Scope and precautions for insulated boots

Insulating boots, as the name implies, can play an insulation, as an auxiliary security tool is used in electrical work. Some managers misunderstand 6kV insulated leather shoes or 5kV layout insulating shoes, the application range is 6kV or 5kV environment, this is wrong. In electrical safety management, insulation tools can be divided into 2 categories: security utensils and auxiliary safety. Among them, basic safety utensils refer to safety tools with electrical use voltages, such as insulating rods, insulating clamps, insulating counters (ladders). The auxiliary safety is not enough to withstand the electrical operational voltage, in electrical operation, with basic safety utensils (such as insulating pads, insulating shoes) cannot contact the charged portion. However, it is possible to prevent the cross-step voltage to harm the personal injury.

Insulated boots

The following is a small series to explain how to maintain insulated boots.

First, in the high pressure system, the insulating boots are only auxiliary tools, and they cannot directly contact the high pressure tape.

Second, the high and low pressure insulating boots must be selected according to the high and low operational places;

Third, insulating shoes (boots) cannot be damaged. And when wearing an insulated boots, the pants must be placed in the boots;

Fourth, insulated boots can not be used as rain boots;

Fifth, non-resistant oil-resistant rubber bottoms, can not be contacted with acid-base oil substances and should prevent sharp objects. Low pressure insulating shoes If the bottom pattern is polished, it cannot be used as an insulating footwear when the internal color is exposed;


Sixth, when purchasing insulating shoes (boots), there should be a corresponding various symbols or certificates on the shoes;

Seventh, the use of insulating shoes, the manufacturing plant regulates the mainsthesis, i.e., when the bottom is exposed, the insulating shoes are not suitable for use in electrical operations.