Refusing the cloud recommendation, let me tell you how to buy a sock.

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There is “shoes and socks don’t make a family”, familiar with my friends will probably know that I am a giant, especially like to buy shoes. In fact, when I bought the shoes, I bought more socks in the way …

Because I am afraid of cold, a pair of good socks have become an indispensable clothing in four seasons. Also because of my “equipment party” attribute, I almost unable to buy different materials, different functions and different grades of socks. In fact, for the breathable sweat of the feet, the role of socks is far more than the shoes, even if it is a pair of rubber shoes, if it is equipped with a pair of design and raw materials, there will be a good wear.

Speaking of buying socks, I think, I will have a good doctor, maybe I can give you a little reference.

Now the materials of socks, common: cotton (cotton blend), animal hair (wool, rabbit hair and blend), silk (silk), cashmere (blend) and artificial fiber (polyester fiber, nylon, Laika, etc.). Often some people say that the socks of this material are good, the material of the socks are rubbish, but another person has a very different opinion, is they not saying? Obviously not, because thousands of people, some people are afraid of hot, some people are feet; some people love sweating, some people are cracking …

Different feet features lead to different feelings and opinions, then I recommend the right socks according to my personal experience:

At the time of the exercise (love sweating): wool stockings (50% wool content), artificial fiber socks

Sports hours (small foot sweats): wool socks, cotton socks, real stockings, artificial fiber socks

Pewy: thin artificial fiber socks (such as Coolmax), real stockings

Cold: wool, thick artificial fiber socks

Face: combing (silk) cotton socks, real stockings (can be with a men’s garter)

Leisure: Watching cotton socks, wool socks, artificial fiber socks

Sports: Wool stockings (50% wool content), artificial fiber socks

As for cashmell, I didn’t pass, I can’t recommend it … By the way, the artificial fiber socks here refers to the kind of high-tech content and weaving methods, which can quickly move, breathable, sports brand, Not 10 pieces of 8 pairs, the kind of foot bath shop …

Now I said that I have a few pairs of “typical” socks:

The first is the sports system:

Decathlon running socks


I am the branch, 100% polyester fiber, strong elasticity, good package, but the breathable and weakness ability, I don’t always wear.

2. Five finger socks

It is also a low version of training, 100% polyester fiber, strong elasticity, good wrap, because different pattern patterns, so breathable and strong ability, strong compression effect on feet, Suitable for running when the temperature is high.


3. Kaili compressed run socks


Material is 89.5% of nylon + 10.5% spandex (provide elasticity), this sock is due to mixing of different fibers, outside the high elasticity and wrapping, is exceptionally excellent, than above A lot more comfortable.

4. Basketballings

This double is to buy a shoe. If you buy, I personally recommend the socks of JB shoes, wear feelings and prices balance; or buy stance, Adi or Nike basketball elite socks, the quality is also very good, it is the price slightly expensive.

5.injinji wool five finger socks


This sock has a beautiful Novol wool, thick fabric, can play a buffer, can fill the gap between the foot and the shoes, reduce friction. And used injinji typical five-finger design, which can take advantage of the sweat of the toe to prevent toes from rubbing each other.

6.SmartWool PHD outdoor socks

Smartwool is my personal favorite sock, usually the beautiful Nioli wool content is about 70%, adding a nylon material with 29%, increases the wear resistance of socks and the spandex fiber of 2%, and the packaging socks are rich. Elastic. Such raw materials are the most comfortable, which guarantees the fluffy touch of the wool stockings, as well as the characteristics of fade of wool materials, temperature management and deodorant, but also guarantees the durability of socks. As for the disadvantage, I don’t think there is some expensive, Tmall flagship store forever, the daily price is more than 200, but we can use Haitao to compress low cost.


7.Balega Horse Hair Running Socks

Balega’s socks I have never heard of it. When I was doing an activity in a Netease Koa, I saw it, the ingredient is Ma Haoyao, which is the laugh in Angola, named Turkish, meaning “the best hair”, Features is good, and the pressure is resistant. After the discount, there were about dozens of pieces. After passing, it feels very good, the feeling of Mahai Mao is very similar, but it will be more soft, and there is also a good perspiration and skin-friendly, but unfortunately, it has been taken now, it is more difficult to buy.

Second, it is a daily system:

Uniqi storedings

The socks of the Uniqlo are very familiar, and the cotton blending is much, and there is also a hide of Heattech, and it is very comfortable everyday wear. The appearance is also very good. However, if it is the foot sweat, it is not suitable, and the perseverance is lacking.

2.TB thick cotton socks + 3.tb plaid socks

There are many socks in Zhejiang, so some cotton socks, especially the appearance oriented cotton socks, I have TB to buy, the price is low, the price is very high, if you step on the thunder, you can’t distinguish it.

