Is this long? The top of the sweater is superior, 52 years old, more and more girls

The sweater can be said to be a fashion item with a person, it feels soft, the style is gentle, and it is very good. Not only can they be treated in winter, but also wear in the spring and autumn, but also don’t pick the age, don’t pick up the temperament. Whether it is a young man, or the old man can match the style you want, the old year temperament goddess Fay Fei, Yue It is not to let go of sweater, today we follow Faye Fei, learn to wear Dafa in sweaters!

After the day, Wang Wen is tall, and the length is cold. Even if it is 52 years old, the years have not left any traces on her face. In the figure, the 50-year-old, she seems to be inversely, the skin is white Transparent, the size is very good. I saw her wearing a goose yellow sweater, with the same color line, the whole person revealed gentle and fresh feelings, the girl was full.

Faye Wong’s Sweater Look Analysis

Neckline → big collar: a narrow and small face, suitable for shoulder width


The round neck sweater although the style is simple and the foundation, it is easy to appear short, the face is large, and it will also put the shoulder width, behind


Thick body disadvantages, therefore only suitable for the neck, the narrow shoulders of the neck, and the sweaters of Wang Wi, the sweaters of the big neck, will be visually drawn, the shoulder and shoulder neck, modified shoulder width, short shortcomings, will also People will move visual center of gravity to the five senses, which has a small effect of appearing, and is particularly friendly for big faces.


Fabric → Hematic thin material is more convenient, providing a large space for superimposing

Thinking of a thick sweater is good, it is easy to become strong. The sweaters of semi-transparent lightweight not only will not look heavy, but it will look light and comfortable, bringing people to the elegant and gentle, and then stacking other items, nor will it seem to have a discount. Faye Wong’s knitted fabric is light and soft, soft and comfortable, and the body provides a lot of space for the stack.

Color → Goose yellow light elegant fresh age loss

Goose yellow gives a fresh, elegant, sweet and elegant, and the upper body is surprising. Faye Wong’s goose yellow sweater will lush it more white, refresh and bright while it is also very warm and beautiful. It is very suitable for spring and summer. In addition to goose yellow, smog blue, light green, milk yellow, sky blue, etc. can also create the same Wen Qing and clean and clean match.


With highlights: superimposed same color vest lift level, harmonious

The sweater is soft and soft, and the vest is full of sports wind. Faye Wong boldly combines two kinds of items completely different. The overall fresh age is also revealed a bit of elegance. It is worth mentioning that Fay Wong used the same color to be different. Wearing, in the color layer, the color is improved, and the color is also created, and it has also improved the overall degree of matching, harmony and no discrimination.

Makeup hairstyle → makeup emphasizes texture, hairstyle emphasizes fluffy and aging

Faye Wong’s makeup has always been the type of light, rarely chooses to make a good makeup, Wang Fei pays attention to the natural feeling of makeup, the overall color is deployed, and it creates a feeling of natural and good, very textured, in hairstyle Wang Wi chose fluffy short hair, refreshing and clean, young, Liu Hai is also modified to a face shape, for a large forehead, high-speed wire is very friendly.

Faye Wong’s more sweater fashion ↓

Gray loose sweater + white shirt

Want to get more comfortable and simple sweater shape, you can look at Faye Wong’s wear, gray loose sweater is thin, but also created a sense of space, for stacking More room, the white shirt is simple and clean, and the combination of the two items is in the color or in style, which is the harmony and harmony and consistent.


White College Sweater + A Word Skirt

Who said that women can’t wear college wind clothes when mothers? Faye Wong chooses the white college wind sweater with a word skirt, the design of the sweater V is rich in modeling, and also modified the shoulder neck line, very appearance, A word skirt youth, cover the crotch curve, can be very The shortcomings of good hidden crosses, the overall college is full, youth and age! (PS: The girl is still trying to choose a long skirt!)

Red striped sweater + black suit pants


If you like a more mature shape, look at Faye Wong’s look. The red striped sweater is thin and full of design, and also has a bit of bright, black suit pants, well-modified the leg curve, more profit legs, and injects a few points into simply and profile. In the accessory, the black sunglasses selected by Faye Wong are more fashionable, and the overall clean atmosphere is not lost, suitable for mature women.