It is also cold winter, why is the North American fat girl love to wear leggings?

In the cold winter, in China, no matter in the north of the south, everyone’s warm measures are very in place, and Beijing’s “Canadian Goose” has been tight, and it is going to queue a limited stream. All of this is because China has a deep-in-way concept that has been passed down: can’t be reached, can’t be cold.

But other countries seem to don’t think so. For example, neighboring countries, there are still many girls in the winter in winter. I often see the figure of leggings (LEGGINGS) in Europe and the United States, and many girls still have no fear of tights even if they are overweight.


These scenes in the locals have become a common scene, but let the Chinese people don’t understand, or if the people don’t want to live for beauty, or if you want to say “spicy eyes.” It may also be a few words similar to “even the body can’t control, how to control life?”

Why is Europe and America have a more calm attitude towards the body?

A fact that cannot be denied is that there is a common increase in women in women in the past years. Men and women are no longer an empty talk. Although it is not perfect, including women, including Chinese women, in recent years, they have enjoyed equality, respect and freedom that have been completely unimaginable in the past in the past.

Inadvertence in the United States, the aesthetic, especially women are aesthetics, and still stay in the absolute “thin beauty” state. Bai Yuxi, cone face, black long straightforward, etc.

Zheng Shuang’s heart after thinness (map source: network)


In Europe and the United States, such aesthetic method has long been out of time. In the United States, a “Body Image Campaign” has been launched from more than a decade, encouraging everyone to form their own “positive physical image” (PBI, Positive Body Image).

Concept of PBI

In general, body image refers to a view of his own body, self, and a view that is generated by this view. It consists of four aspects:

Aware of physical image

: How do you see your body?

Emotional body image

: You feel your body


Cognitive body image

: What is your own body?

Behavior body image

: Your behavior manifestation is your perception, emotion, and cognitive body image

The key to PBI is that everyone can accept, appreciate and respect their bodies, not self-deceived or escape from fear and insecurity for body. But accept yourself from the heart, and believe that your body is already perfect.

Anxiety for appearance and body is not female, but there are general existence, many men will have the fear of “ugly”, and the image is self-love, that is to advocate the following concept:


: Respect yourself, I believe that others will appreciate us, like our company, no appearance


: Accept the advantages and weaknesses of our own body, avoid the following three negative attitudes:

A. Perfectionism

: Hold ideals or standards that are impossible (or almost impossible)

B. Comparison


Comparison of all aspects of the body image with others in social activities

C. Highly critical or judgment

: We stronger our criticism and judgment, the more we are more stringent, the Self Judgement.

emotionally stable

: Keep with our thoughts, feelings, emotional health, and share our own experience and feelings with others

Overall, this social exercise is encouraging multi-inclusive, self-love, eased the “appearance anxiety” in many people’s hearts, so that everyone can maintain a relaxing in interpersonal communication, so it is very popular to become a common in Americans. Values ​​and also affected other countries.

A advertising poster is coming in message: gender discrimination garbage!

For example, in London, Britain has previously a plate of meal brands to promote a “beach body” advertisement, which is greatly made by passengers, and people have a message in posters. Subsequently, the mayor Saddak sweats up to the ban, prohibiting advertisements that may cause “form self-confidence” in the London public transport system. Mr. Mayor said, “As a father of two teenage girls, I am worried about this kind of advertising. These advertisements may be degraded, especially women, so that they are ashamed of their own body. It’s time to stop. “

In the face of “beaches” advertising, there are netizens comments “roll away”

In recent years, Europe and the United States has also noticed that the health problems caused by excessive women. For models that have been thin and beautiful, the French directly legislation prohibits model to lose weight in hunger strike, prohibit website promotion of hunger strikes, prohibiting the use of special thin models, because this will induce many young women. Produce more health problems.

Supermodel Victoire Dauxerre, once thin to bones

In the concept of the concept of this body image, the most outdated, it is still very sought after by the famous underwear brand “Victoria’s Secret”.

