This spring “bottoming shirt” is so popular, foreign

At the bottom of the shirt should be unfamiliar, starting from the development of Qiuyi Qiuqiu, there are more and more style upgrades.


But it is basically a superimposed matching, a single wear, for the requirements of the body!

In fact, the bottom shirt is not only limited to a short jacket, which is short, I think

The long matching method should be more sample.

If you want to shorten you can put into the pants, you want to overlap you can build a lower body missing, or you can take it directly as a dress, with a leggings handsome!

The long-lasting clothes on the market is really not much, but it can be difficult to fall into the grain, I am really found!


Hey, it is it – Delvet bottoming shirt


Double-sided grinding, warm double

Since it is this season’s bottoming shirt, warmth is definitely our first point.


This bottoming shirt is used by double-sided abrasive processes, while contacting the skin,

I won’t feel the tight at all.


Instead, like not wearing clothes, skin is soft.

In addition to comfort, thickening Delvet guarantees heat,

Let warm, soft two-hand!


I also bought a lot before the bottom of Delvet, but I didn’t do my homework. People said that I was truth, I really believe it is, the result is not warm.

I learned smart this time, I realized that I only bought it.

Let’s see its performance under thermal energy: after wearing, 24 hours heat storage, 37 degrees constant temperature warm,

Even if we die too late, there will be no coolness.

Even if you don’t pass the thermal energy, we will have a preliminary judgment from the fabric when you pick up the underwear.

Too thin, PASS,

No sense, no warm, very chicken ribs!

The first feeling of this German bottoming shirt is thick.

Thickness is comparable to the wearer

However, the weight is far from being heavy.


So the upper body keeps warm and have a texture, and it will not bring too much burden to the body.

In addition to keeping warm, comfortable, the focus of granules is concerned with the gas permeability of the coat.

Usually we are wearing it is close, especially in winter, wearing a lot of weighing is sweating.

If you are bored inside, it is wet and itchy.

When wearing a breathable bottoming shirt, there was no acne behind two days, but this time I went home for a few days, I still have n’thing to do, once again confirmed its excellent.

Like those who are very severely sweating in spring, summer, autumn and winter, I suggest you close your eyes into sleep, will not be wrong!

Wearing all will not make you feel binding hot,

Whether it is indoor or outdoor

It can be very good to control comfort ~


High collar design, thin and improve temperament

There are a lot of bottoming shirts on the market, and there is no big difference in big eyes, but why is some expensive but very cheap?

This is because of the different version of the clothes,

A casual shirt is also its soul!


I have time, I can go to the nearby shopping mall, don’t look at it, try it, I can see it, I can see it.

Some loose is unfained, some are too slim, the stomach is width, some can be thin and thin.

This Delvet bottoming shirt is specifically targeted in the design of Asian women when design, and the amount of feelings will not be very large, and it will not be too tight.


The shoulders, waist, and the hem and other details are also very fine.

It is not cheap!


Whether you are a pear shape, or an apple shape, you can cover your big belly and wida, don’t worry that you will expose the shortcomings.

Although it is very thick, it is not like a coat, it can be

As your body floats

Even if the big chest is usually not dare to wear, it is not afraid!

There are also little cute saying that the bottom-up of the bottom-up is also very good, and after it is washed several times, it will be unlastic.

This is not necessary to worry, this is a high-grade German fabric, even if you

Multiple washing

It will not have any impact on the version.

Quietly ask:

Do you like a low collar or a high collar?

In fact, these two kinds have not been absolutely like. After all, I am wearing bloggers, usually need to match the items will be more, but for ordinary people,

Half-high collar is the most practical choice.

When it is stacked, you can reveal the part of the neckline, adding a level and keep warm, but will not completely cover your neck, which is easy to appear very beautiful!

Even under the high-definition moving figure, the texture is still fighting. This clothing has a hole design. It is myself to stay in myself. Really fried chicken is fashionable, but also age but not childish!


This is not a small belly that I can’t see the body. In fact, it is all in it, it is also a careful machine!


The shortcomings of the body are covered, whether it is insert or inner wear, you are the brightest 崽 on GAI.



Not easy to start the ball, the foundation is good


It is still good in the bottom of the shirt. If wears, the up, the best thing is the most headache thing, especially the neckline, cuffs, if this long, it is estimated to sit down,

The PP part in contact with the stool is also great to get up.

But I wore it and found that my worries are extra, don’t talk about the ball, even the scratches are not.

I asked the manufacturer, and the organization of this fabric is very intensive.

Not only don’t get up, there will be no wool.

So in the dry winter, say to the static electricity!



Change short

If you like short, you can match the wide legs, or the pipe pants, put your clothes into your trousers, look good!

( @ 悦)


Changeable length

Long section is the look itself, take a leggings you can go straight, not only wearing convenience, but also fashionable!



Wear in the strap skirt / trousers, instantly turned into a campus female college student, and

It seems to be well-behaved

Even if I follow my boyfriend, I will not lose!

( @ 楠 sleep)

White matching card is an exaggerating

And half-high collar design with this large V-collar coat coat is very harmonious, and the little cute to work can wear!

( @ 榴 芒)

Listening to the grain said so much, is it too heartless, don’t panic, the style is satisfied, we have to


Understand the size

Can you place an order? Can you blindly urge!