“Wide-leg pants” be more “long”? The key is 3 o’clock, is you all right?

The clothes are well worn, and they are not worried. Seriously see the intentions of the fashion bloggers, which may basically come into a basic classic single product. So, clothes don’t have to be new, seeking stylish, and you can have a stylish. Among them, there is the same thing that makes everyone can’t cut the house are wide legs.


The wide leg pants called “wild artifacts” not only manifestations can be able to control all kinds of clothing, but also have strong inclusive, fat and lighter, so that they are eaten. Big welcome. The problem is coming, although the wide leg pants is a hundred, but it can’t wear a chaos, in which it’s length is a problem that everyone needs to pay attention to.


How much is the length of the wide leggings to choose, is it more suitable? This is not a matter of proportionality, and there is a lot of factors that need to be considered, but not all girls are equally applicable. Therefore, considering multi-faceted elements, you can find the most suitable shackles.

How long is a wide-leg pants to help you create a sense of fashion, let this 3 principles tell you! I would like to comply with these three points, starting from these points, to choose and dress on the temptation, you will not let yourself match the mistakes.

3 elements: 3 elements:

First point: high proportion

It can be said that height is the preferred factor in determining the length of the wide legs. Wide leg pants who are not selected under their proportion, the upper body is naturally not fit. According to the distribution of height ratio, the length of the selected will receive a perfect combination.


Regular version (160-165cm): nine points is good


Conventional heights can be described as optimistic in terms of pants. Non-short-shorter is suitable for medium, directly selects the nine points of the routine leisks of conventional length. A slightly revealing the length of the ankle, just suitable for a variety of styles of shoes, just right.

High versions (> 170cm): nine points / mop length


Gao Miao-shi girls can choose regular nine-fashioned leg pants, and they are directly dragging the shackles of the briefs. It is not a problem. Under the height of height, wearing the trousers, the wearing pants is handsome, and the proportion is perfect.

Small versions (<160cm): eight-point length

If you are a small bird who is less than 160, then please decisively prefer the long-range wide-legging pants! The length of eight points is actually derived, which is equivalent to the effect of conventional high girl wearing nine points, so there is no need to worry, the eight-point length will expose a large cut leg.

Second point: look at the leg thickness distribution


After reading the thickness of the legs, it is not perfect. Even if there is a good proportion, the fat of the leg will have their “place of comfort”. There are parts of the legs, there is a divided leg or the calf, where the thick portion of the calf affects the overall choice.


Thigh, calm: as much as possible

If you belong to a thick type, your calf is delicate, of course, you need to show the skin’s fiboaches. Imagine, remove the height factor, if the thigh is thick, if you choose to drag the floor, it will cover the thin legs, which is equal to the disadvantage of the thigh.

Thighter, thick calf: biased toward nine points

The thickness of the calf is a wise movement. If you don’t have a good foot neck, you will hide it in the way. The thigh can be selected to select the straight version of the wide-leg pants, which is more displayed. And the length is biased to nine points, and the calf can also be hidden.

Third point: look at the match

The factors in the shape of the body have been considered, and they will be judged by the next match. If you ignore the height legal factors, when the problems in front are not significant, the role of matching, it takes most of the role, success or failure.

(1) Clothing

In the clothing with this piece, the style is temporarily mentioned, but the length is installed, it must be a factor in cautious consideration. Create a perfect proportion of the overall effect, the lower half of the wide-leg pants can be selected for the first half.

Tips1: short + long


Short-section tops with long decoration, can be said to be the sky. Short + long, it is the ratio of the three or seven points of the young girls pursue. It can be seen, if you are wearing a short shirt, you with a wide-leg pants that have nine points or towards the length!

With appreciation: black short shirt + white dragging pants


The wearing a wrap of the upper jacket is also changed to create a short + long wear. The color system uses a classic black and white match, white high waist dragging pants, with the perfect fit with the upload, and a perfect high girl.


Note that when you match a short dress, you must need to pay attention to the waistline distribution of wide leggings. Be sure to choose a long-wrapping long bread pants for high waist design, and the proportion can make a better win.


TIP2: Long + eight points


The long-faced top and wide-leg pants are the most classic combination. It should be counted on the long coat or long down with it. These two lengths of coats, if you want to choose to match the wide legs, you must choose

Rating straight and eight points

Wide-leg pants are good, creating a balance of tightness and length length.

With appreciation: black long coat + gray eight pants


The neutral neutral tones, the cool and advanced gas fields are the standard combination of the Queen of Winter Airport. Classic black long coats, as if the royal sister is on, but represents the neutral gray in the advanced direction, with eight-point length, forms a perfect combination with long coats, with a ratio.

(2) Shoece

The shoe is matched, sometimes it has played an absolute effect of overall beauty. The reason is that the height of the shoes is not coordinated with the length of the trousers, it will cause a stack of fertilizer. On the other hand, it is comfortable and light, especially the wearing of the small dewing ankle, which is visible to the naked eye!

Look1: Low shoes + nine points / dragging pants


Low shoes are generally classified in ordinary single shoes, sneakers or old shoes, etc., although the style of these shoes is different, but the height will not exceed the ankle. So in the style of these low-handed shoes, it is also very reassuring, which is also very safe and does not affect the height ratio.


LOOK2: high shoes + eight points


Many fashion bloggers will choose unusual matching methods, such as with high-top shoes to match the wide legs. Such a match is not unable to mention the length of the wide legs, and it will not completely cover the high-top shoe tube, which is not a trendy pattern.

Don’t cover the wide range of harsh pants, directly cover the sucks of high shoes or short boots, causing a visual effect of the black pressure, directly covering the leg lines, also pulling the height ratio.

The inventory of the wide-leg pants in the wardrobe is full, but never know how to grasp the length of the length. Think of the 3-point choice method and master the tips, what is the wide-leg pants, how to match different lengths, let you go.