Blue Ocean’s Fantasy Fairy Tale Pencil Club Club Summer Seaside

At the time of the summer, the most desirable place is the seaside. The scorching sun was empty, feeling the cool sea breeze blowing, stroking his cheeks, blowing away all the fatigue and sadness. The waves of waves rushed over, just the right strength seemed to have a massage for the body, which was relaxed throughout the body and mind. When going to the beach in summer, dressing and matching are also very important. Not only should it be good -looking, but also to play with children without burden.

Simple T -shirt tops, little girls’ favorite pink, full of fresh and cute atmosphere. The clothes are printed with blue letters, which are cute and interesting fonts that are more in line with the characteristics of girls. With a pair of simple denim shorts, refreshing and comfortable, people can’t wait to run into the embrace of the sea.

蓝色海洋的梦幻童话 铅笔俱乐部夏日海边穿搭

The sky blue clothing is the most matched with the endless ocean, and it looks far away and cleverly integrates with the sea. The fluffy gauze skirt is full of fairy, and the glittering sequins are more fresh and agile. The blessing of the mesh cloak is noble and elegant, and the length of the knee allows children to play in the shallow water area and exude a beautiful temperament.

蓝色海洋的梦幻童话 铅笔俱乐部夏日海边穿搭

The pure white dress is wrongly arranged with a lot of blue fish prints. What a wonderful thing to wear a small fish to see the small fish in the sea. The blue doll leads the color of the skirt as a whole, and it is also in line with the cute and sweet features of the little girl at this age. The sleeveless design releases both hands. Whether it is playing sand or picking up the shells, there is no need to worry.