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small parts spray booth

small parts spray booth

Jan 01,2022

Find high-quality, automated, semi-automated, manual and electric heating small parts spray booth for painting your vehicles and furniture at Tradechina.com. The working principle of these small parts spray booth are advanced and the process is done through an electrified chamber along with a water curtain and waterfall machine. These small parts spray booth come with an advanced and automated system to execute your painting jobs with precision, all while the curtains simultaneously help in removing off the excess paints, oil and industrial dust.

The small parts spray booth available on the site are perfect for industrial uses, especially for manufacturing industries and workshops due to the fact that they are deployed with mechanisms that equip them with faster delivery and efficiency in performing the painting jobs without any manual interferences. You can search from among a variety of different small parts spray booth models each having their individual sets of positive traits. The wall panels of these small parts spray booth are colorful, galvanized steel with heavy thickness, anti-flammable properties and most importantly, an efficient heat-insulation characteristic. 

The exemplary small parts spray booth at Tradechina.com are equipped with 1 to 2 intake fans along with 2 or more exhaust fans, having a varied but powerful range of air intaking and expulsion capacities. These small parts spray booth are also equipped with 2 heating systems, which are run by diesel burners, infrared heaters or gas burners. You can also order different designs, sizes and colors from the small parts spray booth collection that match your requirements. 

Tradechina.com features a varied range of small parts spray booth that can fit into your financial requirements with ease so that you do not end up wasting money. These products are CE and ISO standard certified having gone through rigorous tests. OEM orders are available on requests.