Popularized car common sense, these car supplies have to be installed

With the improvement of people’s living standards, people’s requirements for car performance in addition to dynamic, economics, and safety, the requirements of vehicles’ comfort, reliability, durability and safety are also increasing. high. Good driving performance, comfortable driving environment, low vibration and low noise have gradually become an important symbol of modern cars. At the same time, starting with the requirements of improving work efficiency and reducing the incidence of accidents, the car’s riding and working environment must have a certain comfort. In order to improve the comfort of the car, this chapter mainly analyzes the four aspects of car smoothness, automotive air regulation performance, automobile environment and driving operation performance, and proposes specific evaluation indicators, influencing factors and influencing factors and influencing factors and influencing factors and influence. experimental method.


Make bamboo charcoal to remove formaldehyde, activate carbon cars to taste the odor on the new car, create a purified artifact, a beautiful and fresh appearance, try to disperse as much as possible (under the front platform, under the front seat, under the rear seat, the trunk, the inside of the door, the door of the car door In the groove of the object), the area of ​​contact with the air is large, which is conducive to the faster adsorption of pollution in the car, removing the trendy and inhibitory, and no longer need to worry about the pollution of second -hand smoke.

Carbon carbon bag

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In the limited cars, the space is often available in storage space, maintaining the clean and orderly and orderly driving of the space in your car, and comfortable and comfortable. Simple and beautiful. Give your symptoms to make you driving safer.

Multi -function storage box

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The full surround trunk cushion is three -dimensional high -edged super waterproof, the accessories can be removed from dirt resistance to dirt resistance. Daily cleanup only needs to clean this accessory, PVC steel tension double pedal, ultra -long edge, large over -the -edged surround design, full flip over the overall cover, higher flip cover, higher flip cover, higher flip cover, higher flip cover, higher flip cover. , Perfect fit.

Double -layer car pad

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The weather in summer is hot. Sitting in the car is like in the oven. Even if the air conditioner is driving, the seat is recommended for the cold pads suitable for you. The cushion is still in our choice.


Car summer cushion

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Comfort. Due to the special occupation of the driver, long -term driving is easy to be particularly fatigue. Due to the body design of the car seat cushion, the driver reduces fatigue, comfortable and healthy. Protect the seat. The car is short for 3-5 years, and the long use for decades to protect your car seat and make the use of the car for a long time. Reduce the wear of the seat and increase the aesthetics of the car’s interior. According to the color matching of the car interior, you can change different styles according to your own preferences. Increase different fun. It is conducive to human health. Due to the different types of seat cushions, because of the different types of seat cushions, their effects are different. Multi -functional choice. There are summer cushions, spring and autumn pads, winter hair pads, and the most convenient four seasons pads. Increasing the choice of car owners.


Car Xia Liang seat cushion


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In the summer, the temperature in the car is more than ten degrees higher than the car. After the summer, the driver without a film will find that his left arm is dark than his right arm. This is caused by the harmful ultraviolet rays in the sun directly on the left arm. Therefore, the “sunscreen insulation film” came into being in the United States in the 1980s.

Car film

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To protect the legal rights and interests of the driver, those who cross the road, bicycles and motorcycles on the road, in case of scratching with them, may be extorted. If there is a driving recorder The driver can provide valid evidence for himself. The surveillance records are released, and the accident responsibility is clear at a glance, and the traffic police handle the accident quickly and accurately; it can quickly evacuate the on -site restoration of traffic, but also retain valid evidence of the incident to create a safe and smooth traffic environment. If the driving recorder is installed on each vehicle, the vehicle will be photographed by the driving recorder of other vehicles, and the escape case of traffic accidents will be greatly reduced.


Car driving recorder


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Before entering the rainy season, the owner may wish to choose some water -derived products, which can improve their driving safety. They still pay a penny and a penny on water -removing products.

Car rainproof

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There is no restraint in the field of field of vision, a must -have for novices, 360 ° fingers can be adjusted, easy to install, the mirror uses the latest import material, super clear field of vision, the bracket is closely fitted with M3 double -sided glue, eliminating the blind spots during driving, small tools, small tools, small tools, small tools Solving major hidden dangers.

Car blind spot lens

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I do n’t know how many car owners remember that they only needed 5 yuan to wash the car outside in the past, and at the moment, a slightly better car washing place would cost 25 yuan/time, not to mention the high -end high -end places. Based on the poor salary, some car owners who have a well -interested life will start to return to the origin and gradually clean up their own car. I am one of them. —Arhulus cloth as an important tool for rubbing the car, the products on the market are endless. Which cloth is best to use and the effect of wiping the car is the best? Today we will find a few pieces of cloth and make a simple experience.

Car wipe

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