How does the boys of “leg fine” are good looking for shorts? Match with fashion bloggers, simple and handsome

As the temperature is elevated, there are also more short-sleeved clothing in the wardrobe’s wardrobe. Summer is coming, dressing is also a major topic of testing boys, how to wear suitable for themselves, good-looking shape, need to create a variety of styles according to their own actual situation.

In reality, many boys have become an envious object of girls because of their legs! The reason why boys “leg fine” is mainly because fat is relatively small, and more love sports, it seems to be particularly slim.


So how do you get a shorts in the summer? The following fashion bloggers are 175cm, and the legs are particularly slender. His dress is just right, simple and handsome, very worth learning!

✔ Three-minute shorts

Use shorter pants legs to create your own tall figure.


White T-shirt + military green shorts


White and green are the colors of the boys very refreshing, in the shape of the T-shirt and shorts, the white white looks particularly clean, the pants chose the military-green three-pointer, it looks very natural and cool. . For the three-pointers of shorts, for the legs of the thin legs, they can show their own long thighs, so that their figure looks more tall. This hue is particularly surprising, and the overall shape is very fashionable, showing non-general trend style.

Pink top + black denim shorts

Boys don’t work with only black and white, give yourself a little color, which can show yourself to fashionable stylish. Pink long-sleeved T-shirts are more suitable for spring and summer, they are not hot, and they are not hot. The color looks very advanced, with black denim shorts, both classic and fashionable. This hue is matched well, and it breaks the monotonous feeling of boys to dress, and adds a lot to their shape.

✔ quit shorts

The moderate shorts are easier to create fashionable shapes.

Black shirt + blue denim shorts

Among all the clothes color, the most favorite non-black, white, and most clothes in the wardrobe are dominated by these two colors. Choose a black shirt as a top, you can give the whole shape a more calm feeling, then use a blue denim shorts to add some colors to the shape, but there is a very good effect. As a blue bag, the entire wear is completely unmatched, and the opposite will look very fashionable.

Dark blue T-shirt + gray shorts

Blue is a colorful colors that boys are easy to accept, compared to the red purple color, blue looks ineffective. Boys don’t like flowers whistle, you can wear it like this, simple dark blue T-shirt with gray shorts, very clean and neat.

✔ Five-point shorts

Five-five shorts, build Oversize style, more changing.

Blue shirt + white shorts

When many boys worn in shorts, they didn’t like “shorts”. In fact, it is ok, mainly to see what you like. The five pants part is a comparison standard shorts, and the legs can take advantage of this trousers, with large size shirts, create a loose shape, and it will look more comfortable.


Dark blue t-shirt + white shorts

The mix of shorts and T-shirts is a more common wearing in summer, almost suitable for every boy. The super-deep tones look more vision impact, five pants selection, create an Oversize’s high-street style, boys may wish to change their own shape!