Do you sleep with a car? It is recommended to try this car U-shaped pillow, directly hit cervical spine pain, sleep more

It is also clear that the car is clear, this holiday is very much, even if there is so much in the Spring Festival, when the car is coming to the car, the traffic jam is already sure, it is rare to make a holiday, a lot of friends take a car or drive a car. Going home, I have to face the torture of traffic jams, let people sleep well, sleep, sit still, it is really painful.

In particular, the acid pain in the cervical vertebrae is the most prone to the situation. It is recommended that the approach is relatively far. It takes a U-shaped pillow when sitting on a car. It can protect our cervical vertebrae, so that we can also in the car. Comfortable sleep, I suggest that you choose such memory cotton u-shaped pillows, much better than ordinary, where is it? Next, Xiaobian is coming to everyone.


Car U-shaped pillow election is very important, poor U-shaped pillow, even if you use it, you will feel that the whole body will not be comfortable, this Jia Olympic, the U-shaped pillow, it is used to fit the head and neck The pillow design is extremely high, and the cervical vertebrae is directly hit the cervical vertebrae.

It is unlike a hard-hard-core U-shaped pillow that will not be comfortable, this memory cotton core is very high, we can see it in the picture, it is very clear, it is very soft, This will restore the original shape in this way to sleep better, and it will restore it in 5 seconds.


Let’s make a test, put the two eggs on the memory cotton core, then the 180 pounds of the model station, the result is too shocking! The raw egg is not broken, it can be seen that it is really too strong.

We can not only take the car, not only getting ready to go to work, in the usual body, the body, the journey feels tired, it can be used to protect the cervical vertebrae or sleep, very practical.


And this Happiness is a high 4.9 group buyer praise, I like it, look at the u-pillow, very handsome, beautiful, as if it is still very enjoyable.