In 2018, the Emmi Shudi, in New York, moved to the suburbs, budget, cut again, even the CBS TV station of cooperation for many years is replaced by ABC, and finally the dimensions are in the United States without water, and even the media criticism From the big show operation, the company’s revenue has been rising to the challenge of the entire brand.

Some media did not pay attention to the “2018’s dimension should be the last Wizard”, and some media directly criticized, 8012, “Di Mi actually did the 1999 advertisement”.

Media for criticism of 2018

Overwhelming, mainly because they are still advocating “supermodal aesthetics” taking decades ago. All supermodels that are required to be absolutely thin, the appearance of the exquisite appearance, the selection standard of the “Dimming Angel” has not changed so many years.

In 2014, the official website of the dimension released an advertising poster, and the “Dimmy Angel” on the picture was “devil’s body”, and the poster was labeled “perfect body”.

Once, this poster immediately triggered extensive criticism. Everyone speaking in social networking websites, anger, what age is still sought after, “Barbie” body, and even in the year, many owners have been launched in these years. The version of ordinary people.

Some people launched #iamperfect (I am a perfect) topic, detonating the network, and everyone in this poster. I’m going to have a mistake yourself, and the competitors are of course not letting them, and the skin care brand Dove will release a series of poster to show real beauty.


Wi-secret is hit by other brands

In 2015, there were other underwear brands to use a series of large-size models called IMNOANGEL (I am not an angel) poster, once again let the Single aesthetic aesthetic exposed to the public.

# I am not an angel # 海报 (图 源: Getty images)

Looking back to the domestic aesthetics, we are just in the aesthetic environment of the “Angel Face, Devil’s Fabrian” – 2017 in 2017, in 2017, in the country, there is a hill-like carnival. Weibo is still in the past two years in the past two years. “A4 waist”. How many people still lose weight in a wrong way. “The fat man does not have future”, the assertion is still constantly appearing in the media platform.


Some of the previous questions were online: when will Asia often appear “Body Image Campaign”? A netizen who studied in the United States replied that “I feel that there will be no more than ten years.”


The netizen said that she is a week of the school called Celebrate Every Body Week every year, and will be filled with many mirrors “Don’t change the way you look, change the way you see. “(Don’t change what you see, change your way) Advocate self-confidence self-love, self-consciousness, self-choice, respect for multi-diversity, respect others.


In the country, we have learned the common beauty advertisement of various “eye nose micro-carving” on the subway. I am afraid that it is difficult to see that it appears in their schools. Encourage young people to not fall into the sentence of “appearance anxiety”:


“You are far more important than your body

. “

(Ziyuan: Zhizhi Netizen @BaoLimeowMeow, the same below)

“Smile, you look great today!”

“I have never seen any smile face is not beautiful.”


“Love yourself, is the greatest revolution!”

Foreigners are different from our physique?

Every time I say that foreign women are more dare to show my body, I like to wear a naked body part, or in winter, there will be a few people, and there will be people who have a difference or “physical fitness problem”, but these explanations are strong .

The most obvious thing is that many Chinese immigrants will follow the next generation of American living habits, and the boy can wear slippers shorts like American guys, and girls can not drink hot water all the year round.

Take the neighboring country Japan, latitude and northeast of my country are similar, many places in winter ten degrees, but Japanese girls can wear short skirts in cold winter legs. This problem that everyone has been in fact, in fact, I have already been “investigated” clearly.

The first thing is because Japanese primary and secondary schools have required to wear school uniforms, and the school boy’s school uniforms are wearing shorts in a suit. After the middle school, they can wear trousers. The girl’s school uniform style has no pants, which has always been a short skirt, and the bigger the age, the shorter the skirt. Primary school girls school uniform skirt long enough, to middle school students, usually the knees.

This kind of school uniform style has basically lasteded several decades, and there is a seven or eighty years of history earlier. It has long been a practice. Everyone will not ask why it is designed. As for the purpose of the most beginning, some of the presidents of Japanese schools said this is to “exercise the will of the children”.