4.Happy SOCKS combed dress cotton socks

Happy Socks is now a very red sock brand. This brand comes from Sweden. His family’s socks don’t care how to match it. Now it is not a popular open ankle to change to the socks. Of course, the price is also not. I will buy illegal styles to match.

5. Dress cotton socks 6. SHI stockings

In fact, there is no frequent wear, cotton socks, don’t say, silk socks, I am also trying to purchase, finding that other performances are exceptional, other performances are excellent, very suitable for summer, just able to fill the wool socks Summer this neutral. Because it is Taobao shop purchased, it will not be linked.

the way of buying

Because I am very poor, I like to pick up my hand, so I usually buy socks is also looking at the opportunity. Like Smartwool, Happy Socks is usually more than 200 yuan or more, or through Haitao, you can buy the big discount:

Smartwool Best purchase channel I think is 6PM, this Amazon’s discount network, SmartWool Many socks are 50% discount, the price is around $ 10, which is 70 yuan up and down. And the socks are very lightweight, and the shipping cost of Haitao 500g 40/50 yuan has become very cheap. If there is a 10% discount code in the black five, it will be more than 80 yuan, and the price of the Tmall double twelve is almost


4% discount

. So autumn and winter wearing smartwool socks is not too expensive.


I bought it a few days ago, I bought it for LP adults. The overlapping 9% off code should be a pair of $ 8.1, the freight, while transporting there is my boots and son’s shoes, a total of 145.6 yuan, booth in socks The shipping cost is also the start price of the domestic freight, about 10 pieces, that is

66 pieces of a pair of hand prices

. In fact, women’s socks can wear, that is, the number of numbers plus 1.5. For example, I wear US7 shoes, buy women’s socks, 7 + 1.5 = 8.5 yards, you have to choose the Queens US8.5, which is MD.

Netease Kara, is also a good channel, happy socks, balega, smartwool mom has broke the news, I started a very affordable price:

2 pairs of socks plus a T-shirt of Odlo Okay music, counting smartwool low helogys 50 pieces, Balega Haishi is equivalent to 50 blocks.

The original price of 299 HAPPY SOCKs is more than 108 yuan 3 boxes (12 pairs), which is cheaper than Taobao’s unknown socks.

Domestic brand, that channel is Jingdong and Tmall

Zealwood / Saisi, I personally feel very good socks, very professional, outdoor, running, daily corresponding series, woolen socks and synthetic fiber socks.

Outdoor wool is my most recommended model, warm and sweating:

If it is a relatively warm area, 50 of the daily woolen sages are also good:

Sports series, very features:


悍 悍 的, I am watching aunt to start, I feel good, the series is also very complete, running, outdoor, ball, and tactics.

TB shops buy socks are my favorite.

Because I will get a good thing to “cabbage price”, I have 3 pieces of socks, 5 pieces, but it is very good. However, it is of course inevitable to buy “garbage”, which requires constant “stepping” and judge.

I summed up four features that can “leak” stores: special, miscellaneous, lack, low.



It means that only buying socks, saying that this store is really a processing plant for socks, not through wholesalers or Alibaba “a forward”;




Refers to the styles, in addition to rare “explosion”, “false form”, the factory out of the stock, test product, and the sample goods are too much, but there is no too much, but It is possible to have a lot of style;


Refers to the lack of lack of lack, inventory, and samples naturally not like authenticity, each size is very complete, there are only one or two color and size. Some engineering samples even only do the size of the boss or supervisor …;


The low price refers to the low price of raw materials and price charges. It is often not high. Now the warehouse costs are very high, so they see very low prices don’t have to worry, buy it is, it is not high. Low should pay attention to a batch imitation.



1. Because Chinese is profound, many bad merchants will play games. For example, I have seen 3% “rabbit socks” in rabbit hair. Please pay attention to the ingredient table when you purchase. Like the product introduction, there have been more than a dozen pictures to showcase, in the literary, the English, Japanese is complete, but the ingredients are justified, only a few words in the column of the product details. The kind of, must be good.


2. Avoid keywords: x pole, X-ultracell, net red, Korean version … I bought 10 pieces of 5 double boxed, the product page is only a cotton stock, and I feel that it is pure chemical fiber. It is too hot to be too hot, it is too cold.

3. Any socks with sports, fashion and other words (the same is true).

4. Artificial fiber socks of non-sports brands.

5. Sketch, white and ankle short stockings, you can see the kind of socks, legs, and trousers.


6. Flower socks + flower shoes (old shoes, except for black, brown, white).

Personal feelings are almost like this, I hope to have a little help to everyone friends.