Yang Yang’s pajamas shape, cartoon pattern, full of childlike, casual, but not hands-on

Yang Yang has a fire today. In the “Youth Round 3” wearing a pajamas shape, there is a cartoon small crocodile, standing holding watermelon, looking at it.


Yang Yang himself looks beautiful, it is very handsome, white, clear, sunshine. Yang Yang’s pajamas plus cartoon patterns, looking at child fun, casual, not hosted, fresh white, plus, and cute cartoon, once again, Xiaobian was warm, watching sweet Ah [laugh] [laugh] [laugh] [laugh]


This also has Song Xiaobao, remember the day before yesterday, the black and white is clear, today and Yang Yang together with the same box, two people walk, Song Xiaobao look back, I thought, this time I have to be contracted [脸] [脸] Face] [脸] Today, Xiaobao is not too dark, mainly Yang Yang’s gas field is too big, many people have not noticed Xiaobao, only Xiaobian noticed [cute] [cute] [cute].

Yang Yang’s Su Yan is really too resistant, white, handsome and sunny five senses, no loss is the school in the grass.


Yang Di sat in the swing, Yang Yang did his exercise in the morning and did it in the morning. This is also a real show.

Xiaobian said once, Yang Yang also liked to develop in the comedy. Every actor should accept different styles. Yang Yang’s acting is really very good. Looking at Yang Yang’s comedy, it is really handsome and cute. Summary one side.