Is the supermarket selling 15 a bottle of Nirew Mountain, is it alcohol? Can you drink? Expert suggestion is clear

Lead: Supermarket sells 15 a bottle of Nirew Mountain, is it alcohol? Can you drink? Hipster suggestions are clear!

Nirew Mountain is a very common wine in our lives, and it can be seen everywhere in the supermarket. Nirew Mountain is a class of cheap wine in the supermarket. The price is 15 yuan, it is because of such a low price, there are many people who have been drinking. So the problem is coming, is such a cheap drink? Is it a blending wine?

Let’s analyze the label behind Nirew Mountain:


Ingredients: Water, sorghum, liquid method white wine, edible spices.


In the ingredient table, we can learn that it is alcoholic. In the ingredients of pure food, only water and food crops, such as sorghum, wheat, corn, etc., is no other additives.


Product standard number: GB / T20822 (Solid-liquid method white wine).

The liquid method and solid liquid method brewed are alcoholic hiking, so at a glance, Niu Ke Mountain is alcohol.

Everyone knows that the alcohol is not good for the body, and it is okay to drink after the blend of Niu Ran Mountain. Can it drink? Let us listen to the recommendations of the hipster, very clear.

Hipster suggestion: Can you drink, score the economy.


If the economic conditions are general or more, they can pay more than some wine, it is recommended not to drink Nirew Mountain, which is obvious to the alcohol, drink the true injury, for the time, after drinking, the headache is difficult after drinking A few days, not worth it, you can choose better drink.

If the economical conditions are poor, drinking is very hard, you can drink Nirew Mountain, all things have the truth of it, the alcohol is also like this, knowing that it is not good, but it is cheap! However, it is recommended that everyone must drink less, don’t be greedy, hurt your health.

In fact, there is no choice between the price and health, there is also a good food, good wine, the price is more expensive than 15 yuan a bottle of Nirew Mountain, but the price will not be expensive, mainly pure food Wine, drink health. Today, Xiaobian will introduce you to you. Interested friends really recommend it.

This wine, we also take a look at its ingredients and production standard number.

Ingredients: Water, barley, wheat, sorghum, peas.


It is only water and food in its ingredients, so it is pure food.

Production standard number: GB / T10781.1-2006 (level 1).


This production standard number is the standard number of the strong grain wine, which can also prove that this wine is indeed pure grain.

The packaging of this wine is a blue acrylic packaging. Whether it looks at it, it is very good, it is very good, giving a high feeling. Moreover, its bottle design is also very classic. After drinking, take a packet of hemp rope or wrapping paper, it is an art ornament that does not want money, can be used to flow, practical, cut a mouth, used to specify a small onion, it is also fine.


It is a strong scent of pure grain wine, the smell is elegant, the entrance is soft, and the moment of smelling it is smelling the smell. It adheres to the traditional hand-craving craftsmanship of ancient law, and every drop of wine is a crystallization of winemaking wisdom. Such a good quality, low price, is not better than alcohol?

Supermarket sells 15 a bottle of Nirew Mountain is a blending wine, but it is really a drink, but it’s just a suggestion, don’t drink more.

The price is almost the price, but it is recommended that you choose the price-priced price than the higher drinks, and your body is good.