Because Japan’s island country, the winter often encounters attacks from Siberian cold flow, the Hokkaido, Northeast and the coast of the Japanese sea, usually started from November, and continued until March, the thirteentative time. Snow can reach a few meters. Therefore, the Japanese must gradually train cold-resistant “physical fitness”.

Later, they found that people who born the most in the snow from these snow in the northeast of the northeast, seem to be very strong, so from the time of the Meiji, most of the Army officers and soldiers have used people from the northeast. And the “frozen training” of ordinary people should also start from children. Unlike our concept, the general view of the Japanese society is: the smaller age, the less wear. Many babies have never wear socks. There were also reports, some Japanese kindergarten children, in the winter, wearing shorts and vests, followed by teachers to do exercise outdoors, even in the snow, smashing gymnastics.


The Japanese also have a social consensus: there are many potentials in every child. If you create this potential in his growth environment, then he may not have this ability for a lifetime. Anti-freezing is a potential. The fact is like this, so many children start from kindergarten, we wear shorts in shorts in the snow, so many generations, no joint inflammation, old cold legs become Japanese “National Diseases”, the opposite, Japan’s national average life Always in the forefront of the world.

In addition, Japan’s traffic is very developed, and public facilities are also very perfect. Winter is in any place, and indoor heating is very sufficient. Under normal circumstances, it is not necessary to walk in an outdoor hour. It is necessary to walk long, with all kinds of warm stickers, hot water bottles, fever underwear and other equipment, and it is also very normal.


So light is not light, wearing less, in fact, mostly in habits and living environment. The traditional health concept of anti-national people, there are too many lack of scientific and reasonable explanations, it is difficult to convince. As for the difference between people, there is a difference in people, but also the nonsense.

How should I look at “fat” problem?


“One white cover is ugly, one fat destroy all”, the aesthetic concept of the Chinese people directly leads to a variety of fat malicious and discrimination.


On the 2018 Double Eleven National Association, Japanese popular funny artists Favadie Directly became the performance of the host, but was blinded to her overweight body.

Watanabe is beautiful in the double eleven party

After imitation of the famous Fragrade Fate Border of Beyon, after the performance of the classic works “Crazy in love” and Jolin Tsai, the male host was ridiculed by the man: “How do you buy it?” ? Want to be a beautiful beauty? “

It is important to know that the ferry is very popular in Japan. He served a lot of heavyweight fashion magazine covers, and his own independent brand Punyus. Her fame encouraged a lot of not enough girls to brave their dreams, Take beauty at more vision.


Whether it is in the history of art or in the history of cultural, it takes the mainstream with fat for beauty. How to look at “fat”? It should be said that in addition to fat, there is a problem or bad aspect, which is only the health problems it bring.

According to the survey, in the world’s total population, the number of obese people has exceeded the weight of the weight, and in China, because of the large population base, the number of male obesity reached 4.64 million, the number of female obesity is about 46.4 million, and the total obesity is high. “

Obesity is not only positively correlated with many diseases, but also positively related to obesity concurrency.

For example, cancer, China’s normal physical index is below 24kg / cm2, the latest research shows that each growth of 5kg / cm2 body index (meaning a height of 160cm, people weighing 60kg, weight 8kg), then uterine cancer, The incidence of gallbladder cancer, kidney cancer, cervical cancer, thyroid cancer and lymphoma will increase significantly.

. “


. “

. “

There is also a cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease.The study found that more than 15 kg of the standard weight, 30% suffered from high blood pressure, most of which had high blood lipids, both have a risk factor in cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease.


And diabetes.In a normal population, the incidence of diabetes is 0.7%, but the diabetic rate of diabetic disease in severely obese population has increased by 4 times, and the disease rate in severely obese people increased by 30 times.


Under the current social concept, obesity has a great impact on the mental health of the Chinese.Because now society is getting lower and lower, the anxiety, fear and depression caused by obesity can easily lead to depression, especially for women, obesity is likely to increase the risk of women with depression by 30%.

“You don’t have to be thin to the skinny bag!”

In short, you must never need to feel sorry for fat, you must never need to be thin into a lightning.

Tell yourself, you are perfect. You are perfect.

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