Diving price! Winter men’s wardrobes are essential to “wild pants”, national cotton old plants, wild comfortable quality online …

For men, choose a comfortable and nice pants too difficult.



Pants are too tight and easy to pick up


I feel embarrassed in peacetime; I have a little boring and serious.

Have to say

Comfortable pants



It must be a casual trousers.


. No matter spring, summer, autumn and winter, or travel at home, one weapon can


The man turned into a tall, handsome man.

However, if you are not good, it is easy.

Wearing a few days of knee, you will be packaged.

The butt is still a pile of small hair balls

I don’t go up.

Want to pick a good weapon,

Cozy fabrics and pants version of tailoring is very important.

Today, I recommend brothers, pay tribute.

Hundred Years History National Cotton Seventeen Factory

It is designed for Chinese men:

Pick up cotton woshop knitting casual sports weapon.

Not only do works are fine, the fabrics and layers are not more than weapon.

National cotton seventeen factory

Building plant in Shanghai,

Established in 1921

There have been a hundred years of history in the distance, and it always occupies an important role in the cotton textile industry.

Pick up cotton and force pants inherit a hundred years craft, choose

High quality “peachlard” in the longweed cotton.

Use such cotton spinning fabric


The light is looking at the surface of the fabric, you can feel

Natural cotton touch – soft, glutinous, warm.

Cotton, water water,

Wearing a day will not be hot.

For the national body, three-dimensional cut, classic simple,


The upper body is full, but also with inclusiveness.

No matter what body can wear your own style.

And not limited to the age, whether it is from work, or leisure, wear it comfortable to take off.

Buying such a pants, wearing a problem in three or four years.


Recommended reason:

1, do not pick up, stereo tailoring,


Skinny tile feature, no matter how we don’t worry.


2, Xinjiang long velvet cotton, soft and comfortable, no ball, no deformation, comfortable.

3, fashion, unlimited age, no matter to guard, the shirt is very Feel.


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Designed for Chinese people to create a hundred years

Xinjiang “gold cotton” creation comfort cotton

Many brothers know that the fabric is the importance of clothes.


Pick up cotton sports casual pants, choose

“Gold cotton” in the longweed cotton – Taoyi

Cotton, feel super good.

Speaking of this peachlard, you have to pick up the cotton

Crossing 4,000 kilometers, going to Xinjiang to find “cotton”.

Since the top 50 across China

More than ten years ago, there was no high quality cotton, just entered the import. Start in 2007,

Institute of Cotton, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences

Start cultivation of high quality cotton.

Last 9 years,

Cultivate high-quality longweed cotton

– National cotton 641.

The seed is cultivated, where is planting?

How to grow a good cotton?

Xinjiang Kuitun Rizhao, Tianshan Snow Water

Finally, pick up the cotton crossed 4,000 kilometers, choose


In the sunshine, temperature, frost … until the right Xinjiang Kuitun plantation.

Cotton Production Demonstration Base: Seven Division of Xinjiang Corps.

The entire cultivation and maintenance of cotton is in a very careful and meticulous monitoring.

2900 hours of sunshine, Tianshan snow irrigation, and finally grow

“Gold Cotton” in the longweed cotton – Taoyu.

Irrigation Tianshan Snow Water

Inheriting a hundred years of seventeen factory garment technology

Picking up cotton waters using such a scarce high quality peachlarity,

It is full from the raw material.


Tallari is that the fiber length is 33mm or more, which is superior to usually long velvet cotton. Its softness, gloss, skin skin, breathability, and elasticity are not ordinary cotton.

After having good cotton, through domestic

First-line modern intelligent chemical plant textile yarn,

Finally, high quality

Pickup cotton


Pick up the cotton tattoo is

This cotton texture is not general, and it has been established so far.

In order to commemorate the factory, pay for the youth that passed away for 100 years, picking up cotton and dresses while integrating new fashion,

Inheriting the craftsmanship craftsmanship in the past 100 years ago, I have built a fashionable and quality improving trousers for the Chinese.

Looselline design,

There is no high demand, wearing a more relaxed, comfortable,

It is full of geological sense.

Designed for Chinese people, cotton trousers


Thick hand feels comfortable, don’t want to take off


Men buy pants, version is good, still

Be sure to be comfortable, otherwise it will easily become a social death scene.


Pure cotton fabric, sweat breathable, three seasons can be wear

Pick up cotton waters

410 Klaro cotton,


Compared with ordinary weapon,


I use the foot, the thickness is at a glance,

The light can feel the texture of this trousers.

Inner use

Tabby grinding process,

Be the kind of


Thick manifestation

At the same time, wear more painful than ordinary trousers.

The surface of the fabric is not contaminated, and the pants are bonded with tights, and there is no hair stick to the top.

Inside the trousers

Tight, meticulous double trace process


There is no extra wire, and I will know if I got it.

The large factory is produced, and the quality of the six hundred and hundreds of counter.

Moreover, this pants also have

Very good hygroscopicity

. Put the water on the fabric,


Water drops are quickly spread to the fabric, and 1s will be absorbed.

Even if you walk sweating, you are not afraid to stick it.

The elasticity is also very large, and there will be no cases that do not appear.

Intimate details, practicality


In addition, picking cotton waters is also excellence in detail.

The waist uses a rubber band plus a draw,


Neither the file or not Lend, can also adjust the waist size at will.

I don’t have the embarrassment of the mouth of the mouth!

Loosely covered pants, plus

Bunch of foot, legs

Further, it is also possible to highlight the foot of the foot, and the visual increase is 6 cm.

There are large-capacity pockets on both sides of the trousers.

Oblique plug design

The photo is not afraid that there is no place to put it.

There is also a pocket behind it, and you can put some small items.

And considering that some trousers are dyed, pick up cotton and use environmentally friendly printing.

Normal water is washed, and if you don’t worry about it, you don’t have to be dyed. (Black first water washed with mild floats belonging to normal phenomena)

Quality is also very resistant, it


Very wear-resistant, scraped with iron comb, and there is no sign of the ball.


In addition to daily wearing, running, fitness, home is also very suitable, both match


Sweater, sweater or shirt

All look good.



Black, gray color design


Easy to wear high-level feelings, Hold live a variety of match.



Very textured light gray, men’s simple tape, refreshing and handsome.

Suitable for all kinds of body

Black, thin and advanced

Simple matching can also switch instantly


Cool Boy

. If a girlfriend wants to wear, you can also make a couple of lovers ~


Hundreds, wearing, version, good comfort

Pure cotton trousers,


Everything must be


299 yuan

In order to let everyone brothers can wear good pants, we have a big discount with the brand.


Straight down 100, as long as 199 yuan,

There is no problem in a three or five years! Give parents or friends, fashionable and nice.

The size table is here,

The brothers buy themselves ~

Original price: 299 yuan

Price: 199 yuan

Pick up cotton woshop knitting casual sports weapon.

National cotton seventeen factory







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