Don’t eat the raisins, add 3 eggs, stir the chopsticks, it is too fragrant, grab the light when they are out of the pot

Hello everyone! Raisins are a common food that can be taken directly up. Raisins are air -dried foods and can be stored for a long time. It is small, one by one. It’s similar, but it is smaller and harder than the original grapes. So, I will share with you a practice about raisins today!

【Ranked Settable Egg Cake】

[Basic ingredients] Rape, eggs, carrots, flour

葡萄干别再直接吃了,加3个 鸡蛋,筷子一搅,太香了,出锅就抢光

【The basic steps】

1. First of all, take out a clean large bowl, put some appropriate amount of raisins in the bowl, add some appropriate amount of warm water and edible salt into the raisins, and wash it. After washing the residue on the raisins After cleaning the water, then three eggs in the bowl, after the raisins’ bowls, and set aside.

2. Take out a carrot, clean it, scrape the carrot’s outer skin with a scratch knife, then put it on the chopping board to remove the carrot’s head and tail, cut into slices with a kitchen knife, then cut into silk, and finally cut it into broken into pieces. Ding, after cutting, put it in the bowl of just raisins, add ten grams of sugar in the bowl, and stir well with a pair of clean chopsticks.

3. After stirring, add 150 grams of flour to enter, keep stirring into a paste, stir into a sticky paste, and wake up for 30 minutes. Soft, the food made will be softer. Flour is a kind of powder made of wheat. It is white and the food is good!

4. After stirring, take out a clean electric cake pot. Under the premise of no water stains in the pot, pour some appropriate amount of edible oil into it after the pot is hot, and use a small brush to brush the edible oil evenly to make the electricity be the electric oil to make the electric oil be used to make the electric oil make the electric oil. There are traces of edible oil on the cake pot. Do not have moisture when pouring edible oil. Otherwise, you may find the risk of splashing oil, which is very dangerous.

葡萄干别再直接吃了,加3个 鸡蛋,筷子一搅,太香了,出锅就抢光

5. Take out a small spoon and wait for the oil in the pot, put a spoon of a spoon in the electric cake pot with a spoon, take out a clean small shovel, flatten the filling, spread it into small cakes after another, The shape of the black sesame is sprinkled. In the pot, do not spread too much to prevent the batter from sticking together. Black sesame is a good food for hair. Frequent use can make the hair dark and shiny.

6. After sprinkling with an appropriate amount of black sesame seeds, turn on low heat, brand it for three minutes, wait for three minutes, turn a noodles with a small shovel, keep pressing the small cake, and continue to brand it for three minutes. Cooked, turning into golden yellow, looks seductive in color, the food is full of the scent of edible oil. Edible oil is a kind of oil made of rapeseed. Everyone’s home will be available, which is necessary.

7. After three minutes, continue to turn over, wait for the two sides to cooked, you can turn off the hot pot. The remaining batter is also the same. Is it particularly simple? You can eat it. In this way, a delicious raisin egg cake is ready. It tastes soft and sweet, nutritious, and like to try it quickly!

[Love Tips]

Add a small amount multiple times when adding flour. Don’t add too much at one time, do it;

葡萄干别再直接吃了,加3个 鸡蛋,筷子一搅,太香了,出锅就抢光

When it is branded, the whole heat is slowly branded, don’t be too burnt on the fire.

葡萄干别再直接吃了,加3个 鸡蛋,筷子一搅,太香了,出锅就抢光

Today’s share is over, a home-made food every day, welcome everyone to leave, praise, forward, pay attention! see you tomorrow! Thanks!