The fashionable woman has quietly put on “Kabri pants”, and it is not necessary to have a high level.

The trend wind is always called. If you don’t pay attention to the habit of fashion information, you may not understand what the recent fashion trends are. However, if it is careful, we can also love some specific fashion trends from the styles of hipster in the street.


For example, from the previous year, the wide-legging pants began to populate, it is unware of the absolute mainstream of the trousers in the trousers, and now almost every woman’s closet is less.

The popularity of Kabri trousers is also available. When women do not unconsciously, they will change the wide legs into Kabri trousers, they will realize that they will add new clothes to themselves.

It is possible that you haven’t heard of its name, but because of the recommendation of the fashion shop, it has been seen that it is also said.

This kind of pants seem to have a special place, in fact, there is a very superior matching performance, do not lose your legs in practicality and beauty. In this issue, let’s talk about this new fashion single product, the choice of Kabri pants, the fashionable woman has quietly put on “Kabri pants”, the temperament is fascinating, let’s take a look ~

It is said that fashion is a reincarnation, and Capri Pants can prove this again. Kabri pants did not appear in the near future, in fact, it has been in the 1950s.

Naming of Capri Pants originated from the Italian designer Emolio Pucci, when he was vacation on Kabri, see the fishermen on the island.

Loose waist, rolled pants legs

This is designed with pants between dressing and casual loading after inspiring.


Kabri pants

Initial version

It is very similar to harem pants, and the commonality of the two is

Surprising in the waistline, and narrow in the foot of the trouser


However, its crotch does not have harem pants so low, so there is no trick of harem pants, which does not affect the flexibility of action under the premise of ensuring comfort.

At the same time, Kabri pants also requires the length of the trousers.

Seven points

The length, the stylish breath, so it is a famous actress Mary Monroe and Sophia Roland.

Evolution to the present, people have gradually differentiated the definition of Kabri pants. At present, there is also a view that no matter what version, as long as it is a seven pants or nine pants, it can be called Kabri trousers, but according to the traceability, the accurate version of the Kabri pants shall include the length of the trousers.

Biased pants tube


The pants tube of Kabri pants has a significant width and narrow change. This profile is really smart design.

It can play a good modification for all kinds of body

In the vicinity of the waist, Kabri pants gave the body’s sufficient moving space, and the existence of the abdominal fat, and the pants tube version is not like a wide leg pants, because it is too loose and vision caused, for a child Small or lower body women are also a weapon with high slim.

1 elegant retro style


The single product of the 50s, comes with retro charm, is used to create an oldest fan. There are two key retro wear, the first is

Overall tones must sometimes feel


It is recommended to use the dark color of the earth, injecting dark color, red brown, wine, etc.


On the specific match, if you like the style of the English gentleman, you can try a suit with the boots. Under the lining of Kabri pants, the legs will look more straightforward, so that women can also wear handsome feelings.

The exquisite dress is less than the embellishment of the accessories, the second key to retro wear is


. The best partner of Kabri pants is a Panama cap.


Out trip or in other occasions that need to make your own image, you can use it.

Panama cap in the earth


To match, the wider hat is self-contained, it is easy to create a delicate gas field.


2 urban trend


It is very simple to use modern urban feelings. Compared to the style of the retro series, there is a need to add some light tones in modern modeling.


It is the most convenient choice.

When wearing white coat in winter, don’t have to match more, with the same color sweater to bottom

Kabri pants and pointed boots


Where you walk is a fashionable winner.

Received in the fashion world

Light gray and oat

Almost a synonym of high-level feelings, but the texture of these two colors needs

Large area solid color


In order to reflect it.

If the body and appearance are not extremely superior, it is easy to look too much, so some decorations can be added, such as

Scarf, brooch

The like is used as the embellishment of the shape.

If you want to focus on the existence of the Kabriku, you may wish to introduce some print patterns in the trousers, such as lattice, vertical pattern, etc.


3 leisure daily

The most popular clothes style is a leisure day. Winter clothes pay attention to a convenience, while the loose version of Kabri pants and good harvest performance make this pants

Can get along with any winter leisure single

In the winter jacket, the distinctive down jacket is not so distinctive, the down jacket is easy to cause the upper body expansion, some women will habit to match it with tight leggings, in fact, this will make the overall appearance of the strange strange Sense, may wish to use the Kabriku to fix the leg shape, steady center, so that yourself be more elegant.

The match between Kabri pants and sweaters is also very classic. The sweater has warm, idle and lazy such impression, and the design philosophy of Kabri is fully consistent. When both combine, as long as you pay more attention to color, you can match it very well.

However, the leisure style has its own attention, and it is not too casual when picking shoes. It is recommended not to use a round head shoe with bluntness.


Ok, this issue about the sharing of Kabri pants first, there is no such pants in your wardrobe? Welcome to the commentary message to share your matching skills, let’s see you next ~ Eli

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