gold coins, you need to spend the medal. Gold coins and medals can be obtained by playing games in Nike world and unlocking hidden tasks. Although the entire store is not big, you can explore the place, you can go up and down, maybe you can see a Nike shoe box to be opened in the secreture.

Finally, then, Nike emphasizes the function of letting players create a small game.

On the construction of the game, you can use a blank block to create yourself, or you can use Nike to give you a variety of site templates.

Then on the form of the template, the small gold coins obtained by your previous game will purchase some construction materials for construction. Since this process is really difficult to operate on your phone and too long, this silicon does not completely build his own game, and interested partners can go to personally experience it.


Take the first step in the Yuan Cos, but it is just the first step.

From an hour experience from the silicone person, Nike’s so-called Yuancai headquarters, its advantages and disadvantages are obvious.

A good place is that NIKELAND is very innocent, and the content is also very rich.

In addition to smartly combining various sports and small games, this virtual world has also built shops, parks, beaches, small playgrounds, information consulting offices, etc.

If you are tired, you can choose to sit in the swing, you can go to the sunchair on the sun, or go shopping in the store. Each is embedded in Nike’s shadow, so that users will really have a feeling in a Nike world.

In addition, NIKELAND did attempt to integrate into various features of the Yuan universe.

For example, social, such as the interaction of virtual goods and offline entity products, such as allowing users to create a game’s open gameplay.

This world will also link with the world in the real world. After entering the winter, it will occasionally set up snow, the lake will freeze into ice, and the previous swimming activities will become skating.


But NIKELAND did not imagine that there is still a big difference between buying a family show and the seller show.

The main problem is that the rules of this virtual world run are not very clear.

For example, how many games should be played, and there is no very clear logo and demonstration where the entrance is. Players are often foggy water after entering, do not know how to participate, and how to get victory. For example, how can players enter their own construction pages and plots, how to open and operate their own content is lacking a clear operation guide, so that users can easily lose interest.

Overall, NIKELAND is still very suitable for children and young Nike enthusiasts. After all, a cloud is a place where Nike is, and it can only be seen here.


Although Nikeland currently looks only to be unconventional, its future imagination is quite big.

For example, you can put more Nike surrounding goods even hooks with the real world, such as the virtual NBA game, super bowl, etc. in the future.

The energy owned by NIKeland also has made many investment agencies favor. For example, analysts in Wall Street, Guggenheim, will launch Nike as its 2022 “preferred stock”, called Nike “is quickly opening the company history. The next digital consumption era. “

Yuan universe is a fire, fashion brands come to collectively

However, there is nothing to surprise the fashion brand to enter the Yuanyuan universe.

Because every new concept of each science community comes out, they have run the fastest.

As early as the wave of VR / AR, Nike, Adi, Gucci, and Givenchy, etc. were launched by Nike, Adi, Gucci, and Givenchy. And this wave of universe is so rushed, and these brands will not be backward. In addition to Nike, the following is a fashion brand that has been triggered in the universe of the silicone unfained statistics:


MYTHICAL GAMES in August last year, Burberry collaborated with the headquarters of the game company in Los Angeles, in the open world game “Blankos Block Party” launched a limited edition BLANKO NFT virtual shark doll, priced of one, limited to 750, the result is officially issued It is sold out within 30 seconds after-sales, and now the cheapest Burberry doll has been fried to $ 1,000.


Ralph Lauren

On August 25, last year announced 50 virtual clothing series to work with virtual social company Zepeto, and set up new attractions such as Ralph Lauren Coffee Shop, Ralph Lauren Madison Avenue. During the Christmas season, Ralph Lauren also opened a world called “Winter Escape” on Roblox, you can skate with friends, go shopping in Polo store, in Ralph’s Coffee, a cup of hot cocoa, and decorate the Christmas tree.



In September last year, the street apparel brand VANS created a skateboard-themed virtual world “Vans World” on the Roblox platform. Users can purchase favorite skates and clothing shoes in the game, practice skateboarding skills with friends, and play in play The exclusive VANS equipment is obtained during the process.


In September, Balenciaga designed costumes for four roles in Fortnite in Fortnite, and players can use Fortnite currency “V-Bucks” to pay these clothing.


Gucci released a two-week virtual version of GUCCI Garden, supported by Roblox in Nine, 2020, and users can customize the avatar and purchase exclusive digital items, and now also sell virtual fashion series on Zepeto.


Adidas officially launched a series of NFTs in the first month, with a total number of issues of 30,000. Only after selling, the series is sold out of the price of $ 20 million.

From the fashion brand, we seem to see that the Yuan Yumo has begun to go to people from the game social intersection. Today, a digital abstraction is sold to millions of dollars. The virtual land is fried than the Beijing housing prices. The luxury goods began to harvest. I don’t know if it is, is it a “all the bubble”?