On luxury watches, women are more crazy than men! The tip of the tip is not in the words.

Among the changes in the world, people are trying to build their own style, becoming “personality”, becoming “special”. Those clothes, bags, makeup, no longer let them look. They have begun to discuss fashion that is most prone to being ignored but the most difficult to ignore.

When women start to discuss luxury watches, the definition of this watch has jumped from “common tools for recording time”, jumping up, upgrading to a fashionable single product that is essential, eye-catching.


In the process of shaping personal style, choose a luxurious watch to become a top priority, not only because it is a big consumption, but because it is a female to improve his life, the most direct expression of personal honor. We can’t make labels for women wearing a famous table, and we cannot compete for women’s love list. Let’s take a look at what kind of women doing for luxury watches. What is the story of marriage!

In China, the woman in the love list is really a lot. In recent days, Zhang Zhilin, Zhang Zhilin, who participated in the “Brother”, “said it is worth mentioning. In a program, she wears more than 370,000 Patek Philipot Patek Philip Parrot 5711 / 1R-001, and the netizens have seen “cousin, cousin”.


Identity goddess, low-key red three generations of Han Xue is also worthy of famous watch collectors.

Hailwinston, Van Cleea, Cartier, and real watch are not missing.

In 2019, Blin Walna Brynn Wallner worked on the editorial department of Sotheby’s, at the time of the Sotheby’s, and she was hired by the watch and asked her to help them create content. “I thought, I would like to help, but I didn’t know anything about my watch” but I found out that her so-called “do not know anything about” this is too narrow. ” The watch team pursues her editorial vision, what she needs to help make the watch more cool. She tried it, contacting the material, looking for a photo, editing, and studied that it is the most unique accessories in the fashion world. Slowly, she fell in love with a watch.


In fact, her preference to watches is not all of her from this experience. Walna also found that in the long history of the watch industry, the number of women participated is far less than men. Whenever I see a luxury watch, there will be a lot of ideas in her heart: “This is a great watch, women wear? What kind of woman likes? What kind of woman wearing a woman’s wrist? Which is a woman? Is it famous for this watch? “


According to Walner, the royal family also loves luxury watches, like the daily love of Diana, the most love wear Cartier Tank Francaise gold watch; occasionally wearing a Patek Philippe Ellipse watch belonging to a patriotic, or the Queen Elizabeth IParamio is given to her. Gift – a unique river temple Denton Lady Kalla cocktail drill table.

Kate Wang Hao married from the prince of William, now only worn a watch, which is the Ballon Bleu de Cartier series, which is called a classic and futuristic table.

Prince Harry chose to have a rebellious Rolex Explorer II for other royal family, such options may be related to him to join the British Army Air Force.

Regardless of the ownership of these love names from domestic or abroad, their stories have never been the focus of watch story, because women have stayed outside, but they have never entered the watch inner circles.


When this lack of link, Wallner feels that it needs to be improved. She launched the Dimepiece this online magazine website that facing fashionable women who have never had more deep knowledge about watch. The site provides a variety of watch knowledge learning content, women can strengthen the understanding and understanding of watches through articles, and can even promote emotional relationships between women and watches through some potential judgments. Since the next six months of the website, DimePiece not only lays the foundation not only the future of the watch industry, but also clearly shows that women are actually very popular, even if the popular watch world has never thinking.


As more and more women are attracted by the charm of luxury watches, the designers realized that the women’s market is full of unhaly potential, and a few fashion avant-garde has the ability and desire to be involved.

Giulia Torelli, 33-year-old warehouse from Milan, Italy, “I already have a watch that can be used as a homework, but I still want to buy something with my own money”, so she is very large in the work pressure. After the end of the year, I decided to give myself a Cartier watch that she wanted to get. Because this watch has been sold in the market, buying her is equivalent to buying a certain face and honor.

In fact, for many people like Torelli, buy a luxurious watch is the most direct way you have successful, just like spending money to buy an expensive portable bag, or pay the car or a house. It is not something that can be achieved in a non-essential product. But this is often accompanied by a huge sense of accompanying for some individual finances to allow this expense.

Later Walner became a successful person who created a watch publication company with more than 13,000 instagram fans, but he had a luxury watch in the spring of last year. “For me, I am not used to spend anything. So much money, I need to do a lot of ideological work, so I spent six months for six months, I figured out what watches I want to buy. “

Whether it is Walna or Giulia Torelli, they have no regrets because of watching of watch. Recently, Walner continued to buy her second watch: a two-handed red 26mm La Larat. For Walna, this watch except as a reward of her hard work, the luxury hand is something that is identity or more meaningful. For example, it may be passed as a baby to the treasure.


Kate Spencer, a 31-year-old REFINERY29 shopping in Brooklyn, fortunately, it is fortunate to be a consignee for the Baojiabed chain. In order to commemorate her 25th birthday, her mother passed a Rolex with his own history. “I just need to have a luxury watch, I am not a watch collector, Rolegists is enough to satisfy my demand for luxury watches.”


Ann Wang, a 32-year-old New York fashion editor, picking her Cartier Santos-Dumont watch from a fianfu as a 30-year-old birthday gift. “He has been studying a watch, and will watch the video about luxury watches from time to time. Design. “She recalls.

Wang talks about himself when it is in the ranks of the purchase of luxury watches. “I have never had this feeling for any type of accessories, except my engagement ring.”


The above women, the expression of the expression for the extravagant watch is actually expressing the voice of contemporary fashion women. The world of “originating”, even if women have different character, the aesthetics, but does not affect their pursuit of different luxury watches. Such a fashion trend has long been subversion of the “woman love to buy bags, men’s love watches”. With the diversification of information communication, women’s cognition also changed: “What is the most valuable” “Buy a bunch of beautiful clothes, it is better to buy money, buy a watch value”, “better luxury cosmetics The shelf life is not as good as a table of famous tables. “This is also why more and more women are willing to spend more time to spend the cause of luxury watches.


Wen / Liao Xiaotong