Why do you say “Elm does not come home”? Is there any advantage of Elm furniture?

As we all know, the solid wood furniture has a variety of features, and the color, texture and nature are different. Elm is one of the woods, but the market has flowed a “Elm n’t enter the family”, Do you know why?


Why do you say “Elm does not come home”?

In fact, this is only a kind of superstither, which is said to be used by Elm to make coffins before, so the old people think that it is heavy, and the home space is growing, and the human pursuit of yang. Living environment, if you place the Elm furniture at home, it will be unfavorable in the home of Feng Shui, causing the owner’s fortune, but these are coming from the old people.

The old people are more superstitious, we need to believe in science, actually because Elm furniture has a lot of water, but the wood furniture is moist, it is not only possible to reduce the performance of wood, which is not conducive to the shipments of Elm, will let Elm Furniture It is gradually consumed in the accumulation of the month, and finally didn’t take it for a long time, it can’t be used, and it is easy to breed bacteria, thereby adversely affecting the physical health of the occupant.

However, on the one hand is that the price of Elm furniture is not high. It is not very suitable for making furniture, and the preservation time is short. If you make furniture, you will not only need a lot of money to use, but it is also possible to sell it. But the cost, the quality of Elm can’t match its price, the price is relatively low, so many people are not willing to buy Elm furniture.


Is there any advantage?


Although there is not much more people who like to love Elm furniture, there is a simple feeling in the Yellow River Basin, which is a good material for the northern family. The beauty of not Zhang Yang also won the favor of many princes.

The eucalyptus is more tough, with strong compressiveness, often used in ancient times to make the roof of the roof or door panel, the intensity is moderate, can also engrave creation on the wood; 榆木’s pattern clear And the chicken wing wood pattern in the mahogar is similar. It has a noble sense. It is a perfect artwork after treatment; the style is simple, the market price is not high, more close, some old Yulu materials are more scarce There is also a strong collection value.

However, Elmists have a lot of shortcomings, that is, it is easy to have insects, take a wooden cabinet for example. If you have suffered from insects, you will put it in the sun, you will use the brush or cotton yarn. All the cabinets are all appled, and after two or three hours, they can be applied again. When you see that the mites die in the hole, then wash dry and dry.


The relatively fast method is also selected by the drug, and the liquid is penetrated into the wooden cabinet with a sprayer. It will kill the locusts. After the water washes and clean, it is still in the furniture, and there is also a role. of.


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