Printing ornaments: There are many types of bracelets. Everyone recommends several braces that are best for men.

Now people are no longer like to bring the big gold chain to the city, now I like low-key playful bracelets. So what is the bracelets suitable for men? Let us take a look.


First, Kimund Bodhi bracelet


King Kong is a kind of masculine, and King Kong Bodhi has always been a popular type in the Wen Korean circle, and the heat is not rising, and more and more people join the team to play the King Kong, but more In the past, now people prefer to pursue boutiques, rather than informed. So the price of boutique Kimund Bodhi is also a relatively stable small increase.

Second, coconut shell bracelet

The more common bracelets in the play, the price of the people are not lost, and the appearance seems to be red wood-based coconut shell can give people a noble feeling. If the color is fit, you can make your taste increase a grade. Moreover, the coconut shell is also a bracelet that does not need to be care, just pay attention to the problem of waterproof. And the color is low-key, which is very suitable for men’s character.


Third, obsidian bracelet


If “Women’s Stone” is a garnet, then obsidian must be “stone stone”, and the obsidian color is very purely thorough, and there is almost no other impurities. Its black is so deep, so fascinating, like those with attractive men.

The fourth type

Cliffs are named, saying its name, seems to have a scene of the alone on the occipline of the cliff, which is a veritable art of the literati, and the value of Cliff is not only the beauty of natural beauty, but also the requirements. The realm of the celestial combination. It is also more in line with men’s choices.


Fifth, Hainan Huanghuo Bracelet

The wooden hand made of Hanan Huanghuoi is strong, and the round is shine, it can highlight the value and quality of itself, and this bracelet can also absorb certain radiation amounts and is beneficial. Furthermore, Hainan Huanghuo Pear is relatively thin, the value is more expensive, has a certain collection value.

After reading this article, I believe how to choose a gift for myself or her boyfriend. The modern language playing bracelet is not only beautiful and the collection value is high, and interested partners can contact our printing ornaments for detailed consultation.